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Software Packages in "nabia-backports", Subsection libdevel

lib2geom-dev (1.1-2~bpo20.04.1)
robust computational geometry framework -- development library
libbaseencode-dev (1.0.11-1+10.0trisquel1)
C library for encoding and decoding data using base32 or base64 (development)
libbonobo2-dev (2.32.1-3~0ppa1~focal+10.0trisquel1)
Bonobo CORBA interfaces library -- development files
libbonoboui2-dev (2.24.5-5~focal+10.0trisquel1)
Bonobo UI library - development files
libcotp-dev (1.2.3-1+10.0trisquel1)
C library that generates TOTP and HOTP (development)
libdevmapper-dev (2:1.02.175-2ubuntu4~ubuntu20.04.1)
Linux Kernel Device Mapper header files
libfreeipmi-dev (1.6.9-2~bpo20.04.1)
GNU IPMI - development package
libgnome-keyring-dev (3.12.0-1build1~0ppa1~focal+10.0trisquel1)
Development files for GNOME keyring service
libgnome2-dev (2.32.1-6~0ppa1~focal+10.0trisquel1)
Deprecated GNOME 2 library - development files
libgnomeui-dev (2.24.5-3.2~0ppa1~focal+10.0trisquel1)
GNOME user interface library - development files
libgnomevfs2-dev (1:2.24.4-6.1ubuntu2~0ppa1~focal+10.0trisquel1)
GNOME Virtual File System library (development files)
libipmctl-dev (
library for managing Intel Optane DC persistent memory modules - devel
libipmiconsole-dev (1.6.9-2~bpo20.04.1)
GNU IPMI - ipmiconsole development package
libipmidetect-dev (1.6.9-2~bpo20.04.1)
GNU IPMI - ipmidetect development package
libipmimonitoring-dev (1.6.9-2~bpo20.04.1)
GNU IPMI - ipmimonitoring development package
libkainjow-mustache-dev (4.1+ds-2+10.0trisquel1)
Mustache text templates for modern C++
libkiwix-dev (9.4.1+dfsg-1+10.0trisquel2)
library of common code for Kiwix (development)
liblvm2-dev (2.03.11-2ubuntu4~ubuntu20.04.1)
LVM2 libraries - development files
libmlt++7-dev (7.8.0-1~ubuntu20.04.1+10.0trisquel2)
MLT multimedia framework C++ wrapper (development)
libmlt7-dev (7.8.0-1~ubuntu20.04.1+10.0trisquel2)
multimedia framework (development)
libnextcloudsync-dev (3.5.4-20220806.084713.fea986309-1.0~focal1+10.0trisquel2)
Nextcloud folder synchronization - development files
libopencollada-dev (1:1.6.68-focal2+10.0trisquel1)
Stream based reader and writer library for COLLADA files
libopenjpeg-dev (1:1.5.2-3.1-0thomas~focal5+10.0trisquel1)
development files for OpenJPEG, a JPEG 2000 image library - dev
libreofficekit-dev (1:7.4.7-0ubuntu0.22.10.1~bpo20.04.1)
LibreOfficeKit -- headers
libsanlock-dev (3.8.2-2~ubuntu20.04.1)
Shared storage lock manager (development files)
libsdbus-c++-dev (0.8.3-4~bpo20.04.1)
High-level C++ D-Bus library for Linux in modern C++ (development files)
libstd-rust-dev (1.65.0+dfsg0ubuntu1~llvm2-0ubuntu0.20.04+10.0trisquel1)
Rust standard libraries - development files
libtgowt-dev (0~git20210627.91d836d+dfsg-3~bpo10+1+10.0trisquel2)
telegram related WebRTC fork
libtgvoip-dev (2.4.4+git20210101.13a5fcb+ds-2+10.0trisquel1)
VoIP library for Telegram clients - developer files
libtorrent-rasterbar-dev (1.2.16~daily10769+e0dd73971-202206291010~ubuntu20.04.1+10.0trisquel1)
libtorrent C++ BitTorrent Library - Development Files
libwine-dev (5.0.3-3+10.0trisquel2)
Windows API implementation - development files
libzim-dev (6.3.0-2+10.0trisquel2)
library implementation of ZIM specifications (development)
wine32-tools (5.0.3-3+10.0trisquel2)
Windows API implementation - 32-bit developer tools
wine64-tools (5.0.3-3+10.0trisquel2)
Windows API implementation - 64-bit developer tools