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[ Källkod: rustc  ]

Paket: rust-lldb (1.66.1+dfsg0ubuntu1-0ubuntu0.22.04.1+11.0trisquel1)

Rust debugger (lldb)

Rust is a curly-brace, block-structured expression language. It visually resembles the C language family, but differs significantly in syntactic and semantic details. Its design is oriented toward concerns of "programming in the large", that is, of creating and maintaining boundaries - both abstract and operational - that preserve large-system integrity, availability and concurrency.

It supports a mixture of imperative procedural, concurrent actor, object-oriented and pure functional styles. Rust also supports generic programming and meta-programming, in both static and dynamic styles.

This package contains pretty printers and a wrapper script for invoking lldb on rust binaries.

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  • dep: lldb-15
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  • dep: python3-lldb-15
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