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Changelog ubuntustudio-menu (0.50~20.04.1+10.0trisquel1)


ubuntustudio-menu (0.50~20.04.1+10.0trisquel1) nabia-backports; urgency=medium

   * Compiled for Trisquel


ubuntustudio-menu (0.50~20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * Fix for Media Playback menu showing too many items (LP: #1905061)

ubuntustudio-menu (0.49) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Put jack-mixer and elisa in their proper menus (LP: #1898596)

ubuntustudio-menu (0.48) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Put qmidiroute in MIDI in dconf profile properly

ubuntustudio-menu (0.47) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Add new lsp-plugins to proper menu
   * Remove pavucontrol-qt from menu

ubuntustudio-menu (0.46) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Add new lsp-plugins items to dconf profile

ubuntustudio-menu (0.45) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Add qmidiroute to MIDI in dconf profile

ubuntustudio-menu (0.44) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Add "Sundry" folder to dconf profile

ubuntustudio-menu (0.43) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Add dconf profile for default GNOME appfolders
   * Fix .desktop file name of digikam

ubuntustudio-menu (0.42) groovy; urgency=medium

   * The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
   * Change IRC link to go to Matrix instead of Freenode Webchat
   * Add Matrix link for social (offtopic) chat

ubuntustudio-menu (0.41) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Change ubuntustudio-controls to studio-controls in menu

ubuntustudio-menu (0.40) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Add menu corrections via .desktop files
     - originally in ubuntustudio-default-settings
   * Remove envy24control from menu via .desktop file

ubuntustudio-menu (0.39) groovy; urgency=medium

   * Move lsp-plugins to own subdirectory

ubuntustudio-menu (0.38) focal; urgency=medium

   * Actually add missing icons for utility directories

ubuntustudio-menu (0.37) focal; urgency=medium

   * Fix noise from lsp-plugins >=1.1.14 (LP: #1869552)
   * Some minor menu file cleanup
   * Fixed missing icons for utility directories in non-Xfce DEs

ubuntustudio-menu (0.36) focal; urgency=medium

   * Fix for unannounced .desktop filename change from kid3-qt

ubuntustudio-menu (0.35) focal; urgency=medium

   * Drop hexter desktop from ubuntustudio-menu (LP: #1866917)


ubuntustudio-menu (0.34) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Fixed missing icons for alsa-tools-gui (LP: #1845877)

ubuntustudio-menu (0.33) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Added ubuntustudio-menu-add as a dependency

ubuntustudio-menu (0.32) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Additional sizes added for ubuntustudio-logo icon

ubuntustudio-menu (0.31) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Moved zynaddsubfx icons back to instruments
   * Removed zynaddsubfx-oss icon from menu

ubuntustudio-menu (0.30) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Removed forum link
   * Added AskUbuntu link and icon
   * Added additional icon size for categories and places
   * Fixed missing icons for IRC and Mail List

ubuntustudio-menu (0.29) eoan; urgency=medium

   [ Len Ovens ]
   * Add category to audio effect for use with -menu-add
   * Allow system settings folder to be used so all DEs work right
   * Move LADI applications to Audio Utilities, Old amd use not recomended
   * Carla and carla-control should not show in Video Production

ubuntustudio-menu (0.28.1) disco; urgency=medium

   * Add Breaks/Replaces against ubuntustudio-default-settings < 0.65,
     as two .desktop files have been moved from there.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.28) disco; urgency=medium

   * Moved .desktop files from ubuntustudio-default-settings (LP: #1818369)
   * Updated location of qjackctl and ubuntustudio-controls in menu


ubuntustudio-menu (0.27) cosmic; urgency=medium

   [ Erich Eickmeyer ]
   * Updated ubuntustudio-logo icon
   [ Simon Quigley ]
   * Run wrap-and-sort.
   * Update Vcs-* to be current.
   * Bump Standards-version to 4.1.4, no changes needed.
   * Bump debhelper compat to 11, no changes needed.
   * Remove unneeded XSBC-Original-Maintainer.
   * Modernize copyright.


ubuntustudio-menu (0.26) yakkety; urgency=medium

   [ Len Ovens ]
   * Fixed qmidiarp not in menu (LP: #1588366)
   [ Krytarik Raido ]
   * debian/control:
     - Fix Homepage and Vcs-* fields.
   [ Len Ovens ]
   * Fix graphics sub menu graphic utilities (LP: #1616823)

ubuntustudio-menu (0.25) xenial; urgency=medium

   [ Ross Gammon ]
   * Exclude non-Q16 desktop file & display Q16 one in utilities.
     Avoids two entries being displayed in menu (LP: #1549732)
   [ Krytarik Raido ]
   * Fix Ubuntu Studio menu items up a bit.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.23) xenial; urgency=medium

   * Corrected package description in debian/control
   * Fixed menu shortcut to ubuntustudio IRC channel by
     making it open a web url to freenode in browser (LP: #1549955)


ubuntustudio-menu (0.22) xenial; urgency=medium

   [ Len Ovens ]
   * Moved graphics utilities to graphic->utilities.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.21) wily; urgency=medium

   [ Len Ovens ]
   * Fixed documentation showing in System (lp: #1491661)
   [ Kaj Ailomaa ]
   * Releasing

ubuntustudio-menu (0.20) wily; urgency=medium

   [ Len Ovens ]
   * Allow Ristretto to show in the menu.
   * Various changes to move to a more Standards based menu.
     - Ubuntustudio desktop files have System;Documentation; Categories.
     - Photgraphy and Publishing moved into Graphics.
     - Multimedia menu specified with only Categories.
     - Names of Audio submenus changed to reflect more common usage.


ubuntustudio-menu (0.19) trusty; urgency=low

   * Put entangle in Photography menu, removed from Graphics.
   * Moved zita-mu1 to Audio Production menu.
   * Moved V1 suite to Sound Generators menu. (Lp: #1298089)
   * fix changelog to include (lp: #1295354)


ubuntustudio-menu (0.18) saucy; urgency=low

   * Update menu to put ardour3 in the correct sections. (LP: #1235964)

ubuntustudio-menu (0.17) saucy; urgency=low

   * Added ubuntustudio metas to extra installers for main workflows.
   * Updated the set of workflow icons with newer versions (lp: #1226993).

ubuntustudio-menu (0.16) saucy; urgency=low

   * Update menu to work with other DEs with Creation sections
   * Changed Control File description and updated depends
   * Cleaned old stuff, added icons, desktop and directory files, updated
      depends and copyrights.
   * fixed install and rules files
   * Removed "system" from our menu addition
   * Removed Office, Office-extra and Other. Let DE do those.
   * Fixed IRC *.desktop file and menu pointer
   * Added missing *.directory files.
   * Fix Graphics Design menu
   * Separate media play back from multimedia
   * changed version and build depends for lintian
   * fixed extra desktop files to only show in one place and correct text
   * fixed changelog
   * Moved kazam and recorditnow to video menu, kdenlive in alpha order
   * Changed layout to put all menus above app launchers like help etc.
   * Added frequently used apps to top of menu, will only show where they work
   * Allow settings menu to show as some DEs don't have a settings manager
   * Changed boolean value in to true not yes
   * Changed from <Exclude> to <Not> to work with lxde and others
   * moved xfce logout to the bottom of the menu
   * - fixed layouts to put menus before files
     - moved the rest of the <exclude> to <not>
   * Removed ubuntustudio-extra files, as they don't work with other DEs
   * Added <Or>s and <And>s to make the <Not>s work
   * Moved ubuntustudio info menu to bottom.
   * Fixed changelog to make merge work.
   * Fixed lintian complaints
     - Removed empty preinst script
     - Fixed desktop files by using "Type=Link"
     - Fixed various spelling mistakes in changelog/copyright files
     - Set licence link in copyright file correctly.
   * removed xdg-utils from depends since we use "Type=Link"
   * Replaced Len's icons with Mish's
   * Changed directory files to reflect new icon names
   * Added ubuntustudio-installer to depends for extra-software menu
   * Reintroduced extra software items
   * Modified extra sw items to work with ubuntustudio-installer
   * updated package to debhelper 9
   * Make copyright file machine readable (lp: #1213231)
   * Added debian/source/format from lintian check
   * Fixed extra desktop files Categories line - removed
   * fixed spelling error inubuntustudio-extra-office.desktop
   * Fix spelling os hicolor/scalable directory
   * Corrected icon name in directory files for effects and mixers
   * Add extra sw files to menu explicitly
   * Changed desktop files of link type to use xdg-open to work with all
   * Added lintian overrides for use of external commands
   * move lintian overrides to the right place


ubuntustudio-menu (0.15) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Rework package to handle XFCE and KDE menus properly

ubuntustudio-menu (0.14ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * Test update to verify branch ownership

ubuntustudio-menu (0.14) natty; urgency=low

   [ Scott Lavender ]
   * Added lv2rack, phasex, yoshimi, zynjacku (LP: #726199)
   * bumped standards version
   [ Luke Yelavich ]
   * debian/control: Add Vcs-Bzr field


ubuntustudio-menu (0.13) lucid; urgency=low

   [ Thomas E Jenkins ] <>
   * Added Alsa Modular Synth, Specimen, Sweep, Themonospot,
     Tuxguitar, ffado-mixer, and Gnome CD Master. (LP: #221954)
   [ Eric Hedekar ]
   * Added DeVeDe, SND, LiVES, FreeWheeling, Qtractor, Rezound,
     Renoize, OpenShot, Traverso, QSampler, Guitarix, MilkyTracker,
   * added Rakarrack to Audio Production (LP: #528050)
   * added subtitleeditor to Video Production (LP: #528050)
   * Changed Add/Remove programs to Ubuntu Software Center (LP: #479156)
   * added [pt] translations (thanks to FalkTX)
   * fixed kdenlive entry (thanks to FalkTX)
   * added amsynth, ingen, jack-keyboard, jack-mixer, ll-scope,
     and mscore (thanks to FalkTX)
   * sorted list alphabetically
   [ Scott Lavender ]
   * excluded denemo from education submenu (LP: #528050)
   * fixed subtitleeditor.desktop typo under Audio&Video <exclude> (LP: #528050)
   * updated standards version to 3.8.4
   * added ${misc:Depends} for ubuntustudio-menu in control file


ubuntustudio-menu (0.12ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low

   * Added xjadeo to Video Production

ubuntustudio-menu (0.12) jaunty; urgency=low

   * New applications added to the menu file, thanks to Luis de Bethencourt
     - swami
     - calf
     - lmms
     - bitmeter
     - cinelerra
     - freemix


ubuntustudio-menu (0.11) intrepid; urgency=low

   * Resync with gnome-menus (LP: #287999)
     - Thanks to Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá for finding the fix

ubuntustudio-menu (0.10) intrepid; urgency=low

   [ Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá ]
   * Adjust menu files to follow a similar model as the edubuntu-menus package,
     making use of the XDG_CONFIG_DIRS environment variable to point to our menu
   [ Luke Yelavich ]
   * Remove prerm, postrm, and postinst scripts, as these are no longer needed,
     due to no calls to dpkg-divert being necessary. It seems that on package
     upgrade, the diversion vanishes, and the .orig file if present is moved
     back to where it should be.
   * debian/preinst: On upgrade, if
     /etc/xdg/menus/ exists, rename it. This is
     a left-over from the gnome-menus package upgrade, and the dpkg diversion
     from the previous ubuntustudio-menu package revision.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.9) hardy; urgency=low

   * Added Open Movie Editor and Kdenlive.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.8) hardy; urgency=low

   * Fixed rosegarden misplacing, from general sound & video
     to audio production.
   * Moved scribus from -office to -graphics.


ubuntustudio-menu (0.7) hardy; urgency=low

   * Some menu updates, new programs are included in the audio sub-menu.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.6) hardy; urgency=low

   * Some menu updates, thanks to Luis.
   * Changed maintainer to Ubuntu Studio Developers

ubuntustudio-menu (0.5) gutsy; urgency=low

   * Make the package play nicely with xdg.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.4) gutsy; urgency=low

   * Add an additional language for the Audio Production and Video
     Production menus.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.3) gutsy; urgency=low

   * Added aeolus to audio production.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.2) gutsy; urgency=low

   * More languages in the .desktop files.
   * Better icons.
   * Ubuntu Studio naming consistency.

ubuntustudio-menu (0.1) gutsy; urgency=low

   * Initial release.