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Changelog videomass (3.5.6-1+10.0trisquel1)


videomass (3.5.6-1+10.0trisquel1) nabia-backports; urgency=medium

   * Backported from official PPA for videomass

videomass (3.5.6-1) focal; urgency=medium

   * Fixed downloader log names.
   * Improved log management (the log folder is created at program startup
     instead of ondemand).
   * Fixed ffmpeg `invalid argument` when converting using double pass.
   * Fixed the ffmpeg audio output mapping string error on
     `AV-Conversion.on_audioOUTstream` method, which raises
     `Invalid stream specifier: a1` type error.
   * Fixed the 'xdg-open' command execution which blocks the Videomass GUI
     on Linux.

videomass (3.5.5-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * AV/Conversions: Added 'opus' enc to ogg audio format.
   * Fixed `AttributeError: module 'wx' line has no attribute 'NewIdRef'` issue
   * Improved handle `progress hooks` data on ``
   * Changed videomass.conf to settings.json.
   * Improved management and start-up of all settings.
   * Improved ffprobe subprocessing.
   * Moved subprocess.STARTUPINFO to separate Popen class.
   * [Downloader]: fixed ValueError: could not convert string to float: 'Unknown '
   * Fixed background/foreground colors using xterm console on Linux
     when updating downloaders.
   * Added icon to xterm window.


videomass (3.5.3-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Update Spanish translation from @katnatek
   * Changed some windows from mini-frame to dialog to make more confortable
     re-size adjustment.
   * fixed Videomass no longer restarts after disabling the downloader #45 .
   * Improved button popups in the audio normalization window #47.
   * Changed vdms_dialogs/ to vdms_dialogs/
   * Improved layout of `widget_utils.PopupDialog` + added
     `ActivityIndicator` #47 .
   * Improved debug text messages on Process Log panel.
   * Added a Notification Area (aka "system tray") to display messages at the
     end of processes #47 .

videomass (3.5.2-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed `command not found` issue. In some cases using pip to install
     Videomass the directory is not added to the $PATH.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Added option to get 'Best', 'Medium' and 'Worst' of
     precompiled videos. It may be useful to speed up video download containing
     both audio and video, e.g. without download video and audio separately and
     then executing the merging process with FFmpeg.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved 'Get Statistics' and 'Download by Format Code'
     features. This should improve exception management of unusual web site
     data structures (like <>;) and playlists, channels, etc.
   * #41 Fixed mount point issue on external drives using relative paths on
     MS-Windows. If "ValueError" is raised, it returns the absolute path given
     instead of showing the error.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved 'Download all videos in playlist' feature
     when checked on URLs containing playlists.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] fixed audio quality when 'Download split audio
     and video' option is selected.
   * [NEW] Added the ability to read and write useful notes with deafault text
     editor (Request made by @ChourS).
   * During the processes some menu items have been enabled allowing you to
     perform some useful actions.
   * Improved Setup dialog with a new Miscellanea tab.
   * Added the ability to delete the contents of log files when exiting the
     application (see Setup dialog Miscellanea tab).
   * Update Russian translation from @ChourS
   * Update Italian translation from @jeanslack

videomass (3.5.1-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed Ctrl+Q keybord shorcut does not work on Windows (see #39).
   * #39 Added new check box 'Warn on exit' on setup dialog appearance tab.
   * #39 Improved handling of exiting the application after making changes
     to user preferences.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Best quality video" selector to the best
     quality overall.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Improved "Worst quality video" selector to the worst
     quality overall.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Added video format selection when downloading videos.
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] Fixed downloader not updating using Videomass AppImage
     (due to incorrect code indentation).
   * [YOUTUBE-DOWNLOADER] improved playlist indexing dialog.

videomass (3.5.0-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Added support to a new downloader: yt-dlp, an updated fork of youtube-dl.
   * Now you can switch between youtube-dl and yt-dlp via setup dialog.
   * Fixed test files.
   * Added code implementation for Python embed package (only for Windows).
   * Some code refactoring.
   * Changed package name from `videomass3` to `videomass`.
   * Changed main from `` to ``.
   * Fixed man page.
   * Improved error handling during application startup.
   * Made some cosmetic improvements.
   * Fixed #37 - Incorrect video and audio qualities values on YouTube
     Downloader panel.
   * Improved video quality selector on the YouTube Downloader panel.
   * New version of the videomass.conf configuration file v3.3
   * Improved output debug colours and message texts.
   * Videomass bundles for Windows and macOS also include youtube-dl and yt-dlp.
   * The code to run youtube-dl as subprocess (in some cases) has finally been

videomass (3.4.7-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed tests
   * Added code implementation for Python embed package (Windows).
   * Some code refactoring.
   * Changed package name from `videomass3` to `videomass`
   * Changed main from `` to ``.
   * Fixed man page.
   * Improved error handling during application startup.
   * Made some cosmetic improvements.
   * Added support for yt-dlp, an updated fork of youtube-dl downloader.
   * Fixed #37 - Incorrect video and audio qualities values on YouTube
     Downloader panel.
   * Improved video quality selector on the YouTube Downloader panel.
   * New version of the videomass.conf configuration file changing to v3.3

videomass (3.4.6-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed Multiple URL's are the same.
   * Improved playlist indexing dialog.
   * Improved playlist management on YouTube Downloader panel.
   * Fixed #34 "[WinError 6] The handle is invalid" (pyinstaller `--onefile`
     option cause this issue on Windows).
   * Fixed #35 "Using relative paths when the app is portable" (Windows only)
   * Some code refactoring
   * Improved videomass.conf changing to v3.2
   * New "Check for Latest Version" dialog with redirect to download page based
     on operating system.

videomass (3.4.5-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed "The URLs contain playlists..." even when URLs do not contain
   * Fixed error message on Output Console, which not appearing at all when
     MSVCR100.dll is missing on Windows.
   * for macOS: All application data such as configuration folder
     are self-contained inside the app by default.
   * Improved script to automate bundle building.
   * Updated AppImage to work on the oldest supported Ubuntu LTS release
     (currently Ubuntu 18.04).
   * Updated travis.yml for travis CI testings.
   * fix #32

videomass (3.4.4-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed `NameError: name 'm' is not defined` on utils.timehuman()
   * Add indexing function for playlists on the Youtube Downloader panel.
   * Add new editor for playlists selection, which has useful log functions.
   * Improved status bar messages on Youtube downloader panel.
   * To resolve issues with the FFmpeg demuxer, single quoted filenames
     will be rejected.
   * Update translations in Russian, Spanish and Italian language.
   * Fixed #30 `KeyError: 'filesufix', which prevented the setup dialog from
   * Fixed #29 `ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 3)`, which
     prevented checking for new versions of Videomass.
   * Update Videomass site and links.

videomass (3.4.3-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Update Portuguese (BR) translation (thanks to Samuel)
   * Fixed `FileNotFoundError` traceback during youtube-dl update on AppImage.
     This occured when the log directory has not yet created.
   * YouTube Downloader: added a new checkbox to restrict filenames (see #21)
   * Fixed #21
   * Improved information and text formatting on log files
   * Provided more log information about output monitoring, such as source and
     destination file names
   * Fixed #24, bug when resetting video filters: The value of the "VFilter"
     key caused failure with error status `Unable to find a suitable output
     format for '(,' (,: Invalid argument` .
   * some code refactor (based on flake8/pylint)
   * Dutch translation completed.
   * Added Spanish language support (Thanks to katnatek from
   * Fixed #25
   * Fixed error message when MSVCR100.dll is not installed on Windows.

videomass (3.4.2-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * MS-Windows: Fixed issue with opening the Explorer file browser on default
   * youtube-dl: Removed some choice options. Now there is only the option to
     enable or disable it.
   * youtube-dl: only packages built with pyinstaller use a local copy of
     the youtube-dl executable. Otherwise youtube-dl will always be used as
     a Python module, if enabled.
   * Fixed wizard dialog.
   * Fixed setup dialog.
   * Concat demuxer: fixed inconsistencies on UI
   * Fix `NameError: name EXECYDL is not defined`. This occurred running
     Videomass on MS-Windows when youtube-dl python module was not installed.
   * Improved youtube-dl tab on Setup dialog.

videomass (3.4.1-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Update Russian translation
   * Fixed gauge progress issues with some ffmpeg encoder.
   * Fixed percentage progress issues with some ffmpeg encoder
   * Fixed missing string to get exception 'FileNotFoundError' on MessageBox()
     of `on_Audio_analyzes` function (
   * Fixed missing double quotes on ffmpeg URL, giving `[Errno 2] file or
     directory does not exist`, which occurred when the path has whitespace.
   * Fixed exception not showing up when playing ffplay.
   * Removed double-click on profile to start processing on Presets Manager,
     which would cause the command to be reset when the user changes it.
   * Fixed URLs for screenshots on appdata.xml
   * New icon for previews.
   * Fixed final message not visible on Output Monitoring panel. Scrolling on
     "[Videomass]: Successfully completed !"
   * Crop Filter Dialog: Layout on small, low-resolution screens is now improved.
   * Resizing filters: added source size information.
   * Fixed foreground/background colors on status bar messages.
   * Fixed #19
   * New multi-language user guide (English, Russian and Italian for now).
   * Fixed #17
   * Translated into Dutch, thanks to Roelof Berkepeis.
   * Reading and writing files now has encoding 'utf-8'.
   * AV-Conversions: Added new GUI for video stabilizer filter.
   * AV-Conversions: resizing filter, fixed some incorrect values on displays
     after setting.
   * AV-Conversions: improved order of applying video filters.
   * Preview and playback: added auto-exit checkbox on Settings menu.
   * Fixed #20
   * Translated into Portuguese (Brazilian), thanks to Samuel.
   * Improved accuracy of the crop filter on the area selection.
   * Play button removed on toolbar as confusing.
   * Improved enabling and disabling of buttons during some actions.
   * The Streams Info button is now also enabled on the queued files panel.
   * Removed automations on Presets manager as confusing.
   * Added useful panel for media concatenation (concat demuxer)
   * Setup dialog: added pip3 command on text control to facilitate
     copy and paste.

videomass (3.3.8-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed some buttons spacings.
   * Improved Setup dialog layout.
   * update
   * update Videomas-Colours icons 16x16.
   * Remove youtube-dl from required dependencies on Videomass Debian package
     (the user can choose alternative installations of youtube-dl).
   * Fixed #14, bug showing truncated text in the wizard dialog (Xubuntu 20.04
     with XFCE the texts are longer and not completely visible)
   * New Linux appdata.xml for GUI applications via AppStream MetaInfo Creator.
   * Fixed appdata.xml on AppImage via AppStream MetaInfo Creator.
   * Fixed videomass.desktop via AppStream MetaInfo Creator.
   * Fixed issue with running Videomass AppImage via Firejail.
   * Fixed issue with Setup dialog not showing on Videomass AppImage.
   * Improved youtube-dl tab on setup dialog.
   * Youtube Downloader: Added checkbox to include the video ID in the file name.
   * Fixed playlist folder structure.
   * Fixed #14
   * Updating videomass man page.
   * Added support for the Dutch language (to be translated).

videomass (3.3.7-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Added new icon themes, (colorful, dark and light).
   * Removed Papirus icon theme.
   * Ability to customize toolbar positioning (on Setup dialog box)
   * Ability to show or hide text on toolbar buttons (on Setup dialog box)
   * Enabled support to svg images for toolbar icons and some buttons (only with
     wxPython version 4.1 to up)
   * Ability to scales the toolbar icons (only with wxPython version 4.1 to up)
   * Improved AV-conversions panel layout.
   * Fix `invalid values in gauge` on progress bar during transcoding processes
     when timeline duration exceeds the time of some files.
   * Update Russian translation (credits ChourS).
   * Update Italian translation (credits me).
   * Improved main frame size (tiny layout for smaller screens).
   * Improved panels size with scrolling panels.
   * improved dialog boxes size.
   * Fixed #11 (auto-create subfolders when download playlists and fix some
     strings definition).
   * Added new checkbox on Setup to auto-create subfolders when download
   * Prevent errors when URLs contain playlists and if the user chooses
     Download by format code .
   * If URLs contain playlists, warn you when the Download all playlists
     checkbox is not selected.
   * Added buttons for playback
   * New configuration file version number 2.9 .
   * Fixed bug on timeline: the time selection string was included in the ffmpeg
     command even when it was at "-ss 00:00:00.000 -t 00:00:00.00" resulting in
     all empty files.


videomass (3.3.6-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed bug on MS-Windows when playing files or urls with ffplay executable.
   * Fixed bug in the FFmpeg tab of the setup dialog, in which the executables
     ffmpeg and ffplay could not be set correctly.
   * Improved some MessageBox for confirmation.
   * Improved some messages on MessageBox.

videomass (3.3.5-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Transpose Filter Dialog: Fixed `wx.StaticText` wrapping on Windows and
     MacOs, where it would break the static text string.
   * The timeline is now a pop-up panel in the main frame window, enabled from
     the menu bar > View > Show Timeline.
   * Fixed `ZeroDivisionError: division by zero` for file duration equal to 0 .
   * If file duration equal to 0, the time key is also added to the ffprobe data.
   * Fixed empty strings in timeline display when Courier font was not found
     on some O.S. like Ubuntu 20.04 .
   * The Streaming Media Analyzer now has selectable items that make it easier
     to view tags and disposition parameters in text format.
   * Fixed `wxAssertionError` in the queued files context menu, if no item is
     selected and user click for playback.
   * FFplay now has timestamp display during playback. However, this feature can
     be disabled from the checkbox: menu bar > FFplay > View timestamp.
   * Ability to customize the size and colors of the timestamp.
   * The menu bar has been reorganized to contain other features.
   * Some toolbar items have been removed and added to the menu bar.
   * Improved wizard dialog box.
   * A single configuration file for all Operating Systems.
   * Improved layout on the Presets manager panel.
   * Improved layout on the Youtube downloader panel.
   * Improved toolbar buttons.
   * Added BORDER_THEME to all mini frames for proper display.
   * Added the ability to choose a local downloader or an installed one
     (installer dependent).
   * Adds open "My conversion" folder.
   * Adds open "My downloads" folder.
   * Ability to set a temporary conversions folder.
   * Abilty to set a temporary downloads folder.
   * Ability to restore the default destination folders.
   * Added some keyboard shortcuts for menu items.
   * Ability to check for new versions of presets.
   * Ability to download the latest version of presets.
   * Ability to import existing presets while keeping your new profiles intact.
   * Ability to update all presets while keeping your new profiles intact.
   * Added `requests` package as new dependency.
   * Improved ffmpeg setup on Setup dialog box.
   * Fixed minor bugs.

videomass (3.3.0-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fixed panel base and sizer base on `` mini frame.
   * The Crop filter dialog now has the crop selection monitor and the ability
     to load additional frames.
   * The Transpose filter displaying the current position of the video frame.
   * Improved video scale dialog.
   * New files added cause all video filters to be reset.
   * Now the video filters preview will play any selected file in the queued
     files panel.
   * Fixed some string translations.
   * Added support for the Russian language (thanks to ChourS for the
     translation and contribution).
   * Fixed bug if an item is selected in the queued files but the user
     deletes it.
   * Added playback feature by right clicking in the queue file panel.
   * The timeline setting affects playback in the queue file panel
   * Completely redesigned timeline. There are the sliders for seek and
     duration settings and a display to viewing the time range selection.
   * Adding or removing files from Queued Files panel cause reset of the
     Timeline selection.
   * Made Videomass portable for MS-Windows
   * Milliseconds have been added in the time calculation (duration).
     This should improve accuracy for calculating bar progress values,
     percentage label, and others display.

videomass (3.2.6-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=high

   * Improved the dialog for creating and editing FFmpeg profiles
   * Fixed bug when "restore default settings" is used in the Setup dialog
     box which did not allow to start Videomass.
   * Fixed Automatic Refreshing of profile list on Presets Manager when you
     save a profile from the AV-Conversions panel
   * Fixed layout bug on some mini frames which did not fit in the sizer
     especially on Mac-Os and MS-Windows
   * Add new youtube_dl statistic icon toolbar to display download statistics
   * Fix importings
   * Fixed FFmpeg menu definition
   * Made new tool to view and read log files more conveniently
   * New names for log files with improved references
   * All log files are now cumulative and the user is responsible for
     their periodic cleaning
   * The toggle buttons have been replaced with normal buttons
   * The selected icon-set on Setup dialog box adjusts the background and
     foreground colors on some text controls
   * Temporarily fixed `HTTP Error 404: Unavailable for Legal reasons` during
     installing or updating youtube-dl executable
   * A new feature in the Setup dialog allows you to write files to the same
     directory as the source with optional additional suffix
   * New configuration file v2.5

videomass (3.2.0-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * New redesigned GUI
   * New icons
   * Improved toolbar
   * New buttons on panels
   * Fixed issue with close button position on wizzard
   * Fixed title names in dialog boxes
   * Fixed some name definitions on the interface
   * fix translations

videomass (3.1.3-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Fix `ImportError:` on appimage. This library will be
     loaded if required.
   * It is no longer required to pre-install the libsdl2-2.0-0 package to start
     Videomass AppImage.
   * The tools for creating the appimages have been redefined.
   * Improved icons 32x32.
   * Fix some translation.

videomass (3.1.2-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Redesigned the main videomass icon.
   * Fixed 24x24 resetfilters.png.
   * Improved icons 48x48
   * Review debian/control and changelog format.
   * [YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER] Improved related panel
   * Improved `IO_tools > def check_videomass_releases` function.
   * New tool for building videomass appimage.
   * Update the .travis.yml file with a new test, wheel and AppImage creation.
   * Improved ``
   * Fixing `FileNotFoundError:` when starting videomass AppImage from another
     path and updating youtube-dl.
   * Fixed application icon location on Linux.

videomass (3.1.0-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * Overall improved string search on 'FFmpeg search topics' mini frame.
   * Added some cosmetic and functional improvements.
   * fixed some profile on presets file.
   * Improved FFmpeg menu.
   * Improved some contextual descriptions.
   * 'Show More' mini frame, added first item auto selection to prevent empty
     data view.
   * New modules to playback online streams via youtube-dl and ffplay.
   * The mpv player has been removed from optional dependencies, as it has
     been replaced by ffplay to playback online streams.
   * A tmp/ directory has been added in the cache/ directory for temporary
     files downloaded for preview playback.
   * Added new checkbox on Settings dialog box to clear or keep cached data.
   * Added new checkbox on Settings dialog box to disable permanently warning
     message if youtube-dl executable is no longer in use.

videomass (3.0.6-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * New stable upstream release
   * The directories `MAcOsxSetup/` and `Win32Setup/` are been unified to
     `FFMPEG/` folder and added to package_data of the videomass3 package.
   * On Linux it is now possible to include ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay
     executables into FFMPEG folder. This could be useful, for instance, to make
     an application bundle all-in-one of Videomass for Linux distros
     without ffmpeg installed on (see videomass3/FFMPEG/README).

videomass (3.0.5-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * New stable upstream release
   * [PRESETS MANAGER] fixed missing `EBU R128` string on summary dialog when
     EBU automation is enabled.
   * [PRESETS MANAGER] Added a warning message box when enabling EBU
     normalization on one-pass conversions.
   * [PRESETS MANAGER] adding more understandable information on the summary
   * The tooltip messages in the audio indexes mapping are now a little more
     understandable (I suppose)
   * "Check for new versions" has been restored from preferences menu to the
     help menu.
   * [STREAMS ANALYZER] Adding first item auto selection to prevent empty
     data view.
   * Improved some dialog boxes layout and colors.

videomass (3.0.2-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * New stable upstream release
   * Fixed 'page not found' on menu > Help > Translation...
   * Fixed problem with youtube-dl self-update when user click on 'Update
   * 'Check for new versions' has been moved from the help menu to the
     preferences menu.

videomass (3.0.0-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * New stable upstream release
   * Fixed "IndexError" when the file name has no format extension.
   * Notify when the cached youtube-dl executable is no longer used to give
     priority to the one installed on the system.
   * Fixed "NameError: name 'OS' is not defined"  on thread (on
     two pass conversions)

videomass (2.9.2-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release
   * Improved graphic layout on all dialog boxes
   * Dependency redefinition: `python3-pypubsub` becomes `python3-pubsub` on
     control file.

videomass (2.9.1-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

   * Initial debian packaging