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Software Packages in "etiona-security", Subsection debian-installer

busybox-udeb (1:1.27.2-2ubuntu3.4)
Tiny utilities for the debian-installer
ca-certificates-udeb (20211016ubuntu0.18.04.1+9.0trisquel1)
Common CA certificates - udeb
e2fsprogs-udeb (1.44.1-1ubuntu1.4)
stripped-down versions of e2fsprogs, for debian-installer
fdisk-udeb (2.31.1-0.4ubuntu3.7)
Manually partition a hard drive (fdisk)
gpgv-udeb (2.2.4-1ubuntu1.6+9.0trisquel2)
minimal signature verification tool
isc-dhcp-client-udeb (4.3.5-3ubuntu7.4+9.0trisquel1)
ISC DHCP Client for debian-installer
kpartx-udeb (0.7.4-2ubuntu3.2)
create device mappings for partitions - udeb package
libavahi-common3-udeb (0.7-3.1ubuntu1.3)
Avahi common library (debian-installer)
libavahi-core7-udeb (0.7-3.1ubuntu1.3)
Avahi's embeddable mDNS/DNS-SD library (debian-installer)
libblkid1-udeb (2.31.1-0.4ubuntu3.7)
stripped down block device ID library, for debian-installer
libbsd0-udeb (0.8.7-1ubuntu0.1)
utility functions from BSD systems - shared library
libc6-udeb (2.27-3ubuntu1.5)
GNU C Library: Shared libraries - udeb
libcrypto1.0.0-udeb (1.0.2n-1ubuntu5.11)
Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - libcrypto udeb
libcrypto1.1-udeb (1.1.1-1ubuntu2.1~18.04.21)
Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - libcrypto udeb
libdns-export1100-udeb (1:9.11.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1.18)
Exported DNS library for debian-installer
libfribidi0-udeb (0.19.7-2ubuntu0.1)
Free Implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm
libgcrypt20-udeb (1.8.1-4ubuntu1.3)
LGPL Crypto library - runtime library
libirs-export160-udeb (1:9.11.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1.18)
Exported IRS library for debian-installer
libisc-export169-udeb (1:9.11.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1.18)
Exported ISC library for debian-installer
libisccfg-export160-udeb (1:9.11.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1.18)
Exported ISC CFG library for debian-installer
libjson-c3-udeb (0.12.1-1.3ubuntu0.3)
JSON manipulation library - shared library (udeb)
libpcre3-udeb (2:8.39-9ubuntu0.1)
Old Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - runtime files (udeb)
libssl1.1-udeb (1.1.1-1ubuntu2.1~18.04.21)
ssl shared library - udeb
libudev1-udeb (237-3ubuntu10.56+9.0trisquel1)
libudev shared library
libuuid1-udeb (2.31.1-0.4ubuntu3.7)
stripped down Universally Unique ID library, for debian-installer
libzstd1-udeb (1.3.3+dfsg-2ubuntu1.2)
fast lossless compression algorithm - runtime for Debian installer
multipath-udeb (0.7.4-2ubuntu3.2)
maintain multipath block device access - udeb package
ntfs-3g-udeb (1:2017.3.23-2ubuntu0.18.04.5)
read/write NTFS driver for FUSE
openssh-client-udeb (1:7.6p1-4ubuntu0.5+9.0trisquel1)
secure shell client for the Debian installer
openssh-server-udeb (1:7.6p1-4ubuntu0.5+9.0trisquel1)
secure shell server for the Debian installer
ppp-udeb (2.4.7-2+2ubuntu1.3)
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) - package for Debian Installer
udev-udeb (237-3ubuntu10.56+9.0trisquel1)
/dev/ and hotplug management daemon
util-linux-udeb (2.31.1-0.4ubuntu3.7)
stripped down miscellaneous system utilities, for debian-installer
wget-udeb (1.19.4-1ubuntu2.2)
retrieves files from the web
wpasupplicant-udeb (2:2.6-15ubuntu2.8)
Client support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i)
zlib1g-udeb (1:1.2.11.dfsg-0ubuntu2.2)
compression library - runtime for Debian installer