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Пакеты программ в "nabia", Подсекция zope

python3-zc.buildout (2.13.2-4)
system for managing development buildouts
python3-zope.component (4.3.0-3)
Zope Component Architecture
python3-zope.configuration (4.3.1-1)
Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML)
python3-zope.deprecation (4.4.0-4)
Zope Deprecation Infrastructure
python3-zope.event (4.4-2build1)
Very basic event publishing system
python3-zope.exceptions (4.3-2)
Zope exceptions for Python 3
python3-zope.hookable (5.0.0-1build1)
Hookable object support
python3-zope.i18nmessageid (5.0.0-2build1)
Message Identifiers for internationalization
python3-zope.interface (4.7.1-1)
Interfaces for Python3
python3-zope.location (4.2-2)
Tools for working with object locations
python3-zope.proxy (4.3.3-1build1)
Generic transparent proxies for Python
python3-zope.schema (4.9.3-1)
zope.interface extension for defining data schemas (5.1.0-1)
Zope Security Framework
python3-zope.testing (4.6.2-3)
Zope testing helpers for Python 3
python3-zope.testrunner (4.4.9-4)
Flexible test runner with layer support for Python 3