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Пакет: libgmp-dev (2:6.1.2+dfsg-2)

Multiprecision arithmetic library developers tools

This development package provides the header files and the symbolic links to allow compilation and linking of programs that use the libraries provided in the libgmp10 package.

Both C and C++ bindings are present in this package. Package libstdc++-dev is required to use the C++ bindings.

The MPFR library (multiple-precision floating-point) used to be included, but has since been moved to package libmpfr-dev.

Другие пакеты, относящиеся к libgmp-dev

  • зависимости
  • рекомендации
  • предложения
  • dep: libgmp10 (= 2:6.1.2+dfsg-2)
    Multiprecision arithmetic library
  • dep: libgmpxx4ldbl (= 2:6.1.2+dfsg-2)
    Multiprecision arithmetic library (C++ bindings)
  • sug: gmp-doc
    Пакет недоступен
  • sug: libgmp10-doc
    Multiprecision arithmetic library example code
  • sug: libmpfr-dev
    multiple precision floating-point computation developers tools

Загрузка libgmp-dev

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Архитектура Размер пакета В установленном виде Файлы
amd64 308,9 Кб1576 Кб [список файлов]
i386 320,6 Кб1524 Кб [список файлов]