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Changelog thunderbird (1:78.14.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2+10.0trisquel10)


thunderbird (1:78.14.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2+10.0trisquel10) nabia-security; urgency=medium

   * Rebranded for Trisquel

thunderbird (1:78.14.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2) focal-security; urgency=medium

   * SECURITY UPDATE: heap overflow when verifying DSA/RSA-PSS DER-encoded
     - debian/patches/CVE-2021-43527.patch: check signature lengths in
     - CVE-2021-43527

thunderbird (1:78.14.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.14.0build1)

thunderbird (1:78.13.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2) focal; urgency=medium

   * Really update debian/ to not install the WeTransfer

thunderbird (1:78.13.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.13.0build1)
   * Do not install the WeTransfer extension (which was removed upstream,
     - debian/

thunderbird (1:78.12.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.12.0build2)

thunderbird (1:78.12.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.12.0build1)

thunderbird (1:78.11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2) focal; urgency=medium

   * Remove a patch that is now upstream:
     - debian/patches/s390x-fix-hidden-symbol.patch

thunderbird (1:78.11.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.11.0build1)
   * Refresh patches
     - debian/patches/s390x-fix-hidden-symbol.patch
   * Hardening is enabled by default in Ubuntu, no need to request it explicitly
     - update debian/build/

thunderbird (1:78.8.1+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.8.1build1)

thunderbird (1:78.8.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.8.0build1)
   * Update cbindgen to 0.17.0
     - debian/build/

thunderbird (1:78.7.1+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.7.1build1)
   * debian/control{,.in}: remove the "Replaces: tinyjsd" declaration, the
     versioned Breaks is enough to ensure a clean upgrade

thunderbird (1:78.7.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.4) focal; urgency=medium

   * No-change rebuild to make sure all the relevant changelog entries are
     included in the uploaded changes file.

thunderbird (1:78.7.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.3) focal; urgency=medium

   * debian/control{,.in}: add missing epoch in the versioned Breaks on enigmail

thunderbird (1:78.7.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.2) focal; urgency=medium

   * debian/control{,.in}:
     - add a versioned break on enigmail << 2.2
     - version the break on jsunit << 0.2.2-2ubuntu1
     - version the break on tinyjsd << 1.2+git1-1ubuntu1

thunderbird (1:78.7.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.7.0build2)

thunderbird (1:78.6.1+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.6.1build1)
   * Update cbindgen to 0.16.0


thunderbird (1:78.5.1+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.5.1build1)

thunderbird (1:78.5.0+build3-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.5.0build3)
   * Allow the use of external GPG keyrings by default
     - debian/vendor.js

thunderbird (1:78.4.2+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.4.2build1)
   * Remove the deprecated --enable-calendar configure option
     - debian/config/

thunderbird (1:78.3.2+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.3.2build1)

thunderbird (1:78.3.1+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (78.3.1build1) (LP: #1895643)
     - debian/config/
   * Bump build dependency on rustc >= 1.41.0 and cargo >= 0.42
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Bump build dependency on nodejs >= 10.21
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Bump build dependency on nasm >= 2.14.02
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Bump build dependency on debhelper >= 9
     - debian/compat
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Port packaging to python3
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Clean up unused code paths in packaging rules
     - debian/rules
     - debian/build/
     - debian/config/
   * Update cbindgen to 0.14.3
     - debian/build/
   * Build required icudt67b.dat on s390x with /usr/sbin/icupkg
     - debian/build/
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Do not use system-wide sqlite3
     - debian/config/
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Work around clang hanging forever when trying to optimize the build of the
     embedded copy of sqlite3 (LP: #1878292)
     - debian/patches/s390x-workaround-sqlite3-clang-optimization-hang.patch
   * Remove obsolete config options
     - debian/config/
   * Allow sideloading langpacks (LP: #1866059)
     - debian/config/
   * Make xul-ext-lightning a transitional empty package, now that calendar
     functionality is part of the Thunderbird core
     - debian/build/
     - debian/control{,.in}
     - debian/rules
   * Separately installed blocklist.xml was removed
     - debian/
   * Install WeTransfer extension to the features directory
     - debian/
   * Add the following locales: af, en-CA, fa, ja-JP-mac, pa-IN, th
     - update debian/config/locales.{all,shipped}
   * Remove upstreamed patch
     - debian/patches/nss_disable_fips_enabled_flag.patch
   * Update and rename patch to selectively reduce debug info level
     - debian/patches/reduce-rust-debuginfo-on-selected-architectures.patch
   * Refresh patches
     - debian/patches/rust-drop-dll-checksums.patch
     - debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-build.patch
   * Drop armel arch references
     - debian/control{,.in}
     - debian/build/
   * Add generic logic to target different LLVM toolchains
     - debian/config/
     - debian/control{,.in}
     - debian/build/
   * Make thunderbird suggest libotr5
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Mark thunderbird as breaking tinyjsd and jsunit, and replacing tinyjsd,
     to ensure these packages are removed when upgrading
     - debian/control{,.in}

thunderbird (1:68.10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.10.0build1)

thunderbird (1:68.9.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.9.0build1)

thunderbird (1:68.8.1+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.8.1build1)

thunderbird (1:68.8.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.2) focal; urgency=medium

   [ Dariusz Gadomski ]
   * Disable reading /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled if FIPS is not enabled on
     build (LP: #1878155)

thunderbird (1:68.8.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.8.0build2)
   * Replace unique icon symlink by copies of all available sizes to the hicolor
     theme to please the AppStream metadata generator (LP: #1639863)

thunderbird (1:68.7.0+build1-0ubuntu2) focal; urgency=medium

   * Fail early in the source tarball creation process if some required external
     dependencies are missing
     - debian/build/
   * Remove debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch before the LTS release
     to minimize the maintenance effort

thunderbird (1:68.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.7.0build1)

thunderbird (1:68.6.0+build2-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.6.0build2) (LP: #1868543)

thunderbird (1:68.5.0+build1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.5.0build1)

thunderbird (1:68.4.2+build2-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.4.2build2)
   * Use the upstream Build ID, to ensure it is the same across Ubuntu releases
     for a given thunderbird version (LP: #1851936)
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/config/

thunderbird (1:68.4.1+build1-0ubuntu2) focal; urgency=medium

   * No-change rebuild for libffi soname change.

thunderbird (1:68.4.1+build1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.4.1build1)

thunderbird (1:68.3.1+build1-0ubuntu2) focal; urgency=medium

   * Make the python2 dependency explicit, because the python symlink
     doesn't exist anymore in focal
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/
     - debian/control{,.in}

thunderbird (1:68.3.1+build1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.3.1build1)
   * Fix creating the source tarball with recent versions of cargo
     - debian/build/


thunderbird (1:68.3.0+build2-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.3.0build2) (LP: #1856611)

thunderbird (1:68.2.2+build1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.2.2build1)

thunderbird (1:68.2.1+build1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.2.1build1)

thunderbird (1:68.2.0+build1.1-0ubuntu3) focal; urgency=medium

   * Change the build dependency from libclang1 to libclang-dev, this makes
     more sense in the context of targetting different LLVM toolchains
     - debian/control{,.in}
   * Fix the repacking of lightning with all locales (the artifact was renamed
     to lightning.xpi, see
     - debian/build/

thunderbird (1:68.2.0+build1.1-0ubuntu2) focal; urgency=medium

   * Add an explicit build dependency on libclang1, because clang stopped
     depending on it (version 1:9.0.0-2 from debian unstable)
     - debian/control{,.in}

thunderbird (1:68.2.0+build1.1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * Export MOZ_SOURCE_REPO and MOZ_SOURCE_CHANGESET during the configure step
     as this is now mandatory for the build system to determine and expose the
     comm repository and revision used to generate the source tarball
     - debian/build/
     - debian/build/

thunderbird (1:68.2.0+build1-0ubuntu1) focal; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.2.0build1)

thunderbird (1:68.1.2+build1-0ubuntu2) focal; urgency=medium

   * Ensure that external dictionaries are still loaded (LP: #1847247)
     - debian/
   * Update the Vcs-Bzr URL for Ubuntu 20.04 (the Focal Fossa)
     - update debian/control{,.in}

thunderbird (1:68.1.2+build1-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.1.2build1)

thunderbird (1:68.1.1+build1-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.1.1build1)
   * Build thunderbird against the system-wide version of sqlite3 (LP: #1845929)
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/control{,.in}

thunderbird (1:68.1.0+build3-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.1.0build3)
     - Fixes a bug when programmatically composing a new message
       with an attachment (LP: #1844136)
   * Drop upstreamed patch: debian/patches/fix-webrtc-build-linux-52.patch
   * Refresh patch: debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch

thunderbird (1:68.0+build6-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (68.0build6)
   * Vendor cbindgen and its dependencies in the source tarball, because it's
     not available in Debian/Ubuntu yet
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/config/tarball.conf
   * Bump build dependency on rustc >= 1.34.0 and cargo >= 0.35
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Add a build dependency on Node.js 8.11
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Add a build dependency on nasm 2.13.02
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Update exclusion patterns to remove outdated entries and to trim down the
     final size of the source tarball
     - update debian/config/tarball.conf
   * Do not install obsolete extension
     - update debian/
   * Update patches
     - update debian/patches/reduce-rust-debuginfo-on-32bit-architectures.patch
     - update debian/patches/rust-drop-dll-checksums.patch
     - update debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-build.patch
     - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
   * Remove obsolete patches
     - remove debian/patches/dont-treat-tilde-as-special.patch
     - remove debian/patches/fix-missing-docs-error.patch
     - remove debian/patches/skia-big-endian.patch
   * Stop building and remove thunderbird-globalmenu (LP: #1834866)
   * Exclude XPI extensions from dh_strip_nondeterminism's scrunity
     (LP: #1840011)
     - update debian/build/
   * Backport an upstream commit to fix WebRTC build failure with newer linux
     - add debian/patches/fix-webrtc-build-linux-52.patch
   * Fix build on armhf by disabling unaligned FP accesses emulation
     - add debian/patches/armhf-disable-unaligned-fp-access-emulation.patch
   * Reduce the memory used by the linking process on armhf, to work around
     build failures on launchpad
     - add debian/patches/armhf-reduce-linker-memory-use.patch
   * Update shipped locales (adding cak, ka, uz)
     - update debian/config/locales.{all,shipped}
     - update debian/control
   * Build with clang
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/control{,.in}
     - add debian/patches/armhf-clang-no-integrated-as-for-neon.patch
     - add debian/patches/ppc64el-workaround-bug-1555531.patch
     - add debian/patches/s390x-fix-hidden-symbol.patch

thunderbird (1:60.8.0+build1.1-0ubuntu3) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Really exclude XPI extensions from dh_strip_nondeterminism's scrunity
     (LP: #1840011)
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/build/

thunderbird (1:60.8.0+build1.1-0ubuntu2) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Exclude XPI extensions from dh_strip_nondeterminism's scrunity
     (LP: #1840011)
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (1:60.8.0+build1.1-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Do not attach Wi-Fi syslog to apport reports (LP: #1801383)
     - update debian/apport/
   * Install the WeTransfer FileLink provider by default (LP: #1823361)
     - update debian/
   * Do not exclude calendar translations from the source tarball, and repack
     the lightning xpi with all available locales (LP: #545778)
     - update debian/config/tarball.conf
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (1:60.8.0+build1-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.8.0build1)
   * Update patch: debian/patch/fix-missing-docs-error.patch

thunderbird (1:60.7.2+build2-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.7.2build2)

thunderbird (1:60.7.1+build1-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.7.1build1)

thunderbird (1:60.7.0+build1-0ubuntu3) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Update patch to handle one more "missing documentation for macro" error
     - debian/patch/fix-missing-docs-error.patch

thunderbird (1:60.7.0+build1-0ubuntu2) eoan; urgency=medium

   * Add patch to fix some "error: missing documentation for macro" errors
     - debian/patch/fix-missing-docs-error.patch

thunderbird (1:60.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1) eoan; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.7.0build1)

thunderbird (1:60.6.1+build2-0ubuntu1) disco; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.6.1build2)

thunderbird (1:60.6.0+build2-0ubuntu2) disco; urgency=medium

   * Remove the unused thunderbird-testsuite package (empty since version 38.2.0)
     - Modified:
       - debian/build/
       - debian/control{,.in}
       - debian/rules
     - Removed:
       - debian/build/
       - debian/patches/test-fixes/*.patch
       - debian/patches/test-integration/*.patch
       - debian/testing/*
       - debian/tests/*
       - debian/thunderbird-testsuite.*

thunderbird (1:60.6.0+build2-0ubuntu1) disco; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.6.0build2)
   [ Olivier Tilloy ]
   * Bump build-dep to clang-7 and llvm-7-dev
     - debian/config/
     - debian/control{,.in}
   [ Rico Tzschichholz ]
   * Add patches to fix build on s390x:
     - debian/patches/s390x-ycbcr.patch
     - debian/patches/skia-big-endian.patch

thunderbird (1:60.5.3+build1-0ubuntu1) disco; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.5.3build1)

thunderbird (1:60.5.1+build2-0ubuntu1) disco; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.5.1build2)
   * Refresh debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch

thunderbird (1:60.4.0+build2-0ubuntu1) disco; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.4.0build2)
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/rust-drop-dll-checksums.patch
   * Fix a typo in the help text for the script to create the source tarball
     - update debian/build/
   * Use https for source repositories
     - update debian/config/


thunderbird (1:60.2.1+build1-0ubuntu1) cosmic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (60.2.1build1)
   [ Chris Coulson ]
   * Stop installing the NPAPI headers and make thunderbird-dev a transitional
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/control{,.in}
     - remove debian/
     - remove debian/
   * Update packaging to work with the reversed repository layout (comm in
     - update debian/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/config/tarball.conf
     - update debian/rules
   * Build using mach
     - update debian/build/
   * Don't clean Cargo.toml.orig files which are actually required
     - update debian/build/
   * Avoid direct dependency on libgtk2.0-0
     - update debian/build/
   * Drop the ancient and unused version of compare-locales from the
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   * Update make-langpack-xpis target
     - debian/build/
   * Update build to work with language packs based on web extensions
     - debian/build/
   * Refresh shipped locales
     - update debian/config/locales.all
     - update debian/config/locales.shipped
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Drop build-dependency on gconf
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Drop obsolete quilt and libgnomeui build-dependencies
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Hopefully fix LP: #1711337 by building the armhf build with
     -fno-schedule-insns to work around a compiler bug
   * Drop obsolete --enable-gio build flag
     - update debian/config/
   * Disable webrtc on non-x86 architectures
     - update debian/config/
   * Don't build with --enable-alsa
     - update debian/config/
   * Drop obsolete DISABLE_LIGHTNING_INSTALL export
     - update debian/config/
   * Bump rustc and cargo requirements
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Build-depend on clang-4.0 / llvm-4.0-dev
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Depend on libdbusmenu-gtk3-4 instead of the GTK+ 2 version
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * The gdata-provider extension is no longer built, so make
     xul-ext-gdata-provider a transitional package now
     - update debian/control{,.in}
     - update debian/rules
   * Drop patches that are either fixed upstream or no longer needed
     - remove debian/patches/dont-install-blessings-from-network.patch
     - remove debian/patches/dont-override-general-useragent-locale.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * mozbuild/ Don't treat '~' character as special
     - add debian/patches/dont-treat-tilde-as-special.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Compile rust code with "debuginfo=1" on 32-bit hosts to reduce code size
     and hopefully prevent the builds from running out of address space
     - add debian/patches/reduce-rust-debuginfo-on-32bit-architectures.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Don't try to check checksums of windows-only binary files which are
     not included in the tarball
     - debian/patches/rust-drop-dll-checksums.patch
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/set-prgname-to-remoting-name.patch
     - update debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-build.patch
     - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
   * Don't unpack the lightning xpi
     - update debian/rules
   * Update install
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Don't set distribution.searchplugins.defaultLocale, as it isn't needed
     - update debian/vendor.js
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to 1.4
     - adds compatibility for Thunderbird 60
     - fixes an alignment issue in the preferences pane
   * Build with --disable-tests. We don't run any anyway, and this should
     stop the build from trying to download python packages from the network
     - update debian/config/
   * Fix up the build-flags, ensuring we remove -g and optimization flags from
     CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS, allowing the upstream build to choose these. Also
     build with --enable-debug-symbols
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
   * Compile with reduced debug info on 32-bit hosts to stop the linker
     from running out of address space
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/build/
   * Set intl.locale.requested to an empty string so that Thunderbird picks
     up the system locale
     - update debian/vendor.js
   [ Rico Tzschichholz ]
   * Build with rustc and cargo
     - update debian/control{,.in}
     - update debian/config/
   * Don't strip .gitignore files from the tarball. If these are stripped
     from vendored rust crates, then the build fails

thunderbird (1:52.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1) bionic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_52_7_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3545-1

thunderbird (1:52.6.0+build1-0ubuntu1) bionic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_52_6_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3490-1, USN-3529-1
   * Drop patches that are fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/use-ucontext_t-in-breakpad-client.patch
     - remove debian/patches/use-ucontext_t-in-breakpad-client_2.patch
     - update debian/patches/series


thunderbird (1:52.4.0+build1-0ubuntu2) artful; urgency=medium

   * Fix LP: #1721189 - compile with -O2 rather than -Os to avoid a mis-compile
     with GCC7. Later Gecko versions use -O2 anyway

thunderbird (1:52.4.0+build1-0ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_52_4_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3321-1, USN-3416-1, USN-3436-1
   * Hopefully fix LP: #1711337 by building the armhf build with
     -fno-schedule-insns to work around a compiler bug
   * Backport a couple of upstream breakpad-client fixes to unbreak the build
     with glibc 2.26
     - add debian/patches/use-ucontext_t-in-breakpad-client.patch
     - add debian/patches/use-ucontext_t-in-breakpad-client_2.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (1:52.1.1+build1-0ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_52_1_1_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3278-1
   [ Chris Coulson ]
   * Update and reenable unity-menubar.patch
   * Refresh patches:
     - update debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-build.patch
   * Ensure we generate all of the required checksum files for FIPS mode
     to work correctly
     - update debian/build/
   [ Rico Tzschichholz ]
   * Unconditionally build-dep on libffi-dev
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-build.patch
     - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
   * Pass "-Wnull-dereference -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks" as workaround
     for compilation with GCC6
   * Add build-dep on libx11-xcb-dev
   * Install the gtk2 directory and ICU data file
     - update debian/

thunderbird (1:45.8.0+build1-0ubuntu1) zesty; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_45_8_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3233-1

thunderbird (1:45.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1) zesty; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_45_7_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3112-1, USN-3141-1 and USN-3165-1


thunderbird (1:45.3.0+build1-0ubuntu4) yakkety; urgency=medium

   * Revert previous changes to override CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS, and instead
     switch thunderbird to build with gcc-5 again, as the new compiler
     causes various crashes (LP: #1632273)

thunderbird (1:45.3.0+build1-0ubuntu3) yakkety; urgency=medium

   [ Chris Coulson ]
   * Backport changeset 55212130f19d to fix a build failure with GCC6
   * Export CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS so that they're picked up by Mozilla's build
   [ Rico Tzschichholz ]
   * Pass "-Wnull-dereference -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks" as workaround
     for compilation with GCC6

thunderbird (1:45.3.0+build1-0ubuntu1) yakkety; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_45_3_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3073-1

thunderbird (1:45.2.0+build1-0ubuntu1) yakkety; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_45_2_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-3023-1
   * Refresh patches:
     - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
     - update debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-builds.patch
     - update debian/patches/dont-include-hyphenation-patterns.patch
   * Remove patches fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/dont-hardcode-softfp-on-armhf.patch
     - remove debian/patches/libjpeg-turbo-arm64-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Update debian/ now that the theme is not unpacked
   * no longer exists - update debian/
   * Add build-depends on libgtk-3-dev
   * Update unity-menubar.patch to work with GTK3
   * Build-depend on hardening-wrapper
   * Install compare-locales in to the virtualenv with --old-and-unmanageable -
     the fix for bmo: #1188224 is incompatible with zipped eggs
   * Drop the eds addon from the packaging for now - nobody is maintaining it
   * Ensure the autopkgtests don't run
     - remove debian/tests/control
     - update debian/build/
   * Bundle our checkout of compare-locales in a different location, given
     that the Mozilla repo now contains a different version of it in the
     location we used previously
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/

thunderbird (1:38.8.0+build1-0ubuntu1) yakkety; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_38_8_0_BUILD1)

thunderbird (1:38.6.0+build1-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_38_6_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2904-1

thunderbird (1:38.5.1+build2-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_38_5_1_BUILD2)
     - see USN-2859-1


thunderbird (1:38.4.0+build3-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_38_4_0_BUILD3)
     - see USN-2819-1

thunderbird (1:38.3.0+build1-0ubuntu2) wily; urgency=medium

   * Ensure the autopkgtests don't run, The testsuite package has been
     empty for a while because the tests have bitrotted a lot
     - remove debian/tests/control
     - update debian/build/
   * Backport 45ecf64767d6 to fix libjpeg build on AArch64
     - add debian/patches/libjpeg-turbo-arm64-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (1:38.3.0+build1-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_38_3_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2754-1
   * Disable the crash reporter as symbol uploads are currently broken. This
     means that Apport will be catching crashes for now

thunderbird (1:38.2.0+build1-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_38_2_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2712-1
   * Switch to comm-esr38
     - update debian/config/
   * Don't hardcode -mfloat-abi=softfp in libvpx
     - add debian/patches/dont-hardcode-softfp-on-armhf.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop debian/patches/no_neon_on_arm.patch. This shouldn't beneeded
     anymore, because:
     - since it was added, most code that uses NEON intrinsics and assembly
       code using NEON instructions is disabled if the target is < armv7
     - Code that uses NEON intrinsics, when compiled, is hidden behind a
       runtime check (so doesn't run on systems that don't support those
     - Code in media/libvpx unconditionally compiles code that uses NEON
       intrinsics anyway, even if the target is < armv7 (but the code is
       compiled with -march=armv7-a and is hidden behind a runtime check for
       NEON support)
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/dont-include-hyphenation-patterns.patch
     - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
   * Don't try to download python-blessings from the network - use the in-tree
     - add debian/patches/dont-install-blessings-from-network.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add Welsh, Lower Sorbian and Upper Sorbian language packs
   * Disable all of the testsuite related patches and don't install anything
     in to the testsuite package for now. The patches have all bit-rotted,
     we're not running any tests and nobody is driving that anymore
   * Don't clone the nightly profile from the default profile at startup
     - update debian/
   * Don't use --with-app-basename to create the co-installable nightly build
     as it's not useful anymore, and changing the application name to
     "Thunderbird-Trunk" has always been problematic for code / addons that check
     the appname. Continue to use --with-app-name as before (which just changes
     the install name and the remoting name), and add a patch to introduce
     --with-app-profile, which allows us to change the profile location
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-build.patch
     - add debian/patches/set-prgname-to-remoting-name.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop debian/patches/revert-removal-of-native-notifications.patch - fixed
   * Reenable system alerts, which were disabled upstream
     - update debian/vendor.js

thunderbird (1:31.8.0+build1-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_8_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2673-1

thunderbird (1:31.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_7_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2603-1

thunderbird (1:31.6.0+build1-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_6_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2552-1

thunderbird (1:31.5.0+build1-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_5_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2506-1

thunderbird (1:31.4.0+build1-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_4_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2460-1


thunderbird (1:31.3.0+build1-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_3_0_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2428-1

thunderbird (1:31.2.0+build2-0ubuntu0.14.10.1) utopic-security; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_2_0_BUILD2)
     - see USN-2373-1

thunderbird (1:31.1.2+build1-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_1_2_BUILD1)
     - see USN-2360-2

thunderbird (1:31.1.1+build1-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_1_1_BUILD1)

thunderbird (1:31.1.0+build2-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_1_0_BUILD2)

thunderbird (1:31.0+build1-0ubuntu2) utopic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_31_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1346007 for USN information
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Refresh patches
     - update d/p/test-integration/automation-output-junit-xml.patch
     - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
     - update d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-exthandler-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
     - update d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-disable-tests-which-need-appdir-write-access.patch
     - update d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-dont-return-nonzero-on-test-failure.patch
     - update d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-write-time-for-failed-test.patch
     - update debian/patches/no_neon_on_arm.patch
     - update debian/patches/revert-removal-of-native-notifications.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
   * Don't include python pyc files in the diff
     - update debian/source/options
   * Use --enable-system-libffi on arm64, as the bundled libffi doesn't
     support this yet
   * Fix so that the blacklist works correctly
   * Disable the monochrome icon patches for now, as there's quite a few
     recently added icons that are missing from this set
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add pulseaudio dependency
     - update debian/control
   * Add missing files to tarball
     - update debian/config/tarball.conf
   * MOZILLA_OFFICIAL no longer controls whether the crashreporter is enabled,
     so just build with --disable-crashreporter to turn it off
     - update debian/apport/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - remove d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-docshell-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
     - remove d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-contentprefs-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add OCSPStaplingServer binary to testsuite
     - update debian/
     - update debian/build/
   * Don't let make check failures fail the build for now, as there are some
     jit test failures
     - update debian/build/
   * Try to stop the buildd's from terminating the build during long links
     (use a hack based on the one for the Chromium package)
     - add debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   [ Adam Conrad <> ]
   * Build with --enable-release option to use "more conservative, release
     engineering-oriented options" as recommended by upstream for distros:
     - Fixes FTBFS on powerpc and may improve stability on other arches.

thunderbird (1:24.6.0+build1-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_24_6_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1328003 for USN information
   * Branch for utopic

thunderbird (1:24.5.0+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) trusty-security; urgency=medium

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_24_5_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1313886 for USN information
   * Partially backport changeset from trunk to remove Ubuntu One filelink support
     - add debian/patches/remove-ubuntuone-filelink.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (1:24.4.0+build1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_24_4_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1293851 for USN information


thunderbird (1:24.2.0+build1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_24_2_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1258653 for USN information

thunderbird (1:24.1.1+build1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low

   * Don't install the EDS addon in 14.04 for now
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/

thunderbird (1:24.1.1+build1-0ubuntu0.13.10.1) saucy-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_24_1_1_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1253027 for USN information

thunderbird (1:24.1.0+build1-0ubuntu0.13.10.1) saucy-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_24_1_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1245422 for USN information

thunderbird (1:24.0+build1-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_24_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1224912 for USN information
   * Switch to comm-esr24
   * Fix LP: #1064423 - "Submitting your report..." shows missing-icon icon.
     Install the throbber icon in the package
     - update debian/
   * Disable the menubar addon
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/
   * Drop the menubar addon
     - remove debian/globalmenu
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/
     - remove debian/
     - remove debian/patches/unity-globalmenu-build-support.patch
     - update debian/patches/
   * Add native support for the Unity menubar (no addon)
     - add debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
     - update debian/patches/
   * Drop support for building on older than precise
     - update debian/apport/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/
     - remove debian/patches/add-syspref-dir.patch
     - update debian/patches/
     - remove debian/patches/use-new-yasm-in-lucid.patch
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Drop the perl script for preprocessing the quilt series file
     - remove debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/patches/
   * Make sure that SHELL is set in the build environment
     - update debian/build/
   * Use virtualenv for compare-locales
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   * Add support for running xpcshell tests as autopkgtests
     - add debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/ to always build with --enable-tests
     - update debian/ to add testsuite package
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/testing/filter_results
     - add debian/testing/results-filter-manifest.json
     - add debian/testing/run_xpcshell_tests
     - add debian/testing/
     - add debian/testing/xpcshell-build.ini
     - add debian/tests/
     - add debian/tests/post-process
     - add debian/tests/xpcshell-tests
     - add debian/
     - add debian/
     - add debian/
     - add d/p/test-fixes/mozmill-workaround-shebang-char-limit.patch due to
       the virtenv path exceeding the shebang character limit
     - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-chrome-fix-test_bug848297-with-locale-matchOS.patch
       to disable intl.locale.matchOS, which breaks the test
     - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-contentprefs-no-writes-to-appdir.patch
       to fix tests that write to the application directory
     - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-docshell-no-writes-to-appdir.patch to fix
       tests that write to the application directory
     - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-exthandler-no-writes-to-appdir.patch to
       fix tests that write to the application directory
     - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-search-fix-tests-when-plugins-are-not-in-appdir.patch
       to fix tests that assume searchplugins are installed in the application
     - add d/p/test-fixes/xpcshell-xunit-output-no-bell.patch so that the
       xpcshell harness does not output the terminal bell character, which
       breaks Jenkins
     - add d/p/test-integration/automation-output-junit-xml.patch
     - add d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-disable-addon-select-dialog-test-for-adt.patch
       to fix some addon tests when the selection UI is disabled
     - add d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-disable-tests-which-need-appdir-write-access.patch
       to disable some tests that need to write to the application directory
     - add d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-dont-return-nonzero-on-test-failure.patch
       so that the xpcshell harness does not return with non-zero when some tests
       fail. We detect failures in the JUnit XML results
     - add d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-output-valid-junit-xml.patch so that
       the JUnit output matches the schema
     - add d/p/test-integration/xpcshell-write-time-for-failed-test.patch so that
       the xpcshell harness writes the time even when the test fails
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop libthai suggest - this hasn't been needed for a long time
     - update debian/control
   * Replace latex-xft-fonts suggest with ttf-lyx (yes, I know this is a
     transitional package since 12.10, but it avoids suggesting a different
     package for each release)
     - update debian/control
   * Fix LP: #1093665 - 'Next' button icon points upwards. Thanks to
     Richard Marti for the patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
   * Get rid of the autogenerated debian/patches/series, as we don't use
     it now
     - rename debian/patches/ => debian/patches/series
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/source/options
   * Build Lightning packages from Thunderbird uploads
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/
     - refresh debian/control
     - update debian/rules
   * Enforce a strict dependency between Lightning and Thunderbird, make
     sure that Lightning recommends the 2 support addons and that these
     have a strict dependency on Lightning (LP: #1082089)
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * We don't need to install the calendar-timezones addon
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
   * Make thunderbird-globalmenu a transitional package
     - update debian/
     - update debian/build/
   * Always build the crash reporter and Breakpad symbols on supported
     architectures, even if it is disabled at run time. Will hopefully avoid
     surprises by the time we reach beta (where the crash reporter is enabled)
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   * Rename => and =>
   * Don't blacklist Thunderbird in Apport on unofficial builds
     - update debian/apport/
     - update debian/build/
   * Remove the executable bit from the testsuite zip file and searchplugins
     - update debian/build/
   * Silence an embedded-library warning and some image-file-in-usr-lib warnings
     - update debian/
   * Update EDS extension to 0.6
   * Make the debian/control autogeneration a bit cleaner
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/
   * Don't set stuff that is set by dpkg-buildpackage
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   * Partially revert part 9 of bmo: #782211 (Implement notification API spec),
     to reintroduce native notifications
     - add debian/patches/revert-removal-of-native-notifications.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/dont-include-hyphenation-patterns.patch
     - update debian/patches/no_neon_on_arm.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-addressbook-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
   * Drop patches
     - remove debian/patches/fix-for-bmo795395.patch (fixed upstream)
     - remove debian/patches/fix-makefile-substitution-bug.patch (doesn't seem
       to be needed anymore)
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (17.0.8+build1-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_8_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1208041 for USN information

thunderbird (17.0.7+build1-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_7_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1193919 for USN information
   * Drop patches fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/python-virtualenv-multiarch-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (17.0.6+build1-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_6_BUILD1)
     - LP: #1178649

thunderbird (17.0.5+build1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_5_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1162043 for USN information

thunderbird (17.0.4+build1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_4_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1152576 for USN information

thunderbird (17.0.3+build1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_3_BUILD1)

thunderbird (17.0.2+build1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_2_BUILD1)
   * Make python-virtualenv compatible with the Python multiarch changes
     - add debian/patches/python-virtualenv-multiarch-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/
   * Properly switch packaging to the release channel
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/control{,.in}


thunderbird (17.0+build2-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_17_0_BUILD2)
     - We're not tracking the beta for Thunderbird due to the new
       release process, so please use this PPA for the beta:
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.6.4
     - Fix a build ordering issue causing the install.rdf to be missed
       from the addon xpi

thunderbird (17.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_17_0b3_BUILD1)
   * Refresh debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch

thunderbird (17.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_17_0b2_BUILD1)
   * Build with --disable-webrtc on all architectures except for i386 and amd64
     - update debian/config/

thunderbird (17.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_17_0b1_BUILD1)
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.6.2
     - Fix crash in uGlobalMenu::InitializePopup
     - Don't override the binding on menupopups if we aren't exporting
       the menubar remotely
     - Make logging work correctly on debug builds
     - Handle submenu's being reopened without getting a close event
       in between. We don't seem to get a close event when a menuitem
       is activated
   * Update messagingmenu extension to 1.3.1
   * Switch to beta
     - update debian/config/
   * Fix quoting issues when parsing preferences
     - update debian/apport/
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/unity-globalmenu-build-support.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/fix-for-bmo795395.patch
   * Drop patches fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/add-nativehandle-attribute.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Don't ship empty ".mkdir.done" files in our packages. This should probably
     be fixed in the upstream build system, but we'll do a temporary band-aid
     fix in the packaging for now just so we can get some builds
     - update debian/build/

thunderbird (16.0.1+build1-0ubuntu2) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

   * Update messagingmenu to 1.0.1
     - Fix LP: #1065919 - Messaging menu and Unity launcher integration doesn't
       work. Tell the message service that it's ok to download message headers
       if they aren't available locally

thunderbird (16.0.1+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_16_0_1_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1065292 for USN information

thunderbird (16.0+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_16_0_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #1062587 for USN information
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.5.4
     - Fix crash in uGlobalMenuDocListener::HandleMutations
   * Fix for bmo: #795395
     - add debian/patches/fix-for-bmo795395.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop compare-locales from the packaging, and just check out the current
     version when we create the tarball
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - remove debian/build/compare-locales
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-addressbook-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch

thunderbird (15.0.1+build1-0ubuntu2) quantal; urgency=low

   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.5.1
     - Fix LP: #1051152 - Crash in nsIContent::SetAttr
     - Improve handling of radio items, and work correctly for radio items
       without a name
     - Stop causing nested DOM mutations. There is a big warning about doing
       this in nsIMutationObserver.h
     - Delay processing of DOM mutations during code sections when we are
       dispatching events. This should prevent a recurrence of
       reentrancy-triggered crashes such as LP: #1025011, LP: #1035305 and
       LP: #1051152, which have been exposed by updates of third-party addons
       recently and caused because our view of the menu changes during
       event delivery
   * Update messagingmenu extension to 1.0
     - Ignore case when comparing email addresses (thanks Tom Jaeger)
     - Stop using nsIMsgMessageService.streamHeaders, as this doesn't work
       reliably all of the time (and has been triggering a crash too)
   * Update eds extension to 0.5
   * Fix LP: #1040839 - Thunderbird breaks thunderbird-couchdb in Ubuntu 12.10
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (15.0.1+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_15_0_1_BUILD1)
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.4.2
     - Fix LP: #1045196 - "Messages->Move To" menu is empty
   * Update messagingmenu extension to 1.0 prerelease r140
     - Use the nativeHandle attribute on Thunderbird versions that support
       this, and avoid creating a window just to set the event timestamp
   * Fix LP: #1043743 - Depend on libmessaging-menu0 in Ubuntu 12.10
     - update debian/rules
   * Expose scriptable native window handle
     - add debian/patches/add-nativehandle-attribute.patch
     - update debian/patches/

thunderbird (15.0+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_15_0_BUILD1)
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.4.1
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to 1.0 prerelease r136
     - Add support for libmessaging-menu (thanks Lars Uebernickel)
       LP: #1040259
     - Properly disconnect from gobject signals. Even though our signal
       handlers are implicitly disconnected when we drop the last reference
       to objects that we own, we actually leak the ctypes function object
       if we don't explicitly disconnect, due to the way that they are
   [ Lars Uebernickel <> ]
   * Make "Contacts" and "Compose" actions show up in the messaging menu
     - update debian/

thunderbird (15.0~b5+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_15_0b5_BUILD1)

thunderbird (15.0~b4+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_15_0b4_BUILD1)

thunderbird (15.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_15_0b3_BUILD1)
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.4 prerelease r435
     + Fixes for LP: #1025011 - HUD search crashes Firefox when Firebug
       is installed
       - Provide our own binding for menupopup nodes which derives from the
         default binding and makes the "state" property work as if there
         were a frame
       - Make all menu nodes reference counted, and hold a strong ref when
         dispatching events, in case the event results in the removal of menu
     + Keep the menu we export in sync with the document tree all of the
       time, rather than only when the menus are on screen. The HUD likes to
       open submenus without opening any of its ancestors, which can result in
       us handling events on menu nodes that are no longer in a document
       if an ancestor responds to a bubbled-up event by removing its
     + Ensure we always null check the result of nsIDocument::GetCurrentDoc
     + When tearing down a menu, make sure that we empty out our DbusmenuMenuitem
       in case the parent reuses that item for another menu. Fixes a memory leak
       and an issue where Firebug menu items are duplicated indefinitely each
       time a menu is opened
   * Update eds extension to 0.5 prerelease r141
     - Lots of refactoring
     - Added proper support for evolution-data-server 3.6. It actually
       works now
     - Make contact list commit async
     - Fix LP: #919612 - cannot write contact, with "Could not save nsIAbEDSCard
       property: SecondEmail" errors in the error console
     - Make setting dates work as expected
     - When selecting a generic image, clear the actual image property rather
       than saving the generic image pixel data to EDS
     - Ensure that phone numbers are displayed in the preview pane for EDS
     - Use the upstream chat tab for managing IM handles. This requires
       Thunderbird 15
     - Ensure that chat handles appear in the contact preview pane
     - Make the preferred mail format option work (was always disabled in
       the edit UI)
     - Support storing Google Talk ID's in eds
     - Support Twitter as an IM account type (new in eds 3.6)
     - Implement nsAbEDSCard.deleteProperty
     - For number fields, handle the case where the passed in value converts
       to NaN
     - Implement nsAbEDSCard.copy and make nsAbEDSDirectory.addCard use this
     - Ensure we dispatch a notification when a directory name changes
     - Implement nsAbEDSDirectory.modifyCard and hide nsAbEDSCard.commit
     - Make contact list creation work properly
     - Display the year field in the contact editor for the anniversary date.
       This is supported fine by eds
     - Make copying contacts between EDS and non-EDS addressbooks work more
       reliably, rather than dropping fields such as PrimaryEmail
     - When copying a Thunderbird contact to an EDS folder, add the Thunderbird
       custom fields as "X-THUNDERBIRD-CUSTOM-*" vcard properties, rather than
       adding them to the note field
     - Don't unload libraries on shutdown. May fix a common shutdown crash
   [ Adam Conrad <> ]
   * Add no_neon_on_arm.patch to skip the NEON tests on ARM, since we
     don't build with NEON by default on either of our ARM architectures

thunderbird (15.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_15_0b1_BUILD1)
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.3
   * Make thunderbird-dbg depend on the correct version of thunderbird
     - update debian/control
   * Separate the package name from the application name. This enables us to
     change the package name without having to modify the application (eg,
     to allow us to provide official branded versions of Thunderbird ESR using
     the package name "thunderbird-esr"). In doing this, also drop the patch we
     had to rename Thunderbird in nightlies, and just use some magic in debian/rules
     - update debian/apport/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/control.langpacks
     - update debian/control.langpacks.unavail
     - remove debian/patches/change-moz-app-name.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Move parts of debian/rules that can be shared with Firefox to a
     new, common file (
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/build/
     - add debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   * Make it possible to use the same for Firefox and
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - add debian/config/tarball.conf
   * Switch to source format 3.0
     - add debian/source/format
     - add debian/source/options to diff-ignore the file which
       is created during clean, and to pass "--no-preparation"
     - update debian/build/
     - rename debian/patches/series => debian/patches/ so the source
       isn't built with patches applied
     - add debian/README.source
   * Goodbye embedded tarball, and our use of!
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   * Run the upstream cleansrcdir target during clean
     - update debian/build/
   * Support the "parallel" option in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
   * Get rid of pointless python script
     - remove debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
   * Merge in to
     - update debian/build/
     - remove debian/build/
   * Handle comments in locales.blacklist
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/locales.blacklist
   * Fork the upstream text preprocessor and add support for additional
     comparison operators, which means we no longer have to add new
     defines for every distro version specific change we add
     - add debian/build/
     - add debian/build/
     - update debian/apport/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Drop powerpc patches, which are fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/fix-dtoa-build-on-ppc.patch and
     - remove debian/patches/fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit.patch
     - update debian/patches/
   * Drop fix-crashreporter-ftbfs-with-gcc4.7.patch, which is fixed upstream

thunderbird (14.0+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_14_0_BUILD1)

thunderbird (14.0~b5+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_14_0b5_BUILD1)

thunderbird (14.0~b4+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_14_0b4_BUILD1)
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.3 prerelease r388
     - Fix LP: #775305 - Use style to determine menuitem visibility
     - Fix LP: #1017247 - Manually register our UA stylesheet rather than
       relying on this happening via chrome registration, to work around a
       bug in various bootstrapped third party addons, which initialize and
       use the stylesheet service before extension chrome is registered for
       non-restartless addons such as ours
     - Fix a crash in uGlobalMenu::RecycleList::~RecycleList()
   * Apport hook improvements:
     - Sort preferences alphabetically in the apport data
     - Treat preferences set in default addons as default prefs so that
       they don't show up in apport data, unless the preference files have
       been modified
     - Support random pref files dropped in to the Firefox install folder, and
       preferences from application bundles
     - Fix ordering issues when loading preferences
   * Fix LP: #1013171 - Fully support Python 3 in the apport hook
     - update debian/apport/
   * Update the Apport blacklist file after dropping thunderbird-bin
     - update debian/apport/
   * Update eds extension to 0.3.11 for YAEDSABI (yet another EDS ABI)
   * Update eds dependencies for YAEDSABI
     - update debian/rules
   [ Martin Pitt <> ]
   * Add partial support for Python 3 in the apport hook (LP: #1013171)
     - update debian/apport/
   [ Ben Collins <> ]
   * Cherry pick patch from aurora to use YARR interpreter on ppc
     - update debian/patches/fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Fix ppc build due to new dtoa library
     - add debian/patches/fix-dtoa-build-on-ppc.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   [ Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) ]
   * debian/apport/
     - Update apport hook for python3

thunderbird (14.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu2) quantal; urgency=low

   * Add missing file

thunderbird (14.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_14_0b3_BUILD1)
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.3 prerelease r369
     - Fix LP: #1010580 - update the window event timestamp when handling
       menu events
     - Fix LP: #775080 - Thunderbird with Firetray/MinimizeToTray -
       Global menu disappears
     - Fix LP: #813775 - Hitting an assertion in dbusmenu
   * Update eds extension to 0.3.10 for new evolution-data-server ABI
     (thanks to Tim Gardner)
   * Update eds dependencies for quantal (LP: #1015723)

thunderbird (14.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_14_0b2_BUILD1)
   * Switch back to GCC4.7 now that LP: #1003733 is fixed
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/control{,.in}
   * Don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in our shell wrapper, and install
     dependentlibs.list instead now
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Drop StartupWMClass from the desktop file now that WM_CLASS is the same
     as the binary name (also fixes LP: #1012158)
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (14.0~b1+build2-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_14_0b1_BUILD2)
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.2.4 prerelease r338
   * Drop patches fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/revert-bmo621446-investigation.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Update desktop file translations
     - update debian/
   * Ensure that additional actions in the desktop file match the fd.o spec
     in precise
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * Add application/x-xpinstall to the MimeType field of the desktop file
     - update debian/
   * Drop almost all mimetypes from the desktop file. Thunderbird won't display
     any of them if you invoke it with files of these types. It will just
     open a Compose window and add the file as an attachment
     - update debian/
   * Drop the ability to select between tree/system libraries using a single
     option in debian/rules. It adds additional complexity and was never used
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
   [ David Planella < > ]
   * Add Catalan keywords
     - update debian/

thunderbird (13.0~b4+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_13_0b4_BUILD1)
   * Fix for NSS libs not being signed, breaking FIPS
     - update debian/rules
   * Update StartupWMClass to the correct name
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (13.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * Switch back to gcc 4.6 until LP #1003733 is fixed
     - update debian/config/
   * Actually ship the updated Apport hook. This got lost somehow
     - update debian/apport/

thunderbird (13.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu3) quantal; urgency=low


thunderbird (13.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu2) quantal; urgency=low

   * Shuffle the order of google-breakpad/src/common/dwarf/ to fix a
     variable substitution issue, which was causing some objects to be built with
     the wrong compiler flags, resulting in dump_syms crashing (LP: #1002590)
     - add debian/patches/fix-makefile-substitution-bug.patch
   * Build with --disable-methodjit on armel in quantal
     - update debian/config/

thunderbird (13.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstrream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_13_0b2_BUILD1)
   * Backport patch from mozilla-central to fix a crashreporter build
     failure with gcc 4.7
     - add debian/patches/fix-crashreporter-ftbfs-with-gcc4.7.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Turn the crashreporter back on again
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (13.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu1) quantal; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_13_0b1_BUILD1)
   * Refresh build-depends:
     - Bump minimum GTK version to 2.14 as we build with GIO support
     - Add minimum requirement for glib (2.18)
     - Drop libidl-dev, this doesn't appear to be needed now
     - Bump minimum NSPR version to 4.9.0 for --enable-system-nspr builds
     - Bump minimum sqlite version to 3.7.10 for --enable-system-sqlite
     - Bump minimum NSS version to 3.13.2 for --enable-system-nss builds
   * Clean up the file exclude list and add comments for excluded files
     - update debian/build/
   * Make it easy to run Thunderbird in valgrind for builds that are compiled
     with explicit valgrind support
     - update debian/
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/revert-bmo621446-investigation.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-addressbook-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/dont-include-hyphenation-patterns.patch
   * Drop patches fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/use-menubar-text-colour-on-tabbar.patch
     - remove debian/patches/no-sps-profiler-on-unsupported-archs.patch
     - remove debian/patches/avoid-dbus-roundtrip-for-httpchannel.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Bump debhelper compat to 7
     - update debian/apport/
     - update debian/appoty/
     - update debian/compat
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Use "general.useragent.locale" to select the searchengine locale
     - remove debian/patches/distro-locale-searchplugins.patch
     - add debian/patches/dont-override-general-useragent-locale.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop no-dynamic-nss-softokn.patch. This patch has no documentation and
     it doesn't look like it's actually useful for anything
   * Apport hook improvements:
     - Add support for reporting preference defaults that are set by extensions
     - When reporting preferences, record the source of each preference
     - Report plugin packages for plugins that are installed with the
       package manager
     - Add some addon manager related prefs to the whitelist
     - Display additional metadata in the extensions report
     - Take "default-to-compatible" in to account when determining whether
       the user is running incompatible addons
     - Attach submitted crash ID's to bug reports
     - Report if files in the profile folder have broken permissions
   * Update compare-locales to 0.9.5
   * Disable crash reporter on quantal
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (12.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) precise-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_12_0_1_BUILD1)
     - see LP: #987305 for USN information
   * Update globalmenu-extension to v3.2.3
     - Fix regression introduced by the fix for LP: #915888
   * Call xvfb-run with "-a" in case there are other servers running on the
     - update debian/build/
   * Thunderbird recommends libcanberra0 now that bmo: #635918 has landed
     (LP: #732572)
     - update debian/control{,in}
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/avoid-dbus-roundtrip-for-httpchannel.patch
     - update debian/patches/no-sps-profiler-on-unsupported-archs.patch
   * Drop patches fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/ctypes-callback-reentry-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop the version number from the install path, like we've done for Firefox
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Fix LP: #939652 - Web search functionality is broken in Ubuntu builds.
     Ship the localized Opensearch plugins in distribution/searchplugins.
     Also add a patch to use the locale of the global chrome package to
     select the search locale, like we do with Firefox. Add another patch
     to fix various bugs in webSearchProvider.js (see bmo: #733802)
     - add debian/patches/distro-locale-searchplugins.patch
     - add debian/patches/websearchprovider-fixes.patch
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/vendor.js
   * Make the language packs Architecture: any. Whilst they are actually
     architecture independent, we do install them in to /usr/lib (as the
     extensions location is shared with architecture-specific extensions).
     This also avoids the problem of offering incompatible language pack
     upgrades to users on architectures where Thunderbird fails to build
     (I'm looking at you, powerpc)
     - update debian/control.langpacks
     - update debian/control.langpacks.unavail
     - update debian/rules
     - refresh debian/control
   * Disable fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit.patch, as it needs some work.
     This means that there is currently no powerpc support

thunderbird (11.0.1+build1-0ubuntu2) precise; urgency=low

   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.2
     - Fix LP: #915888 - Formatting toolbar menu entry is inverted
     - Make uGlobalMenu::RemoveMenuObjectAt work correctly when removed items
       are not contiguous
     - Don't try to recycle an item that wasn't a separator as an item that is
       a separator, as this breaks the menu (we already ensured that the reverse
       of this couldn't happen)
   * Add Keywords entry to desktop file (LP: #973394)
     - update debian/
   [ Nekhelesh Ramananthan <> ]
   * Add additional keywords to desktop file
     - update debian/

thunderbird (11.0.1+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_11_0_1_BUILD1)
     - Fixes LP: #962631, LP: #971578
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 3.1
     - Reduce our memory footprint a bit, which wasn't really a lot anyway
     - Avoid the use of the component manager for accessing commonly used
       services, where "commonly used" means "accessed when building every
       menu item". This should save some CPU cycles when building or
       refreshing menus
     - Try to recycle menuitems when they are removed from a menu by
       adding contiguous blocks of removed items to a "free list" which
       is emptied asynchronously, and reusing the items in this list when
       new items are added in place of the removed items. This means that
       menus which fully refresh on opening no longer alter the menu
       structure, but instead just update properties on existing nodes.
       This has a few benefits:
       + With no layout changes, unity-panel-service doesn't request
         the entire menu structure, which significantly reduces dbus traffic
         and makes it much faster to refresh the menu contents
       + The size of the menu doesn't change when it is refreshed, which
         eliminates the flicker that used to occur when opening some menus
       + The HUD can refresh our menus now without triggering layout updates
         (assuming that menu layout really hasn't changed)
     - Remove all use of the global observer service for sending our own
       internal notifications around
     - Get rid of a static initializer
     - Don't support older than Thunderbird 11
     - Fix some GError leaks
     - Hide the internal menu when creating a native menu, rather than
       waiting for confirmation that the native menu is registered
       successfully. We don't try to create a native menu if we don't
       find a menu service to register the menu with anyway
     - Keep menu contents updated whilst the menu is open, rather than
       just whilst it is opening

thunderbird (11.0+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_11_0_BUILD1)

thunderbird (11.0~b5+build2-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_11_0b5_BUILD2)

thunderbird (11.0~b5+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_11_0b5_BUILD1)
   * Update debian/patches/fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit.patch
   * Fix LP: #926495 - Disable the SPS profiler on unsupported architectures
     - add debian/patches/no-sps-profiler-on-unsupported-archs.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (11.0~b4+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_11_0b4_BUILD1)

thunderbird (11.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_11_0b3_BUILD1)
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 2.0.4
     - Add support for Thunderbird 12
     - Ensure we correctly hide dummy menu items
   * Fix LP: #915895 - Just set autoDisableScopes to 0. Other distributions
     are already doing this, and we already made this feature pretty much
     useless by allowing extensions in the application directory, so that our
     language packs aren't disabled by default
     - update debian/vendor.js
   * Fix LP: #939657 - Don't call g_settings_new each time we create a HTTP
     channel. Doing this causes a dbus roundtrip, and results in us spamming
     the session bus and dbus-daemon using lots of CPU when updating mailboxes
     - add debian/patches/avoid-dbus-roundtrip-for-httpchannel.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Fix LP: #926495 - Add patch based on one from bmo: #691898 to enable
     building on ppc again
     - add debian/patches/fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Fix LP: #894166 - Make Thunderbird work with our system hyphenation
     patterns, and stop including our own
     - update debian/vendor.js
     - add debian/patches/dont-include-hyphenation-patterns.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (11.0~b2+build2-0ubuntu3) precise; urgency=low

   * Add a missing file which caused Lightning to break (LP: #933951)
   * Trick the addon manager in to thinking that Lightning has been updated
     when upgrading
     - update debian/

thunderbird (11.0~b2+build2-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_11_0b2_BUILD2)
   * Update messagingmenu to 0.9.3
     - Don't request attention for messages that are automatically generated

thunderbird (11.0~b1+build2-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_11_0b1_BUILD2)
   * Update messagingmenu to 0.9.2
     - Fix a failure to initialize in some cases
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 2.0.3
   * Drop patches fixed upstream:
     - remove debian/patches/fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit.patch
     - remove debian/patches/fix-cursor-handling.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Refresh patches:
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
   * Ensure we include locales in the tarball if they are in shipped-locales
     but not in all-locales
     - update debian/build/
   * Always set the update channel - not setting it at build-time on release
     builds breaks the extensions.checkCompatibility pref. The only things
     using it at runtime are nsBlocklistService, Test Pilot (beta + aurora)
     and the about dialog (where the channel is hidden anyway)
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
   * Fix LP: #898883 - IPC xpcshell tests hang the buildd's. Give all
     xpcshell tests an X display, as plugin-container won't work without one
     - update debian/build/
   * Turn on all IPC xpcshell tests again (only applicable when the testsuite
     is enabled in the future)
     - update debian/build/
   * Drop the default-apps xml file from lucid and maverick
     - remove debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * Don't build with --disable-gconf on precise and newer. There won't be
     a hard runtime requirement on this from Firefox 12 anyway, and this
     keeps us closer to the upstream configuration
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/rules
   * Update theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch to work with
     tabs-on-top, where the toolbar isn't styled like the menubar
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
   * Refresh shipped locales for beta (addition of Armenian and Croatian)
     - refresh debian/config/locales.shipped
     - refresh debian/config/locales.all
     - refresh debian/control
   * Fix LP: #925907 - 12.04 Thunderbird colour theme is unreadable. Use
     -moz-menubartext rather than MenuText for elements with menubar styled
     backgrounds. Should also fix LP: #856939
     - add debian/patches/use-menubar-text-colour-on-tabbar.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-addressbook-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (10.0+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_10_0_BUILD1)

thunderbird (10.0~b5+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_10_0b5_BUILD1)
   * Fix up eds dependencies for precise
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (10.0~b4+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_10_0b4_BUILD1)
   * Update messagingmenu to 0.9.1
     - Fixes LP: #917920 - Messaging menu entries untranslated for Slovak
     - Fixes LP: #917154 - Add Japanese translations
     - Add Spanish translations
     - Don't spawn a new Thunderbird instance when being activated from the
       messaging menu (thus relying on the remoting logic). Instead, use
       the nsIWindowMediator and nsIWindowWatcher interfaces directly
     - Don't keep the main window in the scope of our shared JS module, as
       we're probably going to leak it. Instead, use nsIWindowMediator to
       find the main window when we need it (eg, to switch tabs). Also, use
       nsITimer rather than window.setTimeout().
   * Make it possible to do per-arch patches too
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Fix LP: #908508 - Add patch from upstream to fix powerpc build failure.
     Only apply this patch on powerpc to avoid compromising the quality of
     the architectures that we care about
     - add debian/patches/fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit2.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Also make the previous powerpc build fix apply on ppc only
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (10.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_10_0b3_BUILD1)
   * Update messagingmenu to 0.9
     - Fixes LP: #850229 - Unread email count in thunderbird shown wrongly in
       messaging menu and launcher icon
   * thunderbird-gnome-support depends on libunity9 in precise
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (10.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_10_0b2_BUILD1)


thunderbird (10.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_10_0b1_BUILD1)
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Disable more hanging IPC xpcshell tests
     - update debian/build/
   * Borrow functionality from Chromium package to have distro
     specific patches
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/build/
   * Don't enable unity-globalmenu-build-support.patch on lucid and maverick
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Only enable the theme refresh patches on oneiric and newer
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Improve the maintainer script magic for moving the system pref file when
     upgrading from Thunderbird 3.1 on oneiric and newer
     - update debian/
     - add debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * Add add-syspref-dir.patch for Lucid, Maverick and Natty builds, so we get
     nightly/aurora coverage for this
     - add debian/patches/add-syspref-dir.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Drop patches fixed upstream
     - remove debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-tree-header-graphics.patch
     - remove debian/patches/theme-refresh-message-header-buttons.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Refresh patches:
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
   * Update after landing of bmo: #701875 - Rename omni.jar to omni.ja
     - update debian/
   * Update shipped locales for beta (addition of Asturian and Serbian)
     - refresh debian/config/locales.all
     - refresh debian/config/locales.shipped
     - refresh debian/control
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * Drop patch after upstream landing of (bmo: 690432) aka Logging.h passes a
     string directly to printf
     - drop debian/patches/printf-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (9.0+build2-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_9_0_BUILD2)

thunderbird (9.0~b5+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_9_0b5_BUILD1)
   * Fix LP: #901838 - Ugly busy pointer, due to libxcursor no longer matching
     the cursor bitmap to a nice themed pointer
     - add debian/patches/fix-cursor-handling.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (9.0~b4+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_9_0b4_BUILD1)
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * Add patch from upstream to hopefully fix PowerPC FTBFS (bmo: 703534) aka
     Build failure on platforms without YARR JIT
     - add debian/patches/fix-build-failure-without-yarr-jit.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (9.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu2) precise; urgency=low

   * No-change rebuild to drop spurious libsfgcc1 dependency on armhf.

thunderbird (9.0~b3+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_9_0b3_BUILD1)
   * Update eds integration to 0.3.9

thunderbird (9.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_9_0b2_BUILD1)

thunderbird (9.0~b1+build2-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_9_0b1_BUILD1)
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 2.0.2
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to 0.8.3
   * Don't unconditionally overwrite SourcePackage when reporting bugs with
     the nightly apport hook
     - update debian/apport/
   * Set "Channel = Unavailable" if channel-prefs.js doesn't contain a
     channel name
     - update debian/apport/
   * Ensure that create-tarball can handle there not being a locale blacklist
     - update debian/build/
   * Use makedirs to create the local cache directory
     - update debian/
   * Drop patches fixed upstream:
     - remove debian/patches/only-add-ENABLE_JIT-to-CXXFLAGS-if-jit-is-enabled.patch
     - remove debian/patches/correctly-handle-EOF.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/theme-resfresh-addressbook-toolbar-icons.patch
   * Drop and xpidl from $LIBDIR. xpidl is gone, and isn't included
     there in the upstream SDK
     - update debian/
   * Turn off the one-time addon selection dialog (LP: #888307)
     - update debian/vendor.js

thunderbird (8.0+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_8_0_BUILD1)

thunderbird (8.0~b5+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_8_0b5_BUILD1)
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to 0.8.2
     - Should hopefully fix LP: #850229
   * Don't disable our bundled addons on upgrade
     - update debian/vendor.js

thunderbird (8.0~b3+build2-0ubuntu3) precise; urgency=low

   * Actually add the patch this time...

thunderbird (8.0~b3+build2-0ubuntu2) precise; urgency=low

   * Backport patch from aurora to correctly handle EOF in
     js::TokenStream::getAtSourceMappingURL on platforms with unsigned chars
     - add debian/patches/correctly-handle-EOF.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (8.0~b3+build2-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_8_0b3_BUILD2)

thunderbird (8.0~b2+build1-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_8_0b2_BUILD1)
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to 0.8.1
   * Update eds extension to 0.3.8 (r96)
     - Fix LP: #872639 - Cannot open book: Could not create DesktopcouchSession
       object. Don't display errors from evolution-data-server for now, as
       they make Thunderbird unusable. Note, this doesn't fix the actual bug
       with desktopcouch
     - Fix LP: #863150 - Endless loop with password prompt
   * Provide a useful error message when trying to build the source package
     with an out of date control file
     - update debian/rules
   * Provide a way to prevent the source package from being built if the list
     of shipped locales changed upstream. Note that this is disabled on
     nightly and aurora
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/
   * Move custom scripts to debian/scripts
     - move debian/ to debian/scripts/
     - move debian/ to
     - move debian/ to debian/scripts/
     - update debian/rules
   * Shrink the default mozconfig right down so that we use mostly upstream
     defaults, rather than overriding them with our own options. It is still
     possible to override them though. We also drop the pkg-config checks in
     debian/rules which allowed a fallback build configuration when dependencies
     aren't satisfied. Really, the build should just fail here rather than
     continuing in some undesirable fallback mode
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * Refresh build-depends, as this hasn't been done for a while:
     - Drop patchutils, libxft-dev, libxinerama-dev, libgnome2-dev, sharutils
       and bzip2. These don't appear to be needed
     - Drop liborbit2-dev - only appears to be required if there is no libidl
     - Add libglib2.0-dev, libext-dev, libfontconfig1-dev and libpango1.0-dev,
       as the configure script checks for these directly
     - Add minimum versions to libgconf2-dev, libgnomevfs2-dev, yasm and
     - Specify minimum versions for libnspr4-dev, libcairo2-dev, libsqlite3-dev
       and libnss3-dev when using system versions of those libs
   * Disable gconf support on >= 12.04
     - update debian//rules
     - update debian/
   * Refresh binary dependencies:
     - Drop psmisc and fontconfig depends. We don't use any binaries
       from either of these packages
     - Drop debianutils dependency. This is an essential package
   * Introduce a branch config file (debian/config/ which holds
     settings which shouldn't be merged between branches (eg, whether
     the crash reporter should be enabled)
     - add debian/config/
     - update debian/rules
   * Move debian/locales.* to debian/config
     - move debian/locales.shipped => debian/config/locales.shipped
     - move debian/locales.unavail => debian/config/locales.unavail
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/build/
   * Move debian/ to debian/config
   * Move debian/ to debian/build
   * We need to keep the complete list of language packs (shipped and
     transitional) in sync between branches. However, this was proving to be
     difficult because the list was split across 2 files (locales.shipped
     and locales.unavailable). Rework this so that we have a locales.all
     (containing the list of current and past language packs), and a
     locales.shipped. The locales.all can be easily kept in sync between
     branches now, so we end up with the correct transitional language packs
     on branches which have some languages disabled. This also makes it
     more complicated to add the language packs to debian/control though, so
     we offload this to a new perl script now rather than trying to do it all
     in bash
     - add debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - add debian/config/locales.all
     - update debian/config/locales.shipped
     - remove debian/config/locales.unavailable
     - update debian/control
     - update debian/rules
   * Touch debian/ during clean to force a refresh of debian/control,
     so we can check if it is out-of-date and fail if it is
     - update debian/rules
   * Refresh patches:
     - update debian/patches/ctypes-callback-reentry-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-message-header-buttons.patch
   * Ensure that we get the correct package relationships depending on the
     target distro version
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
     - refresh debian/control
   * Drop the mozilla-devscripts dependency. We were only using this for creating
     tarballs anyway. Instead, implement our own get-orig-source target, which
     also fixes some problems we were having
     - update debian/
     - remove debian/
     - update debian/rules
     - remove debian/mozclient/
     - remove debian/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
     - update debian/config/
     - add debian/build/
     - add debian/build/
     - remove debian/mozclient/
   * Drop the 'nobinonly' suffix from the version number. All this really does
     is make the version number longer without adding any useful information,
     - We don't strip all binary files as there are a lot remaining which are
       used by the test-suite (eg, images, fonts, videos, sqlite dbs, extensions)
     - Stripping binary files from the source tarball isn't the only change we
       make to it. We also merge in the upstream l10n data, but we don't
       indicate that in the version number
   * Don't error out whilst building the source package if cdbs isn't installed.
     This enables us to create source packages on lillypilly
     - update debian/rules
   * Keep a copy of shipped-locales outside of the embedded tar.bz2. This
     makes it faster to verify the list of shipped locales when creating
     source packages
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/rules
   * When calling refresh-supported-locales, automatically refresh
     debian/control too
     - update debian/rules
   * Dropped patches fixed upstream:
     - remove debian/patches/theme-refresh-toolbar-and-tab-colours.patch
     - remove debian/patches/theme-refresh-smaller-resize-grips-1.patch
     - remove debian/patches/theme-refresh-smaller-resize-grips-2.patch
     - remove debian/patches/build-fix-for-no-ENABLE_YARR_JIT.patch
     - remove debian/patches/compile-pldhash-as-C++.patch
   * Don't fail to create the tarball if locales listed in all-locales don't
     really exist upstream. We already check that everything in shipped-locales
     - update debian/
   * Pass --comm-rev to when specifying a release tag
     - update debian/build/
   * Don't fail to create a tarball when not using a local cache
     - update debian/build/

thunderbird (7.0.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_7_0_1_BUILD1)
     - Fixes LP: #861664

thunderbird (7.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release (THUNDERBIRD_7_0_BUILD1)
   * Pass --enable-update-channel to configure on beta/aurora. Although we don't
     use the updater, this information does appear in crash reports, which is
     useful. We also use it in the Apport hook, and it will be used to enable
     testpilot on aurora/beta when it exists in the future
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/apport/

thunderbird (7.0~b3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_7_0b3_BUILD1)
   * Don't error out whilst creating the source package if mozilla-devscripts
     or cdbs aren't installed. This enables us to create source packages
     on machines which don't have these available
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/mozclient/
   * Refresh shipped locales to add Bulgarian
     - refresh debian/locales.shipped and debian/locales.unavailable
     - refresh debian/control

thunderbird (7.0~b2+build2+nobinonly1-0ubuntu2) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Update globalmenu-extension to 2.0.1
     - Fixes broken labels in the Edit menu
     - Fixes radio item siblings not always being correctly unchecked
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to 0.8
     - Fix a bug in inbox-only mode where we displayed non-inbox folders when
       clearing inbox-indicators
     - Add support for libunity6 ABI
     - Provide a utility module for loading libraries and binding symbols
     - Hide the internal implementation details from other chrome code
     - Fix some small memory leaks
     - Only destroy the IndicateServer on shutdown rather than when toggling
       the pref to disable the indicator, as recreating it seems to result in
       weird crashes. When disabling the indicator, just hide it (which doesn't
       work in any case)
     - Hide the prefs if the required libraries aren't installed
     - Fallback gracefully if the required libraries aren't installed
     - Trap all exceptions during initialization. Throwing exceptions in to a
       document load handler is bad, as it can prevent the entire UI from loading
   * Fix broken icon URI for the reply button in the message header (LP: #844606)
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-message-header-buttons.patch

thunderbird (7.0~b2+build2+nobinonly1-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Reupload with the correct tarball this time...

thunderbird (7.0~b2+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_7_0b2_BUILD2)
     - LP: #837557 and LP: #838322
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 2.0
     - Only update a menu in realtime if it's parent is opening. For all other
       times, just invalidate the menu. Avoids spamming dbus everytime
       something changes in the menu
     - When removing a menuitem from its parent, check that the index is
       in-bounds. Should fix a frequent crash on startup, although it doesn't
       explain how it gets in to that state in the first place
     - Add the ability to turn on debugging without building Firefox with
       debugging on
   * Add upstream patch to only add ENABLE_JIT=1 to CXXFLAGS if any of trace/
     method/yarr jit is enabled. Fixes a build failure on PPC
     - add debian/patches/only-add-ENABLE_JIT-to-CXXFLAGS-if-jit-is-enabled.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add upstream patch to fix build failure with ENABLE_YARR_JIT=0
     - add debian/patches/build-fix-for-no-ENABLE_YARR_JIT.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add upstream patch to work around a linker bug
     - add debian/patches/compile-pldhash-as-C++.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Don't pass an empty --mozilla-repo= argument to when creating
     the source tarball without a local cache, as it totally breaks. This is
     why we've got rid of all this in nightly and aurora, so we can avoid
     such bandaids in the first place
     - update debian/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
   * Messagingmenu fixes:
     - Use the libunity5 ABI (LP: #839154)
     - Don't use QueryInterface on objects where we can't guarantee they
       implement a particular interface (LP: #826447)
   * Make sure that thunderbird-gnome-support actually depends on libunity5
     - update debian/rules
   * Update eds extension to r84 from 0.3 branch
     - fixes a shutdown crash
   * Use the latest eds libs for the contacts integration

thunderbird (7.0~b1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu4) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Really fix LP: #833591 this time, in a way which is simpler and
     also guaranteed to catch all errors

thunderbird (7.0~b1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Fix LP: #833591 - ensure that the xpt typelibs are generated correctly
     at build. Also make sure that any failures in future are fatal, so we
     don't create a broken binary
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/eds/
     - update debian/eds/

thunderbird (7.0~b1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Fix some broken chrome URI's that were resulting in icons missing
     from the compose window
     - update debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch

thunderbird (7.0~b1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_7_0b1_BUILD1)
   * Make sure we actually install the crashreporter and apport blacklist file
     for branches which use Breakpad
     - update debian/
   * Drop the Mail/News reference in the desktop file - just set the name to
     "Thunderbird Mail". This needs translating for other locales though
     - update debian/
   * Drop patches fixed upstream:
     - remove debian/patches/addressbook-de-rdf.patch
     - remove debian/patches/expose-nsIAbCard-to-script.patch
     - remove debian/patches/addressbook-extensibility.patch
     - remove debian/patches/fix-sdk-bin-install.patch
     - remove debian/patches/cairo-lcd-filter.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Look in the correct location for the staged langpack xpi's. They moved
     from dist/install to dist/linux-$(DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU)
     - update debian/rules
   * Ensure we use DEB_BUILD_* and DEB_HOST_* consistently so that cross-
     compiling works
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Simplify thunderbird-dev.install a bit by installing everything in
     - update debian/
   * Use $(MOZ_DISTDIR) rather than $(MOZ_OBJDIR)/dist in debian/rules.
     - update debian/rules
   * Fix jsreftest failures by setting the correct timezone and locale
     - update debian/
   * Add ${misc:Depends} dependency to transitional language packs
     - update debian/control.langpacks.unavail
   * Disable elfhack permanently. It doesn't give us any of the performance
     wins that the official builds get, due to -Wl,-z,relro
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
   * Fix "format not a string literal and no format arguments" error
    - add debian/patches/printf-fix.patch
    - update debian/patches/series
   * Refresh shipped locales for beta
     - refresh debian/locales.shipped and debian/locales.unavailable
     - refresh debian/control
   * Add an Apport hook
     - add debian/apport/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - rename debian/apport/ => debian/apport/
     - add debian/apport/
   * Theme refresh:
     - add debian/patches/theme-refresh-toolbar-and-tab-colours.patch
     - add debian/patches/theme-refresh-smaller-resize-grips-1.patch
     - add debian/patches/theme-refresh-smaller-resize-grips-2.patch
     - add debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-toolbar-icons.patch
     - add debian/patches/theme-refresh-message-header-buttons.patch
     - add debian/patches/theme-refresh-messenger-tree-header-graphics.patch
     - add debian/patches/theme-resfresh-addressbook-toolbar-icons.patch
     - add debian/patches/theme-refresh-compose-toolbar-icons.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (6.0~b3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Update globalmenu-extension to 1.9.2
     - fixes a regression which causes the menu to not build and potentially
       crash when encountering non-menuitem nodes, due to an uninitialized value

thunderbird (6.0~b3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_6_0b3_BUILD1)
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 1.9.1
     - Drop Firefox 4 and 5 compatibility
     - Drop the uIGlobalMenuLoader interface, as it never served any purpose
     - Rework how we synchronize attributes to menuitems from their
       corresponding command nodes
     - Don't synchronize attributes from command nodes associated with menus
     - Rework how we handle document insertion/removals. Rather than keeping
       our dbusmenu structure in sync at all times, and routing the events
       to the correct node in the tree, we just mark the menu as invalid and
       rebuild it from scratch next time it opens. This should reduce problems
       like LP: #821391
     - Honour the collapsed attribute. This solves a problem with multiple
       seprators appearing adjacent to each other in the greasemonkey menu
     - Store all booleans as PRPackedBool rather than PRBool
     - Add error checking around uGlobalMenuDocListener
     - Make uGlobalMenuDummy more robust, and use it as a fallback if the
       real menuitem fails to initialize. This should help reduce problems
       like LP: #831391
     - If a menu fails to build correctly, mark it invalid and stop processing
       document events on it (which should avoid the crash in LP: #831391)
     - Invalidate a menu if we fail to insert/remove a node whilst processing
       a document event (which should help avoid the crash in LP: #831391)
     - Make uGlobalMenu::CanOpen() respect the collapsed attribute
     - Allow more than one menu node to register as a listener for any DOM
       node. In the case of command nodes, these may be shared across multiple
       menu nodes, with each one interested in receiving events. Previously, we
       just erased the first listener if a second menu node tried to register
       (discovered after adding error checking around uGlobalMenuDocListener)
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to r66
     - add an inbox-only mode
   * Refresh shipped locales for new release
   * Ship the eds contacts integration extension, based on r80
     - add debian/eds/*
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/control
   * Move the Unity depends to thunderbird-gnome-support, and make sure we only
     add them for oneiric builds
     - update debian/control
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (6.0~b2+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_6_0b2_BUILD1)
   * Drop patches fixed upstream:
     - remove debian/patches/change-opt-back-to-Os.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Refresh shipped locales
     - refresh debian/locales.shipped and debian/locales.unavailable
     - refresh debian/control
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to r64

thunderbird (6.0~b1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Revert an upstream change which switched the default optimization from
     -Os to -O3. The intention is that -O3 will be used for PGO builds and -Os
     used for non-PGO builds. -O3 increases the package size by over 3MB
     - add debian/patches/change-opt-back-to-Os.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 1.8
     - Update for imgILoader changes in Firefox 8
     - Fix LP: #810489 - Inconsistent behaviour if extension is enabled
       after turning off the menubar, which will affect Lucid -> P upgrades
       once Lucid has a newer Firefox. document.loadOverlay() triggers a reload
       of localstore.rdf, which overwrites our changes to the UI to hide
       the Firefox button and bookmark button. Restore them when this happens
     - Fix LP: #800733 - Quick Filter Bar checkbox in Thunderbird menu is
       not marked as checked. On menuitems with command nodes, ensure we update
       the state on the correct node
     - Ensure we disconnect all signal handlers when a menu is destroyed.
       Should fix a SIGSEGV in uGlobalMenu::OnClose()
   * Enable nsIAbCard to be used from JS - required for the EDS contacts
     integration work
     - add debian/patches/expose-nsIAbCard-to-script.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add translations for the messaging menu launcher entries
     - update debian/
   * Update desktop file translations
     - update debian/
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to r64

thunderbird (6.0~b1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_6_0b1_BUILD1)
   * Switch to beta
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
   * Update messagingmenu-extension to r58
     - Fixes a bug which causes an exception to be thrown in the default
       install, preventing it from working correctly
   * Drop the profile migrator, as it doesn't really make any sense with the new
     release cycle. Instead, just copy the thunderbird profile (if it exists) to
     thunderbird-trunk (if it doesn't exist)
     - remove debian/migrator/xulapp-profilemigrator
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
   * Drop patches fixed upstream:
     - remove debian/patches/fix-nsGIOService.patch
     - remove debian/patches/add-uri-handler-methods-to-nsIGIOService.patch
     - remove debian/patches/default-uri-handler-check-use-gio.patch
     - remove debian/patches/powerpc-build-fix.patch
     - remove debian/patches/update-assembler-excl-arch-list.patch
     - remove debian/patches/default-mailer-check-use-gio.patch
     - remove debian/patches/stack-overflow-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * xpt_link and xpt_dump have been replaced by
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/stack-overflow-fix.patch
   * Fix LP: #807805 - invalid language packs created because
     exits with "xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: XML or text declaration not at
     start of entity" exception when the install.rdf starts with empty lines
     - update debian/
   * Backport patch from aurora to de-RDF the addressbook. Required to support
     the eds contacts integration
     - add debian/patches/addressbook-de-rdf.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Apply patch from b.m.o to fix issues with reentering ctypes function
     callbacks, needed for the eds integration
     - add debian/patches/ctypes-callback-reentry-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Backport patch from aurora to make the addressbook more extendable.
     Required for the eds contacts integration
     - add debian/patches/addressbook-extensibility.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Refresh shipped locales for the current beta
     - refresh debian/locales.shipped and debian/locales.unavail
     - refresh debian/control

thunderbird (5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu5) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Update messagingmenu-extension to r56
     - Improve the overflow handling when we reach 6 indicator entries in
       the menu, by adding priorities to particular mail folders. Inbox
       folders get the highest priority, and folders with messages we consider
       to be interesting also get an elevated priority
     - Add support for showing the new-mail count in the Unity launcher
     - Handle the X-Priority header in mail messages to request attention
       for any messages with a high priority. We also cancel any attempt
       to request attention for messages with a low priority
     - Fix the ordering of shortcut entries in the messaging menu to match
       the order of those in the desktop file
   * Fix LP: #806041 - Thunderbird crashes due to stack overflow. Cherry-pick
     patch from aurora
     - add debian/patches/stack-overflow-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu4) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Update globalmenu-extension to 1.7
     - Fixes LP: #797680 - "thunderbird -addressbook" and "thunderbird -compose"
       open a window without putting the menu in the panel, because the menu
       loader is started from the chrome overlay in the main window. Add the
       loader to the profile-after-change category instead
     - Fixes LP: #779905 - menubar sometimes appears inside the window rather
       than the panel, due to a startup race
   * Apply some changes to the messagingmenu-extension:
     - Ignore new messages in archive folders
     - Don't request attention for messages which aren't starred and aren't
       addressed directly to the recipient
     - Always show messaging indicator shortcuts, even when we have a desktop
       file which has them

thunderbird (5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Oops, fix the stupid copy/paste error in the desktop file
     - update debian/

thunderbird (5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) oneiric; urgency=low

   * Ship the messagingmenu extension (0.7.2)
     - add debian/messagingmenu/*
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/control{.in}
     - update debian/
   * Add static launcher items to the messaging menu and quicklist items to the
     Unity launcher
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream stable release from the miramar channel (THUNDERBIRD_5_0_BUILD1)

thunderbird (5.0~b2+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the miramar channel (THUNDERBIRD_5_0b2_BUILD1)
   * Add transitional ta-lk language pack to pull in thunderbird-locale-ta
     - update debian/
     - refresh debian/control
   * Add Bulgarian to locales.unavailable so we get a transitional language
     - update debian/locales.unavailable
     - refresh debian/control
   * Set a Vcs-Bzr URL
     - update debian/
     - refresh debian/control
   * Refresh shipped locales from latest tarball
     - refresh debian/locales.shipped and debian/locales.unavailable
     - refresh debian/control

thunderbird (5.0~b1+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

   * New upstream release from the miramar channel (THUNDERBIRD_5_0b1_BUILD2)
     - Fixes LP: #766022
   * Switch to comm-miramar
     - update debain/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
   * Update globalmenu-extension to 1.6
   * Align packaging with firefox:
     - rename debian/apport/blacklist => debian/apport/
     - rename debian/control => debian/
     - rename debian/thunderbird-dev.install =>
     - rename debian/thunderbird-gnome-support.install =>
     - rename debian/thunderbird.desktop => debian/
     - rename debian/thunderbird.install => debian/
     - rename debian/thunderbird.manpages => debian/
     - update debian/apport/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/thunderbird-gnome-support.install
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/thunderbird.manpages
     - added debian/
     - added debian/
     - added debian/
     - added debian/
     - added debian/
     - added debian/
   * Build language packs directly from the thunderbird source
     + Include compare-locales FIREFOX_5_0b1_BUILD1 from It's needed for merging
       en-US strings with incomplete locales
     + Pull l10n data in to tarball from bzr
       - update debian/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
     + Configure build for creating language packs by configuring with
       - update debian/
     + Store the list of locales to ship, and provide a way of automatically
       generating that list and the control file entries from the upstream
       source. Also provide a way to blacklist languages. We map languages
       to package names using langpack-o-matic (and also get descriptions
       from there too)
       - update debian/rules
       - add debian/locales.shipped
       - add debian/control.langpacks
       - add debian/control.langpacks.unavail
       - update debian/control
       - add debian/locales.unavailable
       - add debian/
     + Add common-build-indep hook to build the translation xpi's
       - update debian/rules
     + Add common-binary-post-install-indep to install the xpi's in to the correct
         debian packages
       - update debian/rules
       - add debian/
     + When rebuilding debian/control in the clean target, fail the build
       if the control file was out-of-date. This ensures that we don't
       accidentally drop language packs, and forces me to maintain an
       up-to-date control file in bzr
       - update debian/rules
   * Rewrite the launcher script to not wrap around the upstream start
     scripts, but start the Thunderbird binary directly. The upstream start
     scripts contain a lot of complexity for dealing with things that we don't
     need to worry about, and are quite slow. Also, add in the hooks for the
     new profile migrator
     - update debian/
   * Replace the old profile migrator. The previous one relied on hard-coded
     values and fragile shell script that isn't really scalable enough
     now that stable Ubuntu releases see new major Thunderbird versions. The
     new profile migrator doesn't require any hard-coded values, and should
     be lower maintenance
     - add debian/migrator/xulapp-profilemigrator
     - remove debian/migrator/main.c
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Build with "make -f" and using a mozconfig, rather than the
     autoconf/configure/make steps used previously. The contains the
     sequencing for doing PGO builds
     - add debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * Add cairo LCD filter patch from Firefox
     - add debian/patches/cairo-lcd-filter.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Refreshed patches:
     - update debian/patches/fix-sdk-bin-install.patch
     - update debian/patches/no-dynamic-nss-softokn.patch
     - update debian/patches/unity-globalmenu-build-support.patch
   * Provide a single global pref file rather than adding a global pref
     folder for random applications to drop files in to. This means we
     can drop an additional distro patch
     - remove debian/patches/add_syspref_dir.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
     - rename debian/thunderbird.js => debian/syspref.js
     - update debian/syspref.js
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
     - update debian/
   * Support running the Mozilla test suite at build time. Currently, we run
     the following targets: check, jstestbrowser, xpcshell-tests, reftest,
     crashtest and mochitest. Not enabled yet
     - add debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * Don't touch $LIBDIR/.autoreg on install or removal. This has no effect
     with the components registration changes in Gecko >= 2.0
     - update debian/
     - remove debian/
   * Fix LP: #709216 - Clicking on a link doesn't open the page. Use
     GIO for external URI handling now
     - add debian/patches/default-uri-handler-check-use-gio.patch
     - add debian/patches/fix-nsGIOService.patch
     - add debian/patches/add-uri-handler-methods-to-nsIGIOService.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Use GIO for the default mailer check
     - add debian/patches/default-mailer-check-use-gio.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Backport patch from mozilla-central to fix powerpc build failure
     - add debian/patches/powerpc-build-fix.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Fix build on PPC64
     - add debian/patches/update-assembler-excl-arch-list.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Ensure that the files in /etc/thunderbird/profile are cleaned up on
     - update debian/
   * Drop unneeded patches:
     - drop debian/patches/bz420391_attXXXX_fix_unix_installer.patch (only
       seemed to be needed for static builds)
     - remove bz532198_lp488354_ns_invokebyindex_not_thumb2_safe.patch
       (fixed upstream)
     - remove debian/patches/bz591331_att469858_breakpad_allow_ptrace.patch
       (fixed upstream)
     - remove debian/patches/bzXXX_ftbfs_static_with_system_hunspell.patch
       (not doing static builds now)
     - remove debian/patches/bzXXX_linker_flag_ordering.patch (not doing
       static builds now)
     - remove debian/patches/fix_installdir.patch (not sure what it was
       needed for)
     - remove debian/patches/fix_sdk_install_mimecrypt.patch (fixed upstream)
     - remove debian/patches/lp682742_arm_it_instruction.patch (fixed
     - remove debian/patches/lp_710648_arm_it_instruction_breakpad.patch
       (fixed upstream)
     - remove debian/patches/use-MOZ_APP_LAUNCHER-for-launcher-exec.patch
       (fixed upstream)
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Fix LP: #767115 - use a high-res icon for the launcher
     - update debian/

thunderbird (3.1.10+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.1) natty-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.10 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_10_BUILD1)
     - see USN-1122-2
   * Fix LP: #767966 - globalmenu extension pollutes main window javascript
     - update globalmenu-extension to 1.0.3

thunderbird (3.1.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu4) natty; urgency=low

   * Fix LP: #766151 - popuphiding and popuphidden events aren't dispatched
     when a menu is closed
     - update globalmenu-extension to 1.0.2

thunderbird (3.1.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) natty; urgency=low

   * Update globalmenu-extension code to 1.0
     - Fix LP: #755701 - When iterating over each label, check if the current
       character equals the access key (to set a flag indicating we've already
       seen it) before we mangle the label, rather than after it.
       This fixes an issue where we never set the flag, and subsequently see
       the mnemonics repeated multiple times in labels
     - Also remove the hack we had to add placeholder entries to empty menus
       so that we could get an about-to-show signal (now that LP: #619811
       is fixed)

thunderbird (3.1.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) natty; urgency=low

   * Update globalmenu-extension code to 0.7
     - Fixes LP: #749440 - Interaction with CuteButtons extension makes
       Thunderbird abort with icons in menus. Work around this by ignoring
       icons greater than 100x100 to avoid DoS'ing unity and dbus-daemon with
       lots of icon data
     - Fixes LP: #734837 - Some menu items are not displayed. Some menuitems
       inherit a label from their command content node rather than having a
       label attribute on the menuitem content node. Make sure we use the
       right label in this case
     - Make the Alt key show the menubar in the panel
     - Drop the hacks we had to workaround the lack of menu closed signals from
       Unity. We no longer synthesize our own menu closed events, but use the
       proper event from dbusmenu.
     - In addition to this, we split the work done during menu opening in to
       2 phases - the first phase triggered off "about-to-show" and the second
       phase triggered off "opened". In the future, we should be able to delay
       the menu opening with the about-to-show handler, which is where we
       do all the work to update the menu
   * Fix LP: #719919 - no option for Thunderbird as default mail client
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   * Disable the default mail client check. This seemed to always be the
     intent, but the wrong preference was being set. We correctly set to false now. This check doesn't work in
     Natty and isn't going to work unless I get time to backport gio support
     to 3.1
     - update debian/thunderbird.js

thunderbird (3.1.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.9 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_9_RELEASE)
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * Drop symlink fix in postinst since we have a new directory path
     - update debian/
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Update globalmenu-extension code to 0.6

thunderbird (3.1.8+build3+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.8 build 3 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_8_BUILD3)

thunderbird (3.1.8+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) natty; urgency=low

   * Fix LP: #715310 - thunderbird failed to configure
     - update debian/

thunderbird (3.1.8+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) natty; urgency=low

   * Handle the folder -> symlink transition for the system-wide extensions
     folder. dpkg doesn't do this for us automatically on upgrade
     - update debian/

thunderbird (3.1.8+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.8 build 2 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_8_BUILD2)
   * Update globalmenu code to 0.5.2

thunderbird (3.1.8+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu6) natty; urgency=low

   * Land the Unity appmenu extension work. We're building it from the
     Thunderbird source tree rather than it's own source package,
     for a few reasons (although it does ship in its own binary):
      + It is guaranteed to run with the same ABI it builds with
      + We need separate builds for Firefox and Thunderbird, so it
        makes sense this way
      + We get automatic Breakpad integration
     - add debian/globalmenu/* containing the extension code, without its
       build system
     - update debian/control
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/patches/unity_globalmenu_support.patch for the autoconf
       and system-headers bits
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (3.1.8+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu5) natty; urgency=low

   * Fix broken symlinks in the SDK that prevent anything from building
     against it
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (3.1.8+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu4) natty; urgency=low

   * Provide a system folder for installing Thunderbird-specific extensions
     in, like we already have for Firefox
     - update debian/thunderbird.install
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (3.1.8+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) natty; urgency=low

   * Fix LP: #710648 - armel FTBFS in Breakpad code, thanks to Jani Monoses
     for the patch
     - add debian/patches/lp_710648_arm_it_instruction_breakpad.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (3.1.8+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) natty; urgency=low

   * Add missing curl build-dep, needed for the crashreporter
     - update debian/control

thunderbird (3.1.8+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.8 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_8_BUILD1)
   * Refresh patches after landing of bmo: 506601 aka Transition LDAP SDKs
     to Mercurial (from cvs)
     - update debian/patches/no_dynamic_nss_softokn.patch
   * Switch on Breakpad:
     - add new thunderbird-mozsymbols package for the debug symbols
       + update debian/control
       + update debian/rules
     - add patch to allow Breakpad to work on ptrace hardened kernels:
       + add debian/patches/bz591331_att469858_breakpad_allow_ptrace.patch
       + update debian/patches/series
     - blacklist Thunderbird in apport
       + add debian/apport/blacklist
       + update debian/rules

thunderbird (3.1.7+build3+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) natty; urgency=low

   * debian/control: Drop unnecessary libhal-dev build dependency. The code
     does not use hal anywhere.


thunderbird (3.1.7+build3+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) natty; urgency=low

   * Fix ARM FTBFS by adding an explicit IT instruction in the Thumb2 assembly
     code. (LP: #682742)
     - add debian/patches/lp682742_arm_it_instruction.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Clean up a few generated files in clean target
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (3.1.7+build3+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.7 build 3 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_7_BUILD3)

thunderbird (3.1.7+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.7 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_7_BUILD2)
   * Drop libpixman linking patch after landing upstream
     - drop debian/patches/bz615526_att493959_explicitly_link_libpixman.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (3.1.7+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) natty; urgency=low

   * Pass -lpixman-1 to the linker, by disabling an unnecessary check
     in configure
     - add debian/patches/bz615526_att493959_explicitly_link_libpixman.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * When linking thunderbird-bin, prepend the static archives to LIBS
     rather than appending them to EXTRA_LIBS, which comes after LIBS when
     calling the linker. The static archives mostly depend on things in LIBS,
     so this fixes builds with --as-needed (LP: #682748)
     - add debian/patches/bzXXX_linker_flag_ordering.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (3.1.7+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) natty; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.7 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_7_BUILD1)
   * fix LP: #351322 - Make GNOME menu entry for Thunderbird consistent with
     Firefox, Evolution
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   * Drop patch after upstream landing of (bmo: 551152) aka Symlinked components
     break everything
     - drop debian/patches/lp518422.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop patch to allow building with system NSPR less than 4.8.6 since the
     minimum NSPR is now 4.8.6
     - drop debian/patches/fix_build_w_nspr_less_than_486.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (3.1.6+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.10.1) maverick-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.6 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_6_BUILD1)
     - see USN-1011-2

thunderbird (3.1.5+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.10.1) maverick-security; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.5 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_5_BUILD1)
     - see USN-998-1
   * Bump minimum system NSPR to 4.8.6 after landing of (bmo: 567620) aka
     Bump minimum required version for system NSPR to 4.8.6
     - update debian/rules
   * Bump minimum system NSS to 3.12.8 after landing of (bmo: 600104) aka
     Bump minimum required version for system NSS to 3.12.8
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (3.1.4+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) maverick; urgency=low

   * Fix LP: #630281 - After upgrade keyboard "mail" shortcut does not work.
     Set the default client launcher to MOZ_APP_LAUNCHER rather than the
     executable in our volatile install directory. Define MOZ_APP_LAUNCHER
     in the launcher shell script
     - add bz593948_att474767_lp630281_moz_app_launcher_for_default_client.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
     - update debian/

thunderbird (3.1.4+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) maverick; urgency=low

   * Add translations for the .desktop file; Thanks to David Planella for
     coordinating and the translators for their contributions.
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
       + Croatian
       + Galician
       + Uyghur
   * Add GenericName for select .desktop translations
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
       + Catalan
       + German
       + Russian

thunderbird (3.1.4+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) maverick; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.4 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_4_BUILD2)
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * fix LP: #630902 - Thunderbird's .desktop file does not contain slovak
     translation; Thanks to Pavol Klačanský for the translations
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Fix LP: #637434 - components.list is not installed
     - update debian/thunderbird.install
   * De-fuzz patches
     - update debian/patches/add_syspref_dir.patch

thunderbird (3.1.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) maverick; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.3 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_3_BUILD1)
   * Add patch to allow building with system NSPR less than 4.8.6
     - add debian/patches/fix_build_w_nspr_less_than_486.patch
     - update debian/series

thunderbird (3.1.2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) maverick; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.1.2 (THUNDERBIRD_3_1_2_RELEASE) (LP: #598935)
     - fix LP: #594280 - Thunderbird startup-notification bug
     - fix LP: #386356 - E-mails can be moved to non-existant folders
   * fix LP: #614190 - Add Traditional and Simplified Chinese translations to
     desktop file; Thanks to Cheng-Chia Tseng for Traditional Chinese and
     Aron Xu for Simplified Chinese
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   * fix LP: #610867 - Missing French GenericName translations in .desktop file
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   * Add build depends on libnotify-dev, libiw-dev, mesa-common-dev since
     xulrunner-1.9.2 based apps require them
     - update debian/control
   * Update mozclient to reference comm-1.9.2 branch
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
   * Make all .install files install from thunderbird-3* dir
     - update debian/*.install
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/fix_install_sdk_bin.patch
     - update debian/patches/fix_installdir.patch
   * Update thunderbird.install for 3.1.x files
     - update debian/thunderbird.install
   * Add patch so Thunderbird doesn't esxperience LP 518422; Thanks to
     Alexander Sack for the original patch
     - update debian/patches/series
     - add debian/patches/lp518422.patch
   * Update profile migrator from 3.0 to 3.1 and include beta 3.1 participation
     - update debian/migrator/main.c
     - update debian/
   * Drop Thunderbird 2 migration code in the shell wrapper since there's no
     migration path in Maverick
     - update debian/

thunderbird (3.0.6+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) maverick; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.0.6 (THUNDERBIRD_3_0_6_BUILD2)
     - see USN-958-1
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Fix LP: #600217 - StartupWMClass value in thunderbird.desktop file is
     not correct
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * Fix LP: #590452 - Thunderbird needs change for dictionary transition;
     Use hunspell dictionaries for Maverick and later
     - update debian/rules
   * Fix LP: #569762 - Thunderbird's .desktop file does not contain russian
     translation; Thanks to Igor Zubarev for the translation
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   * Fix LP: #563535 - thunderbird -g fails due to invoking "$LIBDIR/$META_NAME"
     instead of "$LIBDIR/$META_NAME"-bin
     - update debian/
   * Fix LP: #411691 - many Exception... "update.locale file doesn't exist" in
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird (3.0.5+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) maverick; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.0.5 (THUNDERBIRD_3_0_5_BUILD2)
     - see USN-943-1
     - fix LP: #556829 - thunderbird-bin crashed with SIGSEGV in
     - fix LP: #571296 - Thunderbird 3 "Message Pane" always visible
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * Drop patch after upstream landing of (bmo: 544481) aka
     Build fails on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx using 'dash' shell
     - drop debian/patches/fix-build-glitch.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu4) lucid; urgency=low

   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * fix LP: #509248 - Thunderbird 3 Shows only English dictionary in Spell
     menu; Don't install Thunderbird dictionaries; Link Thunderbird dictionaries
     folder to system dictionaries; Create symlink in postinst if dictionaries
     dir is empty
     - update debian/
     - update debian/thunderbird.install
     - update debian/rules
   [ Chris Coulson <> ]
   * Fix LP: #543060 - gnome integration should work even without -gnome-support.
     Move the gnome components to the main thunderbird package whilst using
     thunderbird-gnome-support to pull in the gnome dependencies:
     - update debian/rules
     - remove debian/
     - remove debian/
     - add replaces/breaks to thunderbird on previous versions of
       thunderbird-gnome-supportm to ensure the upgrade works

thunderbird (3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu3) lucid; urgency=high

   * fix LP: #563893 - Thunderbird will not launch do to a recursive symlink;
     Test if old profile directory is a symlink before migration
     - update debian/
   * Add NEWS file regarding problem with last version
     - add debian/thunderbird.NEWS

thunderbird (3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) lucid; urgency=low

   * fix LP: #558620 - Thunderbird moves profile folder to .thunderbird.upstream;
     Add symlink from old profile directory to new profile directory
     - update debian/
   * fix LP: #199003 - thunderbird-gnome-support provides gnome-www-browser;
     drop Provides for thunderbird-gnome-support package
     - update debian/control
   * fix LP: #563059 - NS_InvokeByIndex in xptcinvoke_arm.cpp is not Thumb-2
     safe for Thunderbird in Lucid
     - update debian/patches/series
     - add debian/patches/bz532198_lp488354_ns_invokebyindex_not_thumb2_safe.patch

thunderbird (3.0.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.0.4 (THUNDERBIRD_3_0_4_RELEASE)
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * fix LP: #539375 - Thunderbird is not listed Ubuntu Software Center's "Mail"
     section; Add Email to Categories in .desktop file
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   * Bump minimum system NSS to 3.12.6 after upstream landing of (bmo: 545755)
     aka Update Mozilla stable branches to NSS 3.12.6 and minimal support for
     RFC 5746
     - update debian/rules
   [ Ricardo Perez Lopez <> ]
   * fix LP: #543590 - Thunderbird .desktop file lacks of Spanish translations
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   [ Gabor Kelemen <> ]
   * fix LP: #331794 - No Hungarian entry in the .desktop file
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop

thunderbird (3.0.3+nobinonly-0ubuntu2) lucid; urgency=low

   * fix LP: #526290 - Thunderbird 3 hyperlinks broken; installing
     the thunderbird-gnome-support package does not trigger component
     re-registration. This caused users that install thunderbird-gnome-support
     after first run without gnome integration until they upgrade/reinstall
     thunderbird main package. We fix this by adding a
     for the -gnome-support package that touches $PKGLIBDIR/.autoreg to trigger
     component reregistration on next start.
     - add debian/
     - add debian/
     - update debian/rules
   * fix LP: #527138 - enigmail is uninstallable in lucid, needs update to 1.0 - blocked
     by missing tbird sdk; add missing SDK and headers to thunderbird-dev package;
     this allows extensions with native components like enigmail and traybiff to build.
     To fix this we add INSTALL_SDK=1 to DEB_MAKE_EXTRA_ARGS in rules and add the
     appropriate paths to a fresh thunderbird-dev.install package.
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/thunderbird-dev.install
   * fix SDK packaging for system-nspr/nss; we install links for nspr-config and
     /usr/include/nspr (and nss-config and /usr/include/nss) to the tbird sdk if
     system nspr/nss is used
     - update debian/rules
   * fix build failures on hardy-jaunty; DEB_MAKE_EXTRA_ARGS doesnt exist in the
     cdbs versions available there; using DEB_MAKE_ENVVARS is supposed to work
     everywhere; hence we use that to set INSTALL_SDK
     - update debian/rules
   * the sdk binaries (xpt_* and xpidl) seems to get not installed for applications
     != xulrunner; we work around by patching toolkits to install them
     into "installdir"
     - add debian/patches/fix_install_sdk_bin.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * mailnews does not install enough mime headers for enigmail when using
     INSTALL_SDK=1; we add nsStreamConverter.h, mimecryp.h and mimemoz2.h to
     - add debian/patches/fix_sdk_install_mimecrypt.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * install xpidl and xpt_link/xpt_dump to pkglibdir of thunderbird-dev package
     - update debian/thunderbird-dev.install

thunderbird (3.0.3+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.0.3 (THUNDERBIRD_3_0_3_RELEASE)
   * fix LP: #458148 - Thunderbird and Sunbird claim to be able to open PNG,
     JPEG and GIF files
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop
   * fix failure in build due to unrecognized line-end-escapes in Makefile
     (Thanks kees for the original patch)
     - add debian/patches/fix-build-glitch.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird (3.0.1+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

   * New upstream release v3.0.1 (THUNDERBIRD_3_0_1_RELEASE)
     - fix LP: #257483 - thunderbird-bin crashed with Badwindow Error
     - fix LP: #499603 - thunderbird-bin crashed with SIGSEGV when trying to
                         Edit as New
   * Fix FTBFS on Sparc by disabling jit (LP: #523627)
     - update debian/rules
   * Drop cairo FTBFS patch after upstream landing
     - drop debian/patches/bz466250_att349521_fix_ftbfs_with_cairo_fb.patch
     - update debian/series

thunderbird (3.0+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

   * New Upstream Release 3.0 (THUNDERBIRD_3_0_RELEASE)
     - LP: #50902 - Thunderbird displays useless dialog
     - LP: #52667 - Thunderbird doesn't support RFC-2369
     - LP: #49033 - Doesn't recognize upper case extension (.JPG)
     - LP: #56465 - Per folder column widths
     - LP: #68456 - CTRL-Shift-K bound to 2 functions
     - LP: #79337 - Typo in Server Information for Add Account Wizard
     - LP: #1084 - No scroll on full headers list
     - LP: #62071 - Middle click on scrollbar pastes instead of jumping
     - LP: #119358 - Weak default authentication mode
     - LP: #120672 - No option to empty junk folder with right click
     - LP: #96566 - movemail doesn't work with default privs
     - LP: #122529 - Non-Thunderbird IMAP folders not visible to Thunderbird
     - LP: #241276 - Not able to paste image into thunderbird compose window
     - LP: #244635 - scrollboxes scroll to offset 0 when resized
     - LP: #259387 - "Edit Message as New" broken for eml messages
     - LP: #120281 - Editing a message from the drafts folder leaves line breaks
     - LP: #115484 - Dialogue boxes too large for 1024x768 resolution
     - LP: #320034 - Mail with self referencing headers  breaks threading
     - LP: #160794 - shortcuts different in windows and linux
     - LP: #280987 - thunderbird keeps asking a password when working off-line
     - LP: #369150 - Thunderbird splits email addresses with non-ascii characters
                     and a comma in From: field
     - LP: #135066 - Thunderbird doesn't use Ubuntu icon theme
     - LP: #297301 - after authentication error the password is forgotten
     - LP: #487541 - thunderbird-bin crashed with SIGSEGV (AFS filesystem)
     - LP: #485224 - Thunderbird saves double attachment file name endings on
                     FAT32 and NTFS
     - LP: #482496 - When using SCIM ANTHY, autosaving fails, and then get asked
                     about sending in UTF-8
   [ Fabien Tassin <> ]
   * Add build-depends on autoconf2.13, autotolls-dev, mozilla-devscripts
     libglib2.0-dev (>= 2.12), libstartup-notification0-dev, libbz2-dev,
     libpixman-1-dev, libdbus-1-dev (>= 1.0.0), libdbus-glib-1-dev (>= 0.60),
     libhal-dev (>= 0.5.8), libasound2-dev, libreadline5-dev | libreadline-dev,
   * Update build-depends minimums for libx11-dev (>= 2:1.0),
     libgtk2.0-dev (>= 2.12), zlib1g-dev (>= 1:1.2.3), libpng12-dev (>= 1.2.0),
     libjpeg62-dev (>= 6b), libcairo2-dev (>= 0.5.8), libgnome2-dev (>= 2.16),
     libgnomevfs2-dev (>= 1:2.16), libgnomeui-dev (>= 2.16),
     libnss3-dev (>= 3.12.0~1.9b3)
   * Bump standards version to 3.8.0
   * Replace ${Source-Version} by ${binary:Version} in control file
     - update debian/control
   * Bump requirement for system nspr to >= 4.8 since Mozilla bug 492464 landed
   * Bump requirement for system nss to >= 3.12.3 since Mozilla bug 485052 landed
   * Use in-source hunspell when hunspell 1.2 is not available
   * Add conditionnal support for --with-libxul-sdk controlled by
     - update debian/rules
   * Add postinst/prerm scripts to maintain .autoreg
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/
     - add debian/
   * Add thunderbird to the list of Preferred Applications in Gnome
     - add debian/thunderbird.xml
     - update debian/thunderbird-gnome-support.install
   * Target the 'default' branch instead of tip
     - add debian/
     - update debian/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
   * Import the mozclient project files from mozilla-devscripts
     - add debian/mozclient/
     - add debian/mozclient/thunderbird.conf
     - add debian/mozclient/
     - update debian/rules
   * Import from mozilla-devscripts and fix it for embedded tarballs
     for which the depth of dist/bin could vary
     - add debian/mozclient/
     - update debian/mozclient/
     - update debian/rules
   * Drop mozilla-thunderbird, mozilla-thunderbird-dev packages
     - update debian/control
   * Add new doc files
     - add debian/MPL
     - add debian/docs
   * Fix FTBFS with cairo 1.8.4 that is built with directfb,
     triggering some new code, even when directfb was not wanted/detected
     in configure
     - add debian/patches/bz466250_att349521_fix_ftbfs_with_cairo_fb.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop Thunderbird 2 Patches:
     - drop debian/patches/18_arm_xpcom_unused_attribute.dpatch
     - drop debian/patches/38_arm_xpcom_optim.dpatch
     - drop debian/patches/412610_attachment_309958.patch
     - drop debian/patches/82_prefs.dpatch
     - drop debian/patches/autoconf-regen
     - drop debian/patches/bz280419_att_267284-readonly-download.patch
     - drop debian/patches/bz322806_arm-vfp-2538:3f78d5e894bc.patch
     - drop debian/patches/bz335810-pango-cursor-up-down-fix
     - drop debian/patches/bz339782_cvs_xptcinvoke_arm_backport_1.13.patch
     - drop debian/patches/bz344818_att264996_detect_xrender
     - drop debian/patches/bzXXX_ftbfs_fontconfig.patch
     - drop debian/patches/force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3
     - drop debian/patches/ftbfs_gcc44_elif.patch
     - drop debian/patches/gnome-mime-handling
     - drop debian/patches/hunspell-support
     - drop debian/patches/lp345189_absolute_font_sizing.patch
     - drop debian/patches/mailnews_mime_export
     - drop debian/patches/main-fsh
     - drop debian/patches/moz-user-dir-for-xre-profiles
     - drop debian/patches/reply-to-list-support
     - drop debian/patches/ship_movemail_rdf
     - drop debian/patches/syspref-folder-support
     - drop debian/patches/system-cairo-fix
     - drop debian/patches/ubuntu-printing-patch
   * Add Thunderbird 3 Patches:
     - add debian/patches/bz420391_attXXXX_fix_unix_installer.patch
     - add debian/patches/bzXXX_ftbfs_static_with_system_hunspell.patch
     - add debian/patches/fix_installdir.patch
     - add debian/patches/no_dynamic_nss_softokn.patch
   [ Alexander Sack <> ]
   * add -dbg packages: thunderbird-3.0-dbg thunderbird-3.0-gnome-support-dbg
     - update debian/control
   [ Micah Gersten <> ]
   * Add ${misc:Depends} on thunderbird, thunderbird-gnome-support, and
     - update debian/control
   * Bump minimum system cairo to 1.8.8
     - update debian/rules
   * Add migrator/wrapper from Firefox to import settings from daily builds
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/migrator/main.c
     - add debian/
   * Add system prefs patch from xulrunner-1.9.1
     - update debian/patches/series
     - add debian/patches/add_syspref_dir.patch


thunderbird ( karmic; urgency=low

   * security/stability update (USN-817-1)
   * adjust patches to changed codebase
     - update debian/patches/autoconf-regen

thunderbird ( karmic; urgency=low

   * drop gcc-4.3 armel dependency in karmic (LP: #401165)
     - update debian/control
     - update debian/rules

thunderbird ( karmic; urgency=low

   [ Loic Minier ]
   * fix LP: #385325 - crash in JS due to usage of wrong floating point number format;
     thanks Michael Casadevall for the research and locating the fix; patch created from
     hg rev 2538:3f78d5e894bc aka bmo #322806
     - add debian/patches/bz322806_arm-vfp-2538:3f78d5e894bc
     - update debian/patches/series
   [ Michael Casadevall ]
   * fix LP: #385325 - stack corruption issues on ARM EABI by cherry picking
     patch from 1.9 branch.
     - add debian/patches/bz339782_cvs_xptcinvoke_arm_backport_1.13.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * fix build failures on armel by changing default compiler on ARM to gcc-4.3
     and adding armel specific build depend accordingly
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/control

thunderbird ( karmic; urgency=low

   * security/stability update (USN-782-1)
   * add patch to fix ftbfs with gcc 4.4 (s/elif/else/)
     - add debian/patches/ftbfs_gcc44_elif.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * fix LP: #345189 - thunderbird 2 treats pixel sized system fonts as
     if they were point sized, which causes for to HUGE fonts
     - add debian/patches/lp345189_absolute_font_sizing.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * fix LP: #137221 - thunderbird-gnome-support package required for
     gnome capabilities; the gnome parts were always loadable modules and
     fail to load gracefully if depends cannot be fulfilled anyway; in turn
     we ship gnome components in the main thunderbird package and apply a bit
     magic in debian/rules to strip the gnome related dependencies from it;
     on top of this thunderbird-gnome-support becomes an empty package which gets
     all the dependencies for convenience; the purpose of new gnome-support is
     hence to install all required depends; in order to add the required depends
     to the gnome-support package we introduce a new substvar "shlibs:GnomeShlibs"
     and refer to it in control
     - remove debian/thunderbird-gnome-support.install
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/control
   * the change for LP: #137221 moves files from thunderbird-gnome-support to
     thunderbird package; adding Replaces to thunderbird package accordingly
     - update debian/control
   * fix LP: #145716 - panel launcher breaks on upgrade; we provide a
     compatibility link for the old mozilla-thunderbird binary
     - update debian/thunderbird.links
   * drop not used from debian/ dir
     - remove debian/
   * pick up latest nspr (>= 4.7.4) to potentially fix armel build (LP: #385325)
     - update debian/control

thunderbird ( jaunty; urgency=low

   * security/stability update (USN-741-1)

thunderbird ( jaunty; urgency=low

   * security/stability update (USN-701-1)
   * fix LP: #301626 - thunderbird disables FORTIFY; we add patch required
     to enable fortify and drop CPPFLAGS that disabled it accordingly
     - add debian/patches/412610_attachment_309958.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
     - update debian/rules


thunderbird ( jaunty; urgency=low

   * security/stability update (USN-668-1)
   * fix LP: #302388: add arm(el) xpcom patches from icedove package
     - add debian/patches/18_arm_xpcom_unused_attribute.dpatch
     - add debian/patches/38_arm_xpcom_optim.dpatch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * rerun autoconf2.13 to adjust configure patch
     - update debian/patches/autoconf-regen
   [ Saïvann Carignan <> ]
   * Fix LP: #194970, LP: #190688 - desktop-file-validate warnings: among others
     we update Icon field to not use a file extension
     - update debian/thunderbird.desktop

thunderbird ( intrepid; urgency=low

   * RELEASE security/stability update (USN-647-1)

thunderbird ( intrepid; urgency=low

   * fix LP: #251602 - crashes in fortify; we use CPPFLAGS=-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE

thunderbird ( intrepid; urgency=low

   * RELEASE security/stability update (USN-629-1)
   * fix LP: #195059 - Thunderbird package description ends with "XXX Todo";
     thanks to Andrew Starr-Bochicchio for drafting this
     - update debian/control
   * drop patches applied upstream
     - drop debian/patches/bz419350_attachment_306066.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * adjust patches diverged upstream
     - update debian/patches/ubuntu-look-and-feel-report-a-bug-menuitem
   * add explicit -lfontconfig to linker flags used for gfx/ps module
     to fix ftbfs in intrepid
     - add debian/patches/bzXXX_ftbfs_fontconfig.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird ( intrepid; urgency=low

   * fix "ftbfs with gcc 4.3 because of include of not shipped iostream.h"
     - add debian/patches/bz419350_attachment_306066.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird ( intrepid; urgency=low

   * security/stability update (USN-605-1)
   * don't force gcc/g++ 4.2 as compiler anymore (4.3 is now in intrepid)
     and drop the versioned build-depends accordingly.
     - update debian/rules
     - update debian/control
   * drop patches applied upstream:
     - delete debian/patches/bz399589_fix_missing_symbol_with_new_nss.patch
     - update debian/patches/series

thunderbird ( hardy; urgency=low

   * USN-582-1 - security/stability update
   * update autoconf-regen patch
     - update debian/patches/autoconf-regen

thunderbird ( hardy; urgency=low

   * fix missing nss symbol
     - add debian/patches/bz399589_fix_missing_symbol_with_new_nss.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * download attachments to /tmp as read-only to prevent data-loss
     (LP: #87101)
     - add debian/patches/bz280419_att_267284-readonly-download.patch
     - update debian/patches/series


thunderbird ( hardy; urgency=low

   * stability update:
   * drop keep_version_2006.patch patch as we don't ship a pre-release
     build anymore
     - delete debian/patches/keep_version_2006.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3
     - update debian/control
   * make Build-Depends more diff friendly
     - update debian/control
   [ Fabien Tassin ]
   * Ship movemail.rdf (LP: #148942)
     - add debian/patches/ship_movemail_rdf
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Fix typo in french description of the update-notifier file
     - update debian/thunderbird-restart-required.update-notifier
   * Add XRender detection code in configure
     - add debian/patches/bz344818_att264996_detect_xrender
     - update debian/patches/autoconf-regen
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Add a menu file for thunderbird
     - add debian/

thunderbird ( gutsy-security; urgency=low

   * security/stability update (pre fetched from CVS):
   * MFSA 2007-29 aka CVE-2007-5339 (browser), CVE-2007-5340 (javascript)
   * MFSA 2007-30 aka CVE-2007-1095
   * MFSA 2007-31 aka CVE-2007-2292
   * MFSA 2007-32 aka CVE-2007-3511, CVE-2006-2894
   * MFSA 2007-33 aka CVE-2007-5334
   * MFSA 2007-34 aka CVE-2007-5337
   * MFSA 2007-35 aka CVE-2007-5338
   * MFSA 2007-36 aka CVE-2007-4841 (windows only)
   * debian/patches/bz389801-theme-crash-with-GtkOptionMenu-indicator_size-and-indicator_spacing.patch:
     drop patch - applied upstream
   * debian/patches/fix-rss.rdf-install-dir: drop patch - applied upstream.
   * debian/patches/keep_version_2006.patch: stick with version info
   * debian/patches/autoconf-regen: rerun autoconf2.13
   * debian/patches/series: adapt series file accordingly.

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * repack orig.tar.gz to not contain binary only files found in LP: #121734
   * debian/ debian/ import script to
     remove binary-only files

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * add Recommends: myspell-en-us | hunspell-dictionary | myspell-dictionary
     (LP: #138751).

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * debian/thunderbird.links: install upstream-compatibility links to
     system nss3 and nspr4 files (LP: #133171).

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * debian/patches/bz389801-theme-crash-with-GtkOptionMenu-indicator_size-and-indicator_spacing.patch,
     series: prefetch latest patch from bugzilla 389801 to theme dependent
     top-crash. (LP: #129007)
   * debian/thunderbird.desktop: add finish and swedish translations to
     .desktop file (LP: #126112).

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * debian/rules, debian/control: use gcc-4.2/g++-4.2 on all architectures
   * debian/patches/autoconf-regen: update configure patch to enable
     force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3 patch during build
   * debian/patches/force-no-pragma-visibility-for-gcc-4.2_4.3,
     debian/patches/series: don't use visibility gcc pragmas; fix build-failure
     on gcc 4.2 and 4.3.

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * security/stability update:
   * MFSA 2007-27 aka  CVE-2007-3845, SA26201, VU#783400,
     VU##403150: "Unescaped URIs passed to external programs"
   * MFSA 2007-26 aka CVE-2007-3844: "Privilege escalation through
     chrome-loaded about:blank windows"

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * security/stability update:
   * MFSA 2007-23 aka CVE-2007-3670: Remote code execution by
     launching Firefox from Internet Explorer.
   * MFSA 2007-18 aka CVE-2007-3670: Crashes with evidence of memory
   * debian/thunderbird.desktop: include more desktop file translations.

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * final release upload; build with updated original tarball.
   * debian/rules: --disable-freetype2 in an attempt to tackle bad fonts
   * debian/patches/82_prefs.dpatch|series: import default font fixes
     from xulrunner patchset (thanks to Mike Hommey

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * stability/security upstream release (rc1)
     - CVE-2007-2867 aka MFSA 2007-12 (l): Crashes with evidence of memory
       corruption (rv: - layout engine
     - CVE-2007-2868 aka MFSA 2007-12 (j): Crashes with evidence of memory
       corruption (rv: - javascript engine
     - CVE-2007-1558 aka MFSA 2007-15:  Security Vulnerability in APOP
   * debian/patches/gcc-workaround-visibility-hidden, debian/patches/series:
     applied upstream -> dropped visibility workaround patch
   * debian/patches/gnome-mime-handling: updated patch for bz273524 in
     response to upstream landing of bz373955
   * debian/patches/autoconf-regen: rerun autoconf accordingly

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * mozilla team feisty backport build

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * debian/thunderbird.links: add link to not break security manager
     breakage (usr/lib/nss/ usr/lib/thunderbird/

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * debian/control[.in]: fix ftbfs because of missing docbook-to-man

thunderbird ( gutsy; urgency=low

   * bump version to in preparation of official upload
   * debian/patches/mailnews_mime_export: added patch to export mime headers:
     mimecryp.h + mimemoz2.h - needed by enigmail
   * debian/patches/series: add patch to quilt series accordingly
   * debian/rules: use --with-user-appdir configure option to set MOZ_USER_DIR
   * debian/patches/moz-user-dir-for-xre-profiles: fix xre dir provider to
     honour MOZ_USER_DIR
   * debian/patches/ubuntu-mail-app-xre-name: drop old nsXREAppData tweak to
     use .mozilla-thunderbird as profile directory
   * debian/patches/syspref-folder-support: add syspref folder support
   * debian/patches/reply-to-list-support: port reply-to-list-support to 2.0
   * debian/patches/series: update quilt patch series accordingly

thunderbird (1.99.rc1+2.0-1) feisty; urgency=low

   * branch firefox-trunk package for 2.0 thunderbird package
   * debian/, debian/control: add transition packages:
     mozilla-thunderbird, mozilla-thunderbird-dev; disable dom-inspector
     package as there is nearly no hope that it ever will get maintained
     upstream again.
   * debian/rules: remove inspector extension from configure; add excludes
     to dh_install of thunderbird and thunderbird-dev package:
      DEB_DH_INSTALL_ARGS_thunderbird := -Xgnome -Ximgicon -Xmozlibthai
      DEB_DH_INSTALL_ARGS_thunderbird-dev := -Xnspr -Xnss

firefox-trunk (2.99+2cvs20070328-0ubuntu0) feisty; urgency=low

   * update upstream cvs

firefox-trunk (2.99+1-3.0a.20070201-0ubuntu0) feisty; urgency=low

   * package firefox 3 preview
   * rewrite packaging, make use of cdbs with quilt patch
   + imported initial patches

firefox ( feisty; urgency=low

   * browser/app/ link firefox-bin with
     --no-as-needed again. (regression from
   * browser/components/feeds/src/FeedWriter.js: fix
     RSS preview/subscription for flat chrome
     (Closes lp#61182)
   * debian/rules: set BUILD_OFFICIAL and MOZILLA_OFFICIAL environment
     so build gets a proper BUILD_ID (Closes LP#).

firefox ( feisty; urgency=low

   * repackage with new upstream and split up patches
     into distinct feature patches available at
   * make use of original source tarball as distributed from
   * debian/rules: use --enable-official-branding to produce
     official firefox branding; remove icons in debian/ dir;
     add more garbage cleanup
   * debian/firefox.links: /usr/share/pixmaps/firefox.png and
     usr/share/pixmaps/mozilla-firefox.png now link to
   * drop FeedWriter.js patch, no rational available.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcinvoke_arm.cpp,
     xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_asm_mips.s,, config/, security/coreconf/
     drop debian architecture patches for
     not ubuntu platforms
   * debian/control: taking over maintainership
   * update hidden visibility patch from bugzilla
   * drop
   * drop explicit export of nss as build system is not
     broken anymore
   * browser/app/ drop linker tweaks for now.
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: drop override for homepage
   * browser/locales/en-US/chrome/branding/ drop further
     branding hacks not needed anymore
   * browser/components/search/nsSearchService.js: drop not needed
     official browser hacks
   * prefs-size.diff: removed garbage file from source

firefox ( feisty; urgency=low

   * Build using hunspell instead of myspell.
     - debian/control: Build-depend on libhunspell-dev instead of libmyspell-dev.
     - config/ Add MOZ_MYSPELL_CFLAGS.
     - extensions/spellcheck/myspell/src/ Use MOZ_MYSPELL_CFLAGS.
     - extensions/spellcheck/myspell/src/mozMySpell.h: Include hunspell.cxx
       instead of myspell.cxx.
     -, configure: Overwrite myspell detection with hunspell.


firefox ( feisty; urgency=low

   * New upstream security update:
     - CVE-2006-6507, MFSA 2006-76: XSS using outer window's Function object.
     - CVE-2006-6506, MFSA 2006-75: RSS Feed-preview referrer leak.
     - CVE-2006-6504, MFSA 2006-73: SVG Processing Remote Code Execution.
     - CVE-2006-6503, MFSA 2006-72: XSS by setting img.src to javascript: URI.
     - CVE-2006-6502, MFSA 2006-71: LiveConnect crash finalizing JS objects.
     - CVE-2006-6501, MFSA 2006-70: Privilege escallation using watch point.
     - CVE-2006-6497, CVE-2006-6498, CVE-2006-6499, MFSA 2006-68: Crashes
       with evidence of memory corruption.
   * debian/rules: use original upstream icons (Closes LP#68180).
   * debian/debsearch.src: make feisty the default debsearch target.
   * browser/base/content/utilityOverlay.js: change Launchpad translation/help
     pages for Feisty.

firefox (2.0+0dfsg-0ubuntu3) edgy; urgency=low

   * Patch from upstream CVS to fix RSS preview/subscription, thanks to Mike
     Connor and Martin Jürgens (Closes: LP#61182)

firefox (2.0+0dfsg-0ubuntu2) edgy; urgency=low

   * uudecode debsearch.gif too.  Fixes FTBFS
   * Make edgy the default debsearch target.  Closes: Malone: #61687

firefox (2.0+0dfsg-0ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low

   * Bump version to 2.0 (no upstream changes from rc3)
   * browser/components/search/nsSearchService.js
     - Set MOZ_OFFICIAL to "official", distributionID to "com.ubuntu"
   * debian/branding: new subdirectory with images
   * debian/rules:
     - build: uudecode and substitute images in source tree, use debian/branding/icon64.png
       instead of debian/firefox.png
     - clean: restore images in source tree, remove uudecoded versions

firefox (1.99+2.0rc3+dfsg-0ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low

   * New upstream version 2.0rc3, UVF exception approved by Matt Zimmerman.
   * configure: Fix bashism to let the gcc visibility=hidden bug detection
   * configure{,.in}: Change MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME from 'BonEcho' to 'Firefox' to
     make UserAgent string work with web sites which evaluate it.
   * browser/base/content/utilityOverlay.js: Open the Launchpad
     translation/help pages for Edgy, not Dapper.
   * For the sake of automatic vulnerability tracking: All 1.5.0.x and earlier
     vulnerabilities were fixed in the 2.0 branch as well:
     CVE-2005-0752 CVE-2005-1531 CVE-2005-1532 CVE-2005-2114 CVE-2006-0749
     CVE-2006-1731 CVE-2006-1732 CVE-2006-1733 CVE-2006-1734 CVE-2006-1735
     CVE-2006-1736 CVE-2006-1737 CVE-2006-1738 CVE-2006-1739 CVE-2006-1740
     CVE-2006-1741 CVE-2006-1742 CVE-2006-1790 CVE-2006-2775 CVE-2006-2776
     CVE-2006-2777 CVE-2006-2778 CVE-2006-2779 CVE-2006-2780 CVE-2006-2782
     CVE-2006-2783 CVE-2006-2784 CVE-2006-2785 CVE-2006-2786 CVE-2006-2787
     CVE-2006-2788 CVE-2006-3113 CVE-2006-3677 CVE-2006-3801 CVE-2006-3802
     CVE-2006-3803 CVE-2006-3805 CVE-2006-3806 CVE-2006-3807 CVE-2006-3808
     CVE-2006-3809 CVE-2006-3810 CVE-2006-3811 CVE-2006-3812 CVE-2006-4253
     CVE-2006-4340 CVE-2006-4565 CVE-2006-4566 CVE-2006-4567 CVE-2006-4568
     CVE-2006-4569 CVE-2006-4571

firefox (1.99+2.0rc2+dfsg-0ubuntu3) edgy; urgency=low

   * debian/firefox-runner: Disable Pango if a Sinhala locale is present. LP

firefox (1.99+2.0rc2+dfsg-0ubuntu2) edgy; urgency=low

   * Delete /usr/lib/firefox/components/compreg.dat in the postinst.
     This is a partial workaround for LP 30791.

firefox (1.99+2.0rc2+dfsg-0ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low

   * New upstream version 2.0rc2.
   * Fix/workaround for epiphany GtkSocket lifetype crash:
     apply patch id=241087 from Mozilla Bugzilla #241535 to fix LP #63814.
   * Change application name to `Firefox', as requested by mdz.
     Files changed:
       - browser/locales/en-US/chrome/branding/brand.dtd
       - browser/locales/en-US/chrome/branding/;
     New values:
       - brandShortName and brandFullName: `Bon Echo' => `Firefox'
       - vendorShortName: `Mozilla' => `Ubuntu'
   * Make preferences dialogue fit again (bah!).

firefox (1.99+2.0b2+dfsg-1ubuntu3) edgy; urgency=low

   * Remove /usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
     if we find it there.  Workaround for LP 57923.
   * Remove pocket name (eg `-security') from distribution identifier in
     the browser user agent string.  LP 55289.

firefox (1.99+2.0b2+dfsg-1ubuntu2) edgy; urgency=low

   * Ship xpidl et al, in firefox-dev.  Relates to Debian #362190.
     Fixes Malone #61160.

firefox (1.99+2.0b2+dfsg-1ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low

   * Merged from Debian unstable; new upstream version.
   * Remaining differences between
     Debian and Ubuntu in no particular order:
     - Build libnspr and libnss and corresponding -dev packages from this
       source package.  Plus changes to make these libs build nicely.
     - Various changes to preferences, default bookmarks and search engines.
     - Support for `Get Help Online' and `Translate This Application'.
     - Size changes for various dialogue boxes to make the contents fit.
     - Downloads go to separate `Desktop' folder by default.
     - Fix some underquoted m4 arguments.
     - Minor changes in directories, symlinks and debian/control
       to cope with Ubuntu and Debian's different histories.
     - disable File / Import (wizard is nonfunctional).
       Malone #28563, Debian #350599, Mozilla Bugzilla 117844.
     - Change `Latest Headlines' to `Latest BBC Headlines' to properly
       disclose the source up front, and use a corresponding RSS URL.
     - Default for FIREFOX_DSP is none.
     - Pango support is enabled only if an installed locale seems to need
     - Note in README.Debian about how to run xpcshell.
     - Disable xprint.
     - No build dependency on libxp-dev; build-depend on zip instead.
     - Various icon changes.
     - Some currently-unused directory merging code in firefox.preinst.
     - Less detail in the user agent string.
     - Belt-and-braces removal for some cruft left over by some versions of
       the Mozilla build system.
     - Better entry (says `Firefox Web Browser').
     - Build dynamically linked, since in Ubuntu embedders use firefox.
     - EbmedWindow::GetVisibility bugfix, Malone 40320, upstream 312998.
     - Pass FC_ANY_METRICS to Fontconfig where appropriate.
     - Extensive Thai language patch.
     - Print in serif by default even though default display is sans.
     - Some fixes to the (upstream-unused) nss makefiles.
     - Strip PostScript/ from printer names.
     - Better message about updates of read-only extension.
     - Include pointer to the Gecko Runtime (GRE registration).
     - Prevent websites from disabling context menus.
    All of these changes are fully documented in the changelog below.
    Please see those changelog entries for full details.  Much historical
    information about changes either taken up by Debian or upstream, or
    dropped by us, is retained in this changelog.

firefox (1.99+2.0b2+dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream beta release.
   * extensions/inspector/build/src/,
     extensions/inspector/build/src/nsInspectorModule.cpp: Removed, the problem
     was lying in debian/rules. /me goes hiding under a rock.
   * layout/inspector/public/ Reverted previous changes.
   * debian/rules: Don't exclude inspector files when dh_installing the firefox
     package. We need the inspector.xpt file from the components directory. The
     files for the dom-inspector package are already excluded from the
     firefox.install file anyway.
   * debian/firefox-dom-inspector.install,
     debian/firefox-dom-inspector.links: Simplified.
   * debian/control:
     + Turn firefox-dom-inspector into an arch: all package, since the binary
       component has been merged into the firefox binary.
     + Adjust dependencies for binNMU safety.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/,, configure:
     Use ${host_cpu} instead of uname -m so that firefox can safely build on
     s390x with a s390 target, and on amd64 with an x86 target.
   * uriloader/exthandler/unix/nsGNOMERegistry.cpp,
     uriloader/exthandler/unix/nsMIMEInfoUnix.h: Adapted patch from bz#273524 to
     make helper applications with parameters work. (Closes: #355511)
   * debian/copyright: Adjusted with updated information for firefox 2.0, which
     is now properly tri-licensed \o/. (Closes: #330295)
   * debian/rules: Install the MPL file taken from the upstream LICENSE file.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   * browser/app/ Workaround to force link the xpcom library to
     the firefox binary despite -Wl,--as-needed in the LDFLAGS.
     (Closes: #378667)
   * debian/firefox.install: Don't install xpt_link, xpt_dump, xpidl,
     xpicleanup, xpcshell nor regxpcom. They are of no use to firefox users and
     are provided with xulrunner anyway. (Closes: #362190)

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/firefox.desktop:
     - Polish translation from Ian Jackson by way of an Ubuntu user.
       (Closes: #382079)
     - Patch from Ian Jackson to stop claiming dav:// URLs when firefox
       doesn't understand them. (Closes: #382080)
   * editor/libeditor/text/nsPlaintextEditor.cpp: Apply patch from
     bz#271815 to fix OverTheSpot mode used by many Asian language input
     modules. (Closes: #379935)

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=high

   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * New upstream release. Urgency high because it fixes MFSA 2006-44 to
     MFSA 2006-56 excluiding MFSA-2006-49. (Closes: #380463)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/firefox.prerm: Remove /usr/lib/firefox/.autoreg instead of
   * browser/app/profile/extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/
     Removed very old and now useless changes.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcinvoke_linux_alpha.cpp: Removed
     useless new line that showed up in the diff.gz.

firefox (1.99+2.0b1+dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream beta targetted at experimental:
     - Much better search plugins handling. They can be added and removed at
       will, and even better, system-wise search plugins can be ignored at the
       profile level. (Closes: #352195, #320957, #296425, #308005)
   * browser/components/shell/src/ Correctly install the
     setDefaultBrowser component.
   * config/ Don't install extensions in the chrome.
   * debian/firefox.links: Link /usr/lib/firefox/dictionaries to
   * config/, configure, Add the
     --enable-system-myspell argument to configure to use the system myspell
   * extensions/spellcheck/myspell/src/ Use the system myspell
     library when asked to.
   * debian/rules:
     - Add --enable-system-myspell to configure call.
     - Do shlibsign libfreebl's (there can be several depending on the arch).
   * debian/control: Add libmyspell-dev to build dependencies.
   * browser/components/microsummaries/src/, config/
     Add rules so that make clean cleans everything.
   * Removed references to nonexisting Makefiles in
   * configure, Apply patches from bz#334866, bz#319012 and
     bz#335949 + fixups to workaround gcc visibility hidden bugs, especially
     #331460 (an instance of which is actually still present in C++,
     see gcc#26905).
   * extensions/inspector/build/src/,
     extensions/inspector/build/src/nsInspectorModule.cpp: Added missing files
     for the DOM Inspector component.
   * extensions/inspector/build/src/,
     layout/inspector/public/ Adapted so that the DOM Inspector
     component would build correctly and the xpt would be installed in
     the extensions directory.
   * extensions/reporter/ Install missing reporter's preference.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/control:
     - Fix silly typo of binutils. (Closes: #378582)
     - Standards-Version to
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/rules:
     - Use a specific LD_LIBRARY_PATH at link time so that we don't need to
       link against indirect dependencies. (Closes: #378378)
     - Run shlibsign after the files are stripped so that it is accurate and
       FIPS mode can correctly work.
     - Removed old commented out OPTFLAGS that were kept in case gcc 4.0 did
       no better than gcc 3.x.
     - Removed old exported variables that are useless nowadays.
     - Removed dh_strip call in binary-indep. Who wants to strip
       arch-independant files ;)
   * debian/presubj: Added notes about plugins and crash reports.
   * security/manager/, security/nss/cmd/shlibsign/Makefile:
     Don't build nor install the .chk files but still build shlibsign.
   * debian/firefox.install: Don't install .chk files since we generate them
     after dh_strip.
   * security/nss/cmd/shlibsign/ Don't build in shlibsign/mangle.
     It doesn't build anyway.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * netwerk/base/public/security-prefs.js: Disable SSLv2 by default. I
     thought the weak cipher warning took care of this. (Closes: #371153)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Simplify the dsp autodetection and add aoss to
     the roster. (Closes: #372848)
   * firefox-restart-required.update-notifier, firefox.postinst,
     firefox.install: Add update-notifier to indicate that firefox needs to
     be restarted on upgrade. Based on Ian Jackson's patch, but reworked a
     little. Also with a bad French translation. Translators, assemble!
     (Closes: #365865)
   * config/, debian/control: Apply patch from Thiemo Seufer to
     remove mips -xgot hack and build depend on the appropriate binutils on
     mips and mipsel. (Closes: #374372)
   * debian/presubj, debian/README.Debian: Add a bit more information about
     disabling Pango, which often seems to be the source of problems.
   * debian/firefox-runner:
     - Print out MOZ_NO_REMOTE in verbose mode.
     - Fix some unreachable logic, Thanks Daniel Jacobowitz.
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/rules:
     - Fix for Gecko date extraction from
     - Disabled strict aliasing from optimized builds.
     - Added -Wl,--as-needed to the LDFLAGS, so that we don't get indirect
       libraries linked.
   * config/ Add MOZ_XFT_LIBS to STATIC_EXTRA_LIBS. It used to
     get linked as a side effect of linking to indirect libraries, but should
     be linked directly since Xft symbols are used.
   * debian/firefox-restart-required.update-notifier: Fixed the french
     translation. ;)
   * content/html/content/src/nsGenericHTMLElement.cpp,
     dom/src/base/nsGlobalWindow.cpp: Fixed crasher and potential crashers.
     Reported bz#343953.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   * The "Post-DebConf Hangover" release.
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * New upstream release. Fixes various security issues. MFSA 2006-31 to
     MFSA 2006-43, excluding MFSA 2006-40.
   * debian/control:
     - Standards-Version to
     - Set priority of -dbg to extra and Section to devel.
   * gfx/src/gtk/nsFontMetricsPango.cpp,
     layout/generic/nsTextFrame.cpp: Patch from Jurij Smakov (from
     bz#161826) to fix alignment issues on sparc64. (Closes: #354725)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * Applied distclean patch from xulrunner (in
     debian/patches/01_distclean.dpatch), except for the javaxpcom stuff we
     don't build anyway.
   * browser/app/profile/extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd},
     config/ More cleaning for firefox.
   * nsprpub/configure: Apply change to nsprpub/
     (Closes: #350616)
   * gfx/src/gtk/nsFontMetricsPango.cpp: Some more changes so that it
     actually builds without errors, and use PR_Malloc and PR_Free instead
     of malloc and free.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/firefox.desktop: Add spanish translation, just in time for
     DebConf 6! Thanks Ian Jackson. (Closes: #365870)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Actually apply the patch from Morita Sho in
     #364566. I'm a moron. (Closes: #365956, #365960)
   * debian/control: Standards-Version to Go policy team!

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=critical

   * The "secure enough for ya!" release.
   * New upstream release. Contains security fixes, hence severity
     - Fixes CVE-2006-1993 aka MFSA 2006-30. (Closes: #364810)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * security/manager/, debian/firefox.install: Build and
     install the .chk file again. That will make the FIPS mode work again.
   * debian/control: Bumped Standards-Version to No changes.
   * debian/rules: Fix the navigator.ProductSub value for dumb scripts.
     Closes: #364640, #365099. We now use the date of the file,
     which is likely to be the closest value to the release date, instead of
     useless build date.
     Add the debian version after the firefox version string.
   * debian/rules: Use dpkg-architecture to find out the host and build that
     we want to pass to the configure script. (Closes: #365738)
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/firefox-runner:
     - Quote the APPLICATION_ID variable to handle profiles with a space
       in the name. Inspired by Morita Sho's patch. (Closes: #364566)
     - echo MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO on verbose.
   * debian/rules: It's baaaackkk. Reenable xprint.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Thai-related crash fix (Malone 45395):
     - nsCopySupport.cpp, nsCopySupport::HTMLCopy:
        do not crash if htmlConverter->Convert fails.
     - nsHTMLFormatConverter.cpp, nsHTMLFormatConverter::Convert:
        properly report failure if dataStr.IsEmpty.
     - nsJISx4501LineBreaker.cpp: fix printf(stderr -> fprintf.
   * Add Polish translation for firefox.desktop (Malone 45447).
     Thanks to contribution from Tomasz Dominikowski.
   * Do not attempt to merge /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox and /usr/lib/firefox
     and make the former a link to the latter; this is unfortunately
     error-prone and makes more problems than it solves.
     Fixes Malone 44487; regresses the plugins directory confusion bug.
   * Include MFSA and CVE numbers in changelog entry for 1.5.dfsg-1.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Fix memory leak in large clipboard handling.  Malone 41093.
     Mozilla Bugzilla 289897; applied attachments 218749, 218753.
   * Provide symlink /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox -> /usr/lib/firefox
     (and shuffle stuff across if both directories exist).
   * Remove update-notifier `restart required' on removal so that if you
     remove firefox you're no longer asked to restart it.  Malone 36739.
   * Increase size of prefs window explicitly.  Malone 43528.
   * Suppress the error if /var/lib/locales/supported.d/* can't be read
     (probably because it doesn't exist).  If you get EIO or EACCES or some
     such then having pango mysteriously disabled will be the least of your
     worries.  Malone 44016.
   * Really use firefox_1.5.dfsg+ from Debian.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * New upstream version,, security/stability fix from upstream:
     MFSA 2006-30, CVE-2006-1993: Deleted
      object reference when designMode="on"
     This package is based on Debian's firefox_1.5.dfsg+
     but has none of the corresponding Debian changes.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/rules, debian/control: Build the -dbg package again.
   * debian/firefox.1: Fix some incorrect references to mozilla. Thanks
     Loïc Minier. (Closes: #364101)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Patch from Mikhail Gusarov to be able to use
     Network Audio Server's dsp wrapper. (Closes: #363124)
   * debian/firefox.install: Fix screwed up path to firefox.xpm. (Closes:
   * debian/README.Debian: Document that firefox doesn't allow connections
     on certain ports. Thanks W. Borgert. (Closes: #362785)

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=critical

   * The "ftp-master's aren't my friends today" release.
   * debian/rules, debian/control: Don't build the -dbg package for now, to
     get around NEW queue processing.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=critical

   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * New upstream release. Contains security fixes, hence severity
     - Fixes the following vulnerabilites (Thanks Alexander Sack for
       compiling the list): CVE-2006-1724, CVE-2006-0884,
       CVE-2006-1730, CVE-2006-1729, CVE-2006-1728, CVE-2006-1727,
       CVE-2006-1045, CVE-2006-0748, CVE-2006-1726, CVE-2006-1725,
       CVE-2005-2353. (Closes: #362656)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Patch from Paul Collins to fix some lingering
     ProfileManager launch issues. (Closes: #356250)
   * browser/components/preferences/privacy.xul,
     Patch from Ian Jackson to make the preferences window bigger for
     people with high rez displays. His changelog entry reads:
     * Make Preferences window not chop off various elements:
       - specify a width of 50em instead of 42em
       - do not specify a height
       - add another <separator/> to the bottom of privacy.xul's prefpane.
         I have no idea why this is necessary :-(.
       Malone 36985.
   *, configure: Small typo in that wasn't
     setting TARGET_XPCOM_ABI properly and breaking binary extensions on
     some arches. (Closes: #359228)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/rules: Disable elf-dynstr-gc, which is pretty useless nowadays.
   * security/coreconf/ Fix perl code that got broken by newer make.
     Taken from bz#325148.
   * browser/app/ Apply patch from bz#314927 to install default.xpm
     in the correct place.
   * debian/rules, debian/firefox.dirs, debian/firefox.install: Updated to fit
     this change.
   * security/coreconf/ Force use of the -g flag in the CFLAGS.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Increase sizes of various dialogue boxes so that all of the contents
     fit.  Malone 26225, 36985, and probably others.
   * Set MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 to disable pango, unless some locale is
     selected as supported which would need pango for rendering; the
     default can be overridden by setting MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO to 0 or 1.
     Malone 32561 (workaround).
   * Use update-notifier to request a firefox restart.  Malone 36739.
   * Added Spanish translation to firefox.desktop.
     Malone 39972.  Thanks to Rocco Stanzione for the patch.
   * Add a couple of missing trailing newlines.
     Malone 39972 again.  Thanks Rocco Stanzione for the report.
   * EbmedWindow::GetVisibility bugfix, Malone 40320, upstream 312998,
     thanks to chpe for the patch and discussion.
   * Add FC_ANY_METRICS set to FcTrue to all patterns that are going to be
     used for finding (rather than enumerating) fonts.  Malone 42559.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * New upstream version,
     Described as `stability and security fixes' by upstream but many
     changes are included and producing a complete list is infeasible :-(.
     Fixes are known to be included for:
     - MFSA 2006-29, CVE-2006-1725: Spoofing with translucent windows
     - MFSA 2006-28, CVE-2006-1726: Security check of
          js_ValueToFunctionObject() can be circumvented
     - MFSA 2006-27, CVE-2006-0748: Table Rebuilding Code Execution
     - MFSA 2006-25, CVE-2006-1727: Privilege escalation through Print Preview
     - MFSA 2006-24, CVE-2006-1728: Privilege escalation using
     - MFSA 2006-23, CVE-2006-1729: File stealing by changing input type
     - MFSA 2006-22, CVE-2006-1730: CSS Letter-Spacing Heap Overflow
     - MFSA 2006-20, CVE-2006-1529, CVE-2006-1530, CVE-2006-1531,
       CVE-2006-1723, CVE-2006-1724: Crashes with evidence of memory
     This package is based on Debian's firefox_1.5.dfsg+
     but has none of the corresponding Debian changes.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/rules:
     - Add -g to the build flags when building with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip.
       If we ask for nostrip, we want the debugging
       symbols, right? ;)
     - Changed the way we identificate ourselves in vendor.js.
   * layout/build/, layout/build/nsLayoutModule.cpp: Remove useless
     useragent setter at startup so that general.useragent.product and
     general.useragent.productSub set in our vendor.js preference file work at
     startup time.
   * security/coreconf/
     - Patch from Martin Michlmayr for mips64 builds.
     - Don't use x86 as CPU_ARCH when building on an unsupported architecture.
   * security/manager/, security/nss/lib/ckfw/builtins/Makefile,
     security/nss/lib/ Don't build the stuff we don't need, and
     dynamically link libnssckbi to both libplc4 and libplds4 instead of
     linking statically.
   * debian/firefox.postinst, debian/firefox.prerm,
     debian/firefox-gnome-support.postinst, debian/firefox-gnome-support.prerm:
     Touch a .autoreg file at configure time, or removal of gnome-support and
     remove it with the package. This will trigger autoregistration of the
     components if the compreg.dat and xpti.dat files are older than the
     .autoreg file. We used to remove compatibility.ini for that reason, but
     stopped doing that because firefox was supposed to do that correctly,
     which actually only correctly works on new upstream versions, not new
     debian revisions, or installation of gnome-support.
   * xpfe/components/killAll/ Correctly install the killAll
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/control:
     - Set Section of firefox-gnome-support and
       mozilla-firefox-gnome-support to gnome.
     - Standards-Version to
     - debhelper build-dep to >= 5.0.
     - Add firefox-dbg package.
   * debian/compat: Set to 5.
   * debian/rules:
     - Remove silly CVS tarball cleanup target.
     - Add arch-independant debhelper calls, and make other debhelper
       calls arch-dependent.
     - Add --dbg-package=firefox-dbg to dh_strip call.
     - Always build with the -g flag. (Based on a change Mike made)
     - Patch from Andreas Jochens to use -mminimal-toc when building on
       ppc64. (Closes: #361035)
     - Use --disable-strip, --disable-strip-libs in configure parameters.
       Thanks Ian Jackson.
     - Use .upstream instead of .orig to make it more clear and not
       confuse the clean target. Thanks Ian Jackson. (Closes: #362186)
     - Disable xprint support for now, while the Xorg 7 transition sorts
       itself out. Should be reenabled next release.
   * debian/firefox.xpm: Add more Debian compliant menu icon.
   * debian/firefox.install, debian/rules: Install new Debian compliant
   * debian/firefox.desktop: Add StartupNotify=true for pretty waiting
     cursor. Thanks Sven Arvidsson. (Closes: #361527)
   * debian/firefox-dom-inspector.preinst,
     debian/firefox-dom-inspector.install: Install non-architecture
     specific bits of the inspector into /usr/share/firefox.
   * debian/firefoxrc: Disable the dsp wrapper by default. esddsp is just
     too buggy to allow this to continue. May reenable later if they clean
     up their act. Leaving the bugs open for now.
   * debian/firefox.NEWS:
     - Document the dsp wrapper changes.
     - Remove old mozilla-firefox entries.
   * debian/firefox.1: Fix typo of firefox, thanks Andrew Rendle. (Closes:
   * debian/firefox.install: We don't get .chk files anymore for some

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/firefox-runner, debian/firefox.1: Patch from Ian Jackson to
     make -P, -CreateProfile and -ProfileManager options correctly work
     again, and improve the manual page. (Closes: #356250)
   * debian/firefox.desktop:
     - Fix trivial syntax problems. (Closes: #356263)
     - Added Japanese and Korean translations.
   * debian/firefox.dirs: Removed remainings of the time when we had a file
     in /usr/sbin. (Closes: #356268)
   * debian/firefox-gnome-support.prerm,
     debian/firefox-gnome-support.postinst: Removed bashisms. (Closes:
   * debian/README.Debian:
     - Replaced the bug reporting information by an invitation to read
       /usr/share/bug/firefox/presubj. (Closes: #356269)
     - Changed the heading to "Firefox for Debian".
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/firefox-gnome-support.postinst,
     debian/firefox-gnome-support.prerm: Add forgotten #DEBHELPER# token.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/control: Use strict dependencies for the transition packages,
     no reason a transition package should be upgraded before the real
   * debian/README.Debian: Fix all references to
     /etc/mozilla-firefox/mozilla-firefoxrc. (Closes: #351956)
   * debian/firefox.desktop: Patch from Ian Jackson to add more
     translations and more inline with the GNOME HIG. (Closes: #351807)
   * widget/src/gtk2/nsWindow.cpp: Apply new ignore extended mouse buttons
     patch from Peter Colberg (Closes: #351972)
   * debian/firefox.1: Lower case first letter of -ContentLocale.
   * debian/firefox.1, debian/firefox-runner: Add -no-remote switch to turn
     on MOZ_NO_REMOTE. Use it for profile related commands as
     well. (Closes: #351717, #344849)
   * wikipedia.gif.uu, wikipedia.src, rules, firefox.install: Patch from
     Ian Jackson to add wikipedia search engine. (Closes: #354107)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * modules/libpref/src/init/all.js: Set default fonts for all languages to
     serif, sans-serif and monospace. It might solve a lot of fonts problems.
   * config/, config/,,
     extensions/inspector/ Allow building without zip when
     building flat chrome.
   * configure: Ran autoconf accordingly to changes in
   * debian/control: Removed build dependency on zip.
   * debian/rules: Build flat chrome.
   * debian/firefox.install: Changed wildcards accordingly.
   * config/
     + Don't build chromelist.txt files.
     + Fixed "jar" build so that inspector files don't get duplicated in the
       extension directory.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/firefox-runner: export MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO. (Closes: #351959)
   * debian/README.Debian: changed reference to the rc file in /etc.
     (Closes: #351956)
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/firefox.preinst: Fix {}'s bashism. Thanks Jeff King. (Closes:
   * modules/libpref/src/init/all.js: Make print.postscript.print_command
     space-safe. Thanks Ian Jackson. (Closes: #351809)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Don't completely override
     $MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH. Thanks Ian Jackson. (Closes: #351806)

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Sponsored upload for Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
   * Updated Thai word breaking patch:
     - load `' instead of `'.
     - print debug message only when DEBUG is defined.
     - debian/control: Suggests libthai0

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Fix silly lack of [ ] quoting in AC_DEFUN use.
     Malone 36659, Mozilla bugzilla 298457.
   * Make Preferences window not chop off various elements:
     - specify a width of 50em instead of 42em
     - do not specify a height
     - add another <separator/> to the bottom of privacy.xul's prefpane.
       I have no idea why this is necessary :-(.
     Malone 36985.
   * Fix broken UTF-8 in .desktop file (again).  Malone 37779.
   * Document how to use xpcshell in README.Debian.  Malone 35333.
   * Clarify updateReadOnlyMessage to refer to `system package manager'
     which will help the misunderstanding in Malone 31284.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Generate `firefox-dbg' package with debugging symbols.
     This involves changing debian/compat to 5, which should be safe.
   * Fix Norwegian translation in firefox.desktop. (Malone 30603.)
   * Fix trivial syntax problems in firefox.desktop. (Malone 33567.)
   * Remove x-directory/webdav x-directory/webdav-prefer-directory
     from MimeType list in desktop file.  (Malone 35928.)
   * Use `about.png.upstream' instead of `about.png.orig' is the saved
     original version for the branding; *.orig tends to get clobbered.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * added thai linebreaking support (thanks to Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * debian/rules:
     - renamed the idl directory to match the .pc name,
       replace mozilla-firefox by firefox for firefox-config too

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Pointing the .pc files to /usr/include/firefox is not enough,
     better install the headers there too.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Replace Ubuntu Bugzilla bookmark with Launchpad's `Request
     support with Ubuntu' ticket creation page.  (Malone 28896.)
   * Reinstate `Translate This Application' in Help menu, despite the fact
     that Launchpad doesn't do this yet - you just get a page saying there
     are no translations for Firefox.  mdz assures us that this will be
     done some time during dapper's service life.
   * Make -P, -CreateProfile and -ProfileManager imply sensible
     values for -a, and document -a in firefox(1).  (Malone 31746.)
   * Fix md5sum mismatch which causes spurious conffile prompt on
   * Set browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone to ignore,
     to avoid the silly thing where the first time after the upgrade,
     firefox looks like it has lost your home page because it is so keen to
     tell you about the release notes.  (Malone 33895.)
   * Change `Latest Headlines' to `Latest BBC Headlines' to properly
     disclose the source up front, and use a corresponding RSS URL.
   * Revert the `you have chosen to open' dialogue, as discussed on
   * Fix firefox-*.pc files to contain correct references to libs and
     includes, just like the mozilla-*.pc files.  (Malone 34200.)

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Disable `Translate This Application' and don't try to have `Get Help
     Online' translated because we don't know how to translate firefox:

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Disable (by default) the `you have chosen to open' dialogue box;
     instead, we just take the default (which is to open with the
     application from the Gnome MIME database).  This behaviour is
     controlled by browser.helperApps.defaultNoAsk.openFile.
   Bookmark, search and translation reference regression fixes:
   * Restore `Translate This Application' and `Get Help Online'
   * Add Ubuntu and Free Software links back to bookmarks
   Bookmark, search and translation references improvements:
   * Add Wikipedia to search box.
   * Remove `Quick searches' from bookmarks (these just replicate
     entries from the search box, and are broken anyway).
   * Get rid of README.Ubuntu - the contents are now no longer relevant.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Move /usr/lib/libxpcom*.so etc. back to /usr/lib/firefox; avoids
     clashes with other packages (eg mozilla).
   * Add rpath setting for /usr/lib/firefox to all .pc files in
     firefox-dev.  This is suboptimal, but at least it allows programs
     which use firefox-dev at compile-time to find firefox's .so's.
   * Take some redundant and perhaps privacy-leaking information out
     of the default User-Agent (Malone 30677).

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   * Fix stupid FTBFS on default.xpm introduced in last upload.
   * Retrospectively insert CVE numbers into 1ubuntu1 changelog entry.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ dapper; urgency=low

   Changes since 1.5.dfsg-4ubuntu6:
   * New upstream version ( - security and stability fixes,
     allegedly. (About 7000 lines of diff, so not reviewed for Ubuntu.)
     Security fixes included:
     - CVE-2006-0292, CVE-2006-0293, MFSA 2006-01: JavaScript garbage-collection
     - CVE-2006-0294, MFSA 2006-02: Changing position:relative to static
       corrupts memory
     - CVE-2005-4134, MFSA 2006-03: Long document title causes startup denial of
     - CVE-2006-0295, MFSA 2006-04: Memory corruption via QueryInterface on
       Location, Navigator objects
     - CVE-2006-0296, MFSA 2006-05: Localstore.rdf XML injection through
     - CVE-2006-0297, MFSA 2006-06: Integer overflows in E4X, SVG and Canvas
     - CVE-2006-0298, MFSA 2006-07: Read beyond buffer while parsing XML
     - CVE-2006-0299, MFSA 2006-08: "AnyName" entrainment and access control
   * Fix Norwegian translation in .desktop file.  (Malone #30603.)
   * mkdir /usr/include/mozilla in firefox-dev.preinst to avoid
     maintainer script sometimes preventing installation.
   * Move the shlibs needed for gtkmozembed to /usr/lib (avoids
     need for rpath and nonsense in firefox-gtkmozembed.pc).
   * Work around new GNU make braindamage by adding seddery to
   Expected-permanent differences between Ubuntu and Debian:
   * Build nspr and nss for use by all other programs in the distribution
     (Packages: libnspr-dev, libnss-dev, libnspr4, libnss3.  Fairly main
     changes to parts of the build system.)  This is so that mozilla
     can be in Ubuntu universe.
   * Disable xprint.  (xprint is not used in Ubuntu.)
   * Slightly different arrangements do with with transitional arrangements
     related to package renaming from mozilla-firefox-*.
   * Removed transitional packages mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector and
     mozilla-firefox-gnome-support (not needed in Ubuntu).
   * Build firefox-dev; applications which embed a browser in Ubuntu
     generally embed Firefox rather than mozilla.  This also means that we
     build firefox with dynamic linking so that embedders and load ff.
   * Debian package search replaced by Ubuntu package search (and defaults
     to searching only in dapper, not all releases).
   * Changes to various icons (and their installation paths).
   * Strip CUPS/ from the front of displayed printer names, since
     all printing in Ubuntu is done via CUPS.
   Other differences remaining between Ubuntu and Debian:
   * debian/rules clean removes various junk left over by the mozilla build
     system.  (Debian #350616.)
   * Exclude from dpkg_shlibdeps as this triggers a bug in
     fakeroot on amd64 in Ubuntu.
   * Set FIREFOX_DSP=none by default.  Will sometimes break sound from eg
     Flash.  See for rationale.
     (Debian maintainers notified but no bug filed.)
   * Append our plugin path to any previous value of MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH.
     (Malone 29412.  Debian #351806)
   * firefox.desktop file has more translations and consistently calls the
     application `Firefox Web Browser' (for better UI in the menus - this
     change is also in  Debian #351807.
   * Default printing command doesn't break if printer name contains
     spaces (actually a preference, in all.js).  (Debian #351809,
     Mozilla Bugzilla #326245).
   * security/coreconf/ adjusted with awful seddery to cope with
     GNU make change to POSIXly interpretation of backslash line-joining.
     Mozilla Bugzilla #325148.
   * security/coreconf/ has a set -e added.
   * Use GNOME mime database instead of mailcap.  Patch imported from Red
     Hat; see debian/gnome-mime-handling.diff.
   * Change various preferences:
     - Ubuntu-specific default homepage
     - Ubuntu-specific release notes
     - default homepage can be locale-specific
     - middlebutton paste disabled
     - do not load a special home page on first start after an upgrade
     - disable File / Import (wizard is nonfunctional).
       Malone #28563, Debian #350599, Mozilla Bugzilla 117844.
     - save files to Desktop by default
     - README.Ubuntu file (still rather full of junk)
     - Prevent websites disabling the right-button context menu.
     - Default font for display is sans, but:
     - Default CSS for printing uses a serif font.

firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low

   * The "those Ubuntu guys are great after all" release.
   * New upstream release. (Closes: #351442)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/presubj: Added indications to try to reproduce without extensions
     before actually filing a bug, and a hint to the safe mode.
   * debian/firefox.install: added the reporter chrome files. (Closes: #344888)
   * widget/src/gtk2/nsWindow.cpp: Revert additional stale patch for
     extended mouse buttons support.
   * debian/firefox.postinst, debian/firefox.prerm: unbashified.
     (Closes: #349946)
   * debian/control, debian/firefox-gnome-support.postinst,
     debian/firefox-gnome-support.prerm: Let the firefox-gnome-support
     package provide gnome-www-browser and handle a gnome-www-browser
     alternative. Thanks Loïc Minier. (Closes: #350788)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Enable Pango support by default. The
     MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO environment variable is now useless. (Closes: #338716)
   * debian/README.Debian: Change the paragraph about Pango to hint about
     the MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO variable.
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.cpp,
     modules/libpref/src/init/all.js, widget/public/nsGUIEvent.h: Apply
     patch from Ian Jackson to revert a stale patch for multiple mouse
     button support that was fixed in a different way in 1.5
     (Closes: #348375)
   * debian/firefox.preinst: Check md5sum's of old conffiles before cp'ing
     them on upgrade. This won't stop all unnecessary conffile prompting in
     all situations (especially from really old versions), but should
     definitely should work for upgrading from testing or stable. (Closes:
   * debian/firefox.install:
     - Remove (Closes: #348902)
     - Reorganize things a bit.
     - Move profile into /etc/firefox here, instead of in the rules file.
   * debian/firefox.install, debian/firefox.preinst, debian/firefox.links,
     debian/firefox.dirs, debian/rules: Move chrome, defaults, greprefs
     into /usr/share/firefox for more FHS goodnesss.
   * debian/firefox.1: Document -new-tab and -new-window options, and
     remove deprecated -remote option. (Closes: #348699)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Apply patch to properly URL escape local
     files. Thanks Morita Sho. (Closes: #348451)
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js:
     - Reallow 40-bit ciphers, since now firefox warns people who
       use them. (Closes: #349624)
     - Enable bidi UI elements for our bi-directional friends.
       (Closes: #348069)
   * debian/rules: Remove glob pattern from dh_install invocation. Thanks
     Ian Jackson. (Closes: #350571)
   * browser/base/content/aboutDialog.xul: Fix spurious scrollbar in the
     about dialog box. Thanks Ian Jackson. (Closes: #350608)
   * js/src/fdlibm/fdlibm.h: Patch to fix little endianess of
     mipsel. Thanks Ian Jackson and Thiemo Seufer. (Closes: #350621)
   * browser/base/content/search.xml: Patch from Ian Jackson to remove
     misleading Clear option from search box context menu. (Closes: #350611)
   * debian/watch: Fix regex to actually find the upstream tarballs.
   * modules/libpref/src/init/all.js: Cope better with printers with spaces
     in the name. Thanks Ian Jackson.
   * toolkit/components/passwordmgr/base/nsPasswordManager.cpp: Take patch
     from bz#235336 as suggested by Ian Jackson to allow password manager
     to work with sites that only have a password field, no username.

firefox (1.5.dfsg-4) unstable; urgency=low

   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/control, debian/rules:
     - Remove Kerberos options, it is now loaded dynamically.
     - Use /usr/share/firefox now for finding default.xpm.
   * debian/firefox.install, debian/firefox.links, debian/firefox.preinst:
     Start moving some clearly non-arch specific things
     (/usr/lib/firefox/searchplugins, /usr/lib/firefox/icons,
     /usr/lib/firefox/res) out of /usr/lib/firefox and into
     /usr/share/firefox to make things more FHS friendly. Can't believe no
     one ever called me on this before.
   * toolkit/components/remote/nsGTKRemoteService.cpp,
     widget/src/xremoteclient/XRemoteClient.cpp: Apply patch from bz#312154
     to fix remote interface on PPC (and probably other arches). (Closes:
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_linux_m68k.cpp: Patch from
     Zack Weinberg to fix FTBFS on m68k. (Closes: #343687)
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcinvoke_arm.cpp: Patch from Antti
     P Miettinen to fix small optimization problem with newer gcc's
     (Closes: #344846)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/firefox-runner: Cleaned up now useless variables.


firefox (1.5.dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control:
     - Need explicit build dependency on gtk >= 2.8.
     - Upgrade Standards-Version to No changes.
     - Add compatibility packages for mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector
       and mozilla-firefox-gnome-support and make all the upgrade packages
       Architecture: all. (Closes: #343879, #344379)
   * debian/watch: Add watch file.
   * debian/about.png.uu: Add uuencoded version of previous about box
   * debian/rules: uudecode and install the about.png into the right
   * debian/firefox-runner: Add MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH to include plugins at the
     old location for now. (Closes: #344085, #341682)
   * widget/src/gtk2/nsWindow.cpp: Patch from bz#305970 to fix broken
     contextual menu on Save File As. (Closes: #344430)
   * config/mkdepend/imakemdep.h, security/nss/lib/pki1/pki1.h: Remove some
     patches that are now useless (suggested by Mike Hommey).
   * mailnews/extensions/palmsync/palm.html,
     xpinstall/packager/, xpinstall/packager/,
     embedding/qa/testembed/Tests.h, embedding/qa/testembed/QaUtils.cpp,
     embedding/qa/testembed/QaUtils.h, build/unix/,
     security/nss/cmd/ssltap/ssltap-manual.html: Fix mess my subversion
     repository made of line endings. This should reduce the size of the
     diff.gz dramatically.

firefox (1.5.dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * browser/locales/en-US/chrome/branding/brand.dtd,
     browser/locales/en-US/chrome/branding/ Change brand
     name from Deer Park to Firefox. About box graphic still needs to be
     fixed. grumble grumble (Closes: #343704)

firefox (1.5.dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. No actual code changes from RC3. Took the
     opportunity to completely empty the /other-licenses directory of the
     upstream tarball.
   * configure, Change MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME to Firefox, so we
     can be called Firefox without using
     --enable-official-branding. grumble
   * config/, gfx/src/gtk/mozilla-decoder.cpp,
     Apply patch from bz#305185 to fix problems building against gtk+ 2.8.
   * debian/control:
     - Build-Depend on libfreetype6-dev since we do link
       against it directly.
     - Add mozilla-firefox package for easy transition.
     - Conflict against older mozilla-firefox packages.
   * debian/firefox-runner:
     - Fix typo. (Closes: #341113)
     - Check /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins for plugins too for the
       time being. (Closes: #341682)
   * debian/firefox-dom-inspector.preinst: Remove, not needed since the
     name change.
   * debian/firefox.preinst:
     - Remove old upgrade code.
     - Move old mozilla-firefox configs into place on install.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Move upgrade code in here. Remove
     mozilla-firefox alternative.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.postrm: Remove /etc/mozilla-firefox on purge.
   * Some patches missed when merging from Mike Hommey:
   * browser/locales/en-US/searchplugins/answers.src: Change updateDays to
   * config/mkdepend/imakemdep.h: Define for amd64.
   * configure, Visibility patch for recent gcc's. (Closes:
   * modules/libpref/src/nsPrefService.cpp: Patch to load preferences from
   * content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.cpp: Extended mouse events
   * gfx/idl/nsIFreeType2.idl, gfx/src/freetype/nsFreeType.cpp,
     gfx/src/freetype/nsFreeType.h, gfx/src/ps/nsFontMetricsPS.h,
     layout/svg/renderer/src/libart/nsSVGLibartGlyphMetricsFT.cpp: Patch to
     use new freetype API.

firefox (1.4.99+1.5rc3.dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "Grand Renaming" release. Thanks to Mike Hommey for sherperding
     the 1.5 series through experimental. Now it's my turn to muck it up. A
     transition packages will be in the next release.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox*: Rename to firefox*.
   * debian/firefox.install, debian/firefox-dom-inspector.install,
     debian/firefox-gnome-support.install, debian/firefox-runner,
     firefox-xremote-client, firefox.1, firefox.desktop, firefox.dirs,
     debian/firefox.js, debian/firefox.links, debian/firefox.manpages,
     debian/, debian/firefox.mime, debian/firefox.postinst,
     debian/firefox.prerm, debian/firefox.png.uu, debian/README.Debian,
     debian/control, debian/rules: Search/Replace mozilla-firefox ->
     firefox where appropriate.
   * debian/firefox.links: Link old icon name to new.
   * debian/README.Debian: Fix path to .mozilla/firefox/rc. (Closes:
   * config/ Set mozappdir to /usr/lib/firefox.

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5rc3.dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream 1.5 preview release. Release Candidate 3.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Removed the ping stuff, it's now done by
     firefox itself.

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5rc2.dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream 1.5 preview release. Release Candidate 2.
   * xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.c: Fix crash when no file is given on the
     command line (Closes: #323639). Also fix the error message about extra
     arguments given showing before the crash.
   *, configure: Work around dash's bug #337294 so that we can
     build fine when sh is dash (Closes: #211010, #256384).
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Removed the code to detect the JVM and set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 for
       b0rked 1.3 JVMs: it's been a long time they've not been ABI compatible.
     - Removed setting of MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME. We already have a default one
     - Removed /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins from EXTENT_LD_LIB_PATH, since we never
       get the plugins from there.
     - Removed cleanup of the profile. It is correctly done by firefox, now.

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5rc1.dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream 1.5 preview release. Release Candidate 1.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Don't install
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/, it got moved in
     the chrome.

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta2.dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * build/unix/, netwerk/base/src/nsStandardURL.cpp:
     Reverted debian changes: they got applied upstream.
   * configure: Applied changes by hand.
   * debian/rules: Disabled both the installer and the updater, we don't need

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta1.dfsg-5) experimental; urgency=low

   * debian/control: Bumped Standards-Version to 3.6.2.
   * nsprpub/ Reverted changed.
   * Use -fvisibility=hidden in all cases. There is another bug
     in gcc that makes it generate position dependent code when using the
     system wrappers.
   * configure, nsprpub/configure: Applied changes with
   * debian/rules: Put back the /usr/share/pixmaps/mozilla-firefox.xpm file.

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta1.dfsg-4) experimental; urgency=low

   * xpcom/typelib/xpt/src/ Reverted changes.
   *, nsprpub/ Added a detection of the gcc bug about
     visibility for builtins, and use -fvisibility=hidden instead of the system
     wrappers in case the bug is found.
   * configure, nsprpub/configure: Applied changes with
     autoconf2.13. (Really closes: #329642)

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta1.dfsg-3) experimental; urgency=low

   * Sync with unstable branch.
   * xpcom/typelib/xpt/src/ disable visibility stuff for ppc, as a
     workaround for FTBFS. (Closes: #329642)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.7-1) unstable; urgency=high

   * New upstream release. Contains fixes for various security issues.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Remove /usr/lib from
     LD_LIBRARY_PATH. (Closes: #321789)

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta1.dfsg-2) experimental; urgency=low

   * debian/rules: enabled support for canvas.

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta1.dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * Cleaned-up source tarball from trademarked content and CVS directories.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-small.xpm, debian/mozilla-firefox.xpm: Removed.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs, debian/rules:
     + Create /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome/icons/default and move
       default.xpm in it. (Closes: #327828)
     + Stop using our own xpm icons, upstream provide them, now.
   * debian/rules: changed the build system a bit.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcinvoke_asm_parisc_linux.s,
     xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_asm_mips.s: Somewhat these
     files disappeared. Put them back. (Closes: #328074)

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta1-2) experimental; urgency=critical

   * Sync with unstable branch.
   * netwerk/base/src/nsStandardURL.cpp: Apply the patch for the 1.8 branch
     from bz#307259 to fix CAN-2005-2871. (Closes: #327452)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-gnome-support.install, debian/rules: Move out
     imgicon module in mozilla-firefox-gnome-support. (Closes: #327451)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.6-5) unstable; urgency=critical

   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_arm.cpp: Fix for previous
     arm fix. Thanks Steve. (Closes: #325535)
   * netwerk/base/src/nsStandardURL.cpp: Patch from bz#307259 to fix
     CAN-2005-2871, a buffer overflow vulnerability in IDN
     processing. (Closes: #327452)

mozilla-firefox (1.4.99+1.5beta1-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream beta release.
     + Find toolbar doesn't show up when in text fields. Closes: #280852.
     + Better use of GTK2 themes. The most common case was highlighted menu
       item text appearing in white on a white background. Closes: #223696,
       #257430, #258181, #266334, #278559, #289326, #297320, #310098.
     + Download manager correctly closes. Closes: #259015, #269975.
     + Doesn't crash with the
       stylesheet. Closes: #277987.
     + Locale extensions can properly be disabled. Closes: #279749 (to check).
     + Doesn't crash on anymore.
       Closes: #294372.
     + Downloads don't freeze when a modal window opens. Closes: #211332.
     + Use GTK stock images. Closes: #281660.
   * Sync with unstable branch changes.
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js, debian/firefox.js:
     + Removed outdated extensions.update.autoUpdateEnabled and
     + Removed general.useragent.locale.
     + Allow extensions updates. It works correctly with system-wide installed
       ones, now.
   * netwerk/protocol/http/src/nsHttpConnectionMgr.cpp,
     nsprpub/pr/include/md/_linux.cfg, widget/src/gtk2/mozdrawingarea.c,
     widget/src/gtk2/nsDragService.cpp: Reversed changes, since they got
     applied upstream.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_arm.cpp: correctly set
     __attribute__. Closes: #325535.
   * debian/rules:
     + set --enable-extensions=default instead of a full list.
       We will get the default set of extensions provided by upstream, and
       won't need to check if they changed.
     + set --enable-pango.
     + set --enable-system-cairo.
   * debian/control: added build dependency on libgnomeui-dev and libcairo2-dev.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install, debian/rules: don't install files in
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome/icons/ anymore.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Force MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO to 1 if
     MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO is not set.
   * debian/README.Debian:
     + Removed the note about IDN, it is now enabled by default, with correct
       whitelist set.
     + Added a note about MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO.
     + Changed notes about application update, extensions, and packaged
   * modules/libpref/src/init/all.js:
     + Set general.config.obscure_value to 0, we don't care about the config
       file not to be "obscured".
     + Set general.config.filename to firefox.cfg.
   * debian/firefox.cfg: Create configuration to lock some properties.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Install this firefox.cfg in

mozilla-firefox (1.0.6-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcinvoke_linux_alpha.cpp,
     xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_linux_alpha.cpp: Patch
     from Steve Langasek to fix unused vs. used gcc attribute on alpha and
     arm. (Closes: #325535)
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Revert patch to remove the "I'm
     feeling lucky" search. Some like it, some hate it, so upstream
     behaviour wins. If you still feel strongly about it, make your case
   * gfx/src/gtk/nsFontMetricsXft.cpp: Apply patch from bz#252033 to work
     around a bug in XRender that might be causing #319349.

mozilla-firefox (1.0.99+deerpark-alpha2-2) experimental; urgency=low

   * Sync with unstable branch changes, except the controversial "I'm feeling
     lucky" change. I prefer waiting for the controversy to get to a
   * debian/rules, debian/control: Remove build dependency on libmng-dev and
     the --with-system-mng option to configure, the MNG support has been
     removed upstream.
   * debian/rules: Explicitely set the svg-renderer as cairo. It will use an
     old cairo version bundled with firefox, but there's no other solution for
     the moment. We have to wait for upstream 0.9.x and greater support
     (hoped for 1.5).

mozilla-firefox (1.0.6-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/rules, nsprpub/pr/include/md/_linux.cfg,
     security/coreconf/ Apply patch from Andreas Jochens to allow
     ppc64 builds. (Closes: #322617)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: Move -depth option to find to suppress
     warnings. Thanks Mike Hommey.
   * debian/presubj: Have bugzilla bug URL point to a page where you can
     enter a bug.
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: removed the "I'm feeling lucky" from
     the keyword.URL, so now if you enter search terms in the address bar
     you will be presented with search results and not taken to the first
     result. Thanks Torok Edwin. (Closes: #321823)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.6-2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * modules/libpr0n/src/imgLoader.cpp, modules/libpr0n/src/imgLoader.h:
     Apply ported patch from Serge Belyshev from bz#293307 to fix problem
     with gcc-4.0 on amd64. (Closes: #319336)
   * debian/rules: Remove silly --enable-freetype configure line. Thanks
     Antony Gelberg. (Closes: #319886)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.6-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. (Closes: #318672)
   * debian/rules: Remove hack to use gcc 3.4 on amd64, since now we're all
     on gcc 4.0. (Closes: #318684)
   * debian/control:
     - Remove gcc 3.4 build depends on amd64
     - Explicitly build depend on libxinerama-dev.
   * gfx/src/gtk/nsScreenGtk.cpp: Patch from Loic Minier to fix
     gdk_property_get warnings.
   * widget/src/gtk2/mozdrawingarea.c: Patch from Loic Minier to fix
     crashes under GTK 2.7. (Closes: #318903)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.99+deerpark-alpha2-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream alpha release. Be aware that you WILL have troubles with
     debian packages for firefox extensions.
   * Reverted patches that got incorporated upstream.
   * content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.cpp: Some changes to the previous
     patch to fit changes in API.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome,
     debian/theme/*, debian/inspector/*: Removed.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.postinst: Removed call to
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.install: Only install files from
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs: Don't create /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/*,
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions nor /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install:
     - Don't install regxpchrome, chrome/pipnss.jar and chrome/help.jar which
       don't exist anymore.
     - Install manifest files in addition to jar files in chrome.
     - Install classic.jar in the normal chrome directory (awaiting EM
       modifications so that it can actually go back in the extensions
     - Don't install debian/theme/00classic and debian/theme/Uninstall,
       which got removed.
     - Get the theme in the correct directory (it's not in
       defaults/profile/extensions anymore).
     - Install the reporter extension.
     - Selectively install subdirectories of /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults,
       since some of them are useless.
     - Install the unixprint plugin.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.manpages: Removed manual page for
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Removed all links in
   * debian/rules:
     - Enable freetype in the build, we'll see if deerpark is any better than
     - Commented out OPTFLAGS set for some architectures. We will see if gcc
       4.0 is doing any better.
     - Enabled SVG support. (Closes: #215990)
     - Enabled some more extensions to fit extensions provided by upstream.
     - Added needed --enable-application=browser to the ./configure call.
     - Don't install update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.
     - Don't create installed-chrome.txt.
     - Don't remove installed-extensions.txt, it doesn't exist anyway.
     - Don't move classic theme's install.rdf, it's already at the correct
     - Remove unneeded removals of preferences files which are not there
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Clean-up old generated files (those in
     /var/lib/mozilla-firefox and
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/*/uninstall/Uninstall. (Note that for
     the latter, some packages do provide them, but they were overwritten by
     update-mozilla-firefox-chrome. They have actually no use, and it is safe
     to remove them. Extensions packages will eventually remove them anyway)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: Put -depth option of find before -type d.

mozilla-firefox (1.0.5-1) unstable; urgency=high

   * New upstream release, fixes security issues. (Closes: #318061)
   * debian/rules: Disable freetype in the build for the time being. This
     might break printing in some cases.
   * gfx/idl/nsIFreeType2.idl, gfx/src/freetype/nsFreeType.cpp,
     gfx/src/freetype/nsFreeType.h, gfx/src/ps/nsFontMetricsPS.cpp,
     gfx/src/ps/nsFontMetricsPS.h, gfx/src/x11shared/nsFontFreeType.cpp,
     layout/svg/renderer/src/libart/nsSVGLibartGlyphMetricsFT.cpp: Patch
     from bz#234035 to try to get building with the new freetype. (Closes:

mozilla-firefox (1.0.4-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Add Czech translation from Jan
     Outrata. (Closes: #311376)
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_asm_ipf64.s,
     xpcom/reflect/xptcall/public/ Revert patch from
     David Mosberger for 7+ args on ia64 that was added 1.0.3-2.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_ipf32.cpp,
     xpcom/reflect/xptcall/public/ Better patch from bz#291378
     which has been accepted upstream for ia64 7+ args fix.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/public/ Call to
     regenerate this file.
   * dom/src/base/nsGlobalWindow.cpp,
     embedding/components/windowwatcher/src/nsWindowWatcher.cpp: Fix
     injection spoofing, patch from bz#296850. Fixes CAN-2004-0718.

mozilla-firefox (1.0.4-2) unstable; urgency=critical

   * debian/control: Build-depend on libxft-dev not libxft2-dev to appease
     finicky sparc buildd.

mozilla-firefox (1.0.4-1) unstable; urgency=critical

   * New upstream release. Fixes CAN-2005-1477 and CAN-2005-1476. (Closes: #308620)
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.8: Patch from A Costa to fix the
     spelling of maintenace. (Closes: #305968)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Patch from Steinar H. Gunderson to add
     a Norwegian translation. (Closes: #305983)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.3-2) unstable; urgency=high

   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Disable SSLv2 and 40-bit ciphers by
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.NEWS: Explain the SSL change.
   * extensions/transformiix/source/base/Double.cpp: Patch from David
     Mosberger-Tang (fixed up by me) to fix unaligned access on ia64 (and
     perhaps other platforms). (Closes: #303518)
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/public/,
     xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_ipf64.cpp: Another patch
     from David Mosberger-Tang to fix extension loading on ia64. (Closes:

mozilla-firefox (1.0.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release, fixes various security issues, so urgency high.
   * js/src/fdlibm/fdlibm.h: Fix from David Mosberger to define ia64 as
     little-endian arch (also added for mipsel). (Closes: #303438)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.2-3) unstable; urgency=high

   * gfx/src/freetype/nsFreeType.cpp,
     security/nss/lib/pki1/oiddata.h, security/nss/lib/pki1/pki1.h,
     widget/src/gtk2/nsDragService.cpp: Fixes for gcc-4.0,
     bz#289238. (Closes: #301485)
   * js/src/jsstr.c: Fix for JS memory access security bug, patch from
     bz#288688. (Closes: #302775)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.2-2) unstable; urgency=high

   * Last upload should of been marked urgency=high because of the security
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.postinst: Fix ridiculous typos. (Closes:
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Use pgrep to detect esd and arts
     instead. Thanks Craig Small for the advice. (Closes: #302086)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. Fixes CAN-2005-0399, CAN-2005-0401,
     CAN-2005-0402. (Closes: #301243)
   * debian/control: Update suggest for xprint rename. (Closes: #300976)
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/{,
     xptcinvoke_asm_parisc_linux.s, xptcstubs_asm_parisc_linux.s}: Apply
     patch from Ivar (Contributed by Randolph Chung) to fix Firefox on
     hppa. (Closes: #286038)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.1-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * widget/src/gtk2/nsGtkKeyUtils.cpp: Patch from bz#108170 to fix broken
     keymap for Germans. (Closes: #299781)
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ avoid
     crashing when extension's install.rdf is broken. (Closes: #298796)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: Remove
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults/profile/extensions/Extensions.rdf on
     uninstall. (Closes: #298636)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.postinst: Add little echo to tell people to
     restart firefox after upgrades.
   * debian/presubj: Add a note there about restarting firefox before
     submitting bugs.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Properly quote $@ expansion. (Closes:
   * browser/locales/en-US/searchplugins/
     amazondotcom.src}: Set updateCheckDays to 0, which avoids duplicated
     search entries in the menu. (Closes: #299006, #299813)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.1-2) unstable; urgency=high

   * Changes by Mike Hommey:
   * Urgency: high due to RC bug fix.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Re-initialize Extensions.rdf
     inside the script instead of relying on mozilla-firefox's default
     behaviour, which just fails when defaults/profile/extensions/ \
     Extensions.rdf doesn't exist (and it seems some people like to remove
     files in /etc). (Closes: #294175)
   * Changes by Eric Dorland:
   * debian/ Capitalize "browsers". Thanks Gerfried
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Fix from Marc Horowitz to fix sound
     device detection. (Closes: #297088)
   * toolkit/content/widgets/tabbrowser.xml: Apply patch from bz#283063, to
     fix a memory leak when closing tabs. (Closes: #296749)
   * xpfe/global/resources/content/bindings/browser.xml,
     toolkit/content/widgets/tabbrowser.xml: Apply patches from bz#131456
     to fix various tab related memory leaks. (Closes: #280586)
   * netwerk/protocol/http/src/nsHttpHandler.cpp: Patch from bz#265536 to
     differentiate between AMD64 and i386. (Closes: #282592)

mozilla-firefox (1.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=high

   * New upstream release. (Closes: #296851)
     - This release fixes the Secunia window injection bug,
       CAN-2004-1156. (Closes: #293664)
   * Changes by Mike Hommey:
   * debian/rules: Some clean-up.
   * debian/control: Changed my maintainer address.
   * debian/README.Debian: Add a note about automatic updates for
     extensions. (Closes: #296761)
   * Changes by Eric Dorland:
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Remove disable IDN pref, it's the
     default now anyway.

mozilla-firefox (1.0+dfsg.1-6) unstable; urgency=high

   * The "And I thought IE had security bugs!" release.
   * toolkit/content/widgets/tabbrowser.xml,
     xpfe/global/resources/content/bindings/tabbrowser.xml: Fix
     "Firetabbing" vulnerability from bugzilla#280056, fixes
     CAN-2005-0231. (Closes: #294415)
   * modules/plugin/base/src/nsPluginHostImpl.cpp: Fix "Fireflashing"
     vulnerability from bugzilla#280664, fixes CAN-2005-0232. (Also Closes:
   * build/unix/ Patch from Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
     to fix insecure temp file usage in (Closes: #294127)
   * netwerk/base/src/nsStandardURL.cpp, netwerk/base/src/nsStandardURL.h:
     Patch from bugzilla#261934 to make the network.enableIDN preference
     work and again.
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Disable IDN by default. This doesn't
     close #293975, but drops its severity.
   * debian/README.Debian: Add warning and describe how to enable IDN.

mozilla-firefox (1.0+dfsg.1-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Don't translate "Mozilla Firefox" into
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Set mozilla.widget.raise-on-setfocus
     to false to prevent unecessary window raising. (Closes: #292049)
   * debian/rules: Don't compile statically on mips and mipsel, since it's
     broken for now.

mozilla-firefox (1.0+dfsg.1-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Add French translations from Jerome
     Warnier. I will accept more, but closing this bug. (Closes: #292506)
   * debian/README.Debian: Update the Emacs keybindings instructions.
     (Closes: #291691)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.1:
     - Remove -splash from the manpage, it has never worked. (Closes:
     - Add units to -height and -width description. (Closes: #285142)

mozilla-firefox (1.0+dfsg.1-3) experimental; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Add %u to the exec line so that apps
     know it can handle URLs. (Closes: #290132)
   * debian/README.Debian:
     - Improve button reversal instructions. Thanks Christian Mayrhuber
     - Fix reference to ~/.firefox.
   * debian/rules: Enable static building. This will build firefox as one
     large binary (mostly) and should speed a few things up, especially
     program load time. I'd like to hear about any speedup (or slow down)
     you exprience. Porters, please build this for your arch to make sure
     this doesn't break anything.

mozilla-firefox (1.0+dfsg.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * debian/mozilla-firefox-gnome-support.postrm,
     debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.postrm: Don't die if
     update-mozilla-firefox-chrome dies. (Closes: #287355)


mozilla-firefox (1.0+dfsg.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Not a new upstream release.
   * other-licenses/branding/firefox, other-licenses/7zstub/firefox: Remove
     these from the .orig.tar.gz, since they are not DFSG-free. We're not
     using the files anyway, so out they go. (Not sure the 7zstub stuff is
     non-free, but it's Windows only so no harm)
   * debian/rules:
     - Remove explicit low-optimization on alpha, since Falk
       Hueffner claims it works.
     - Move entire defaults/profile directory into /etc/mozilla-firefox,
       rather than just the bookmarks.html. (Closes: #285538)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Link entire defaults/profile now.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Add upgrade code to remove old
     defaults/profile to make way for new symlink.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs: Just create etc/mozilla-firefox.

mozilla-firefox (1.0-5) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Changes by Mike Hommey:
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ Make the
     extensions upgrade work again. (Closes: #282143)
   * debian/rules: Better DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS handling, better debugging
     build (DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nostrip debug")
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/,
     toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.js: Allow users to
     disable globally installed extensions.
   * Changes by Eric Dorland:
   * debian/rules: Remove explicit low-optimization on sparc. Apparently
     there was an issue for a number of arches that required lower
     optimization settings, but it is now resolved. So porters, please
     check -O2 on arm, alpha, powerpc and ia64 and let me know if it's
     safe. Thanks David S. Miller. (Closes: #284533)

mozilla-firefox (1.0-4) unstable; urgency=medium

   * debian/control: Make mozilla-firefox-gnome-support and xprt-xprintorg
     Suggests, no Recommends after a look at policy. (Closes: #282432)
   * debian/README.Debian:
     - Refer to .mozilla/firefox, not .firefox.
     - Explain how to reenable emacs style keybindings. (Closes: #282321)

mozilla-firefox (1.0-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * Changes by Mike Hommey
   * The "becoming more and more an iceweasel" release.
   * debian/firefox.js:
     + Enable firefox's internal locale autodetection.
     + Disable default browser question at startup. (Closes: #280752)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Removed our locale autodetection.
     That means now locales installed in user profiles are automatically
     used, and that there is no need for /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/locales.d
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs: Removed creation of
   * debian/rules: Removed creation of the locale file in
   * debian/presubj: Put some more recent information.
   * htmlparser/src/nsParser.cpp: Applied patch from bz#57717 so that empty
     html files don't get <html><body></body></html> when viewing source.
   * browser/base/content/aboutDialog.css: increase the User Agent element
     height as in bz#238137 (but up to MacOSX's height) to show the full User
     Agent string.
   * xpcom/io/nsAppDirectoryServiceDefs.h,
     xpfe/components/search/src/nsInternetSearchService.cpp: Applied patch from
     bz#123315 so that Internet search services in user profiles are supported.
     (Closes: #219053)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     + Remove compatibility.ini only if it is older than
       /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/components.ini. That way, we only rebuild it
       after an update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.
     + Detect if we're being run through sudo without the -H option, in which
       case we force setting of $HOME. (Closes: #218156)
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Sync'ed with debian/firefox.js.
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/
     + Removed some error messages that get there because firefox is trying to
       write in the /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox directory as a user. They are
       useless and lead users to think something is going wrong while it's the
       (stupid but) normal way firefox works.
     + Avoid creation of directories when attempting to read files, that
       throwed uncaught exceptions breaking some stuff in several different
       ways when extensions don't follow the new scheme for extensions.
     + Avoid copying stuff from
       /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults/profile/extensions/ to
       /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/, that's the very old way of
       installing extensions, which, since the old scheme has been thrown away,
       won't work anyway, if any extension provides files out there.
     + CheckForMismatches: Avoid to disable already disabled global extensions,
       and don't propose to upgrade the locked extensions. That fixes a
       never-ending loop occuring when running firefox for the first time in a
       user account, while some global extensions are expired.
       (Closes: #278722, #281537)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm, debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Moved
     removal of links to /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults/profile/extensions/
     sitting in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/, if any remaining, from
     prerm to preinst. We remove them once and for all, they won't be created
     by us anymore.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     + Removed support for extensions in
     + Removed some clean-up that had been introduced to help the Extensions
       Manager not to die, and which, actually, did not work out quite so well.
       Anyways, with the changes this time, the EM is supposed to support much
       more problems than ever before (as usual ;) ) so we don't need that
     + Avoid stupid mv error messages when firefox-bin -register fails (which
       is not supposed to happen, but you're never too careful)
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome, debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst:
     Move removal of some very old stuff to preinst, to do it once and for all
     instead of doing it every time we run update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.
   * netwerk/protocol/ftp/src/nsFtpConnectionThread.cpp: Applied patch from
     bz#124561 to get a prompt for username/password in case anonymous login
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     + Added check for more arguments so that the url in the command line get
       detected more accurately.
     + When a file name is given on the command line, prepend "file://" and
       change spaces into %20. (Closes: #281800)
   * Changes by Eric Dorland
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: Patch from Philipp Weis to fix order of
     find arguments. (Closes: #280852)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Support new mime type handler in Gnome
     2.8. (Closes: #281274) (MH: I added some more myme-types)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.postinst: Run update-desktop-database if it
   * widget/src/gtk/nsWidget.cpp: We don't use gtk anymore, might as well
     revert these patches. Thanks Stephane Despret.

mozilla-firefox (1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * Changes by Mike Hommey
   * The "don't do too much on the same day, it's bad for health" release.
   * debian/firefox.js: Re-activated the extensions update service, and
     removed the update url.
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Sync'ed with debian/firefox.js.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.preinst: Removed old inspector.js
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/,
     toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.js: Disabled possibility
     to update locked extensions and themes. Locked extensions being the
     ones installed by the packaging system, they should be updated through
   * toolkit/mozapps/update/src/ Disabled application
     update functionnality. Firefox should be updated through the packaging
   * browser/components/prefwindow/content/pref-advanced.xul: Removed the
     preferences panel item to activate application update, since it is
     totally disabled.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Remove compatibility.ini instead of
     compreg.dat. (Eric: This will cause a rebuild of the compreg.dat)
   * Changes by Eric Dorland:
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.NEWS: Fix typos.
   * README.Debian:
     - Add note about application update being completely disabled.
     - Fix path to XUL.mfsal

mozilla-firefox (1.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release (Closes: #280449)
   * Changes by Mike Hommey:
   * netwerk/protocol/ftp/src/nsFtpConnectionThread.cpp: Apply new patch
     #164795 from bz#266835 + some tweaks as previously. This might lead to
     encoding problems with the password, but it is supposed to be ASCII
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ Reworked the
     previous patches so that the Extensions Manager shows extensions that
     have been disabled due to version mismatch, and added a workaround so
     that components registration works correctly.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Removed part that is useless due
     to last changes in the Extensions Manager.
   * Make the inspector a real extension again:
     - debian/inspector/00dom-inspector: File for
     - debian/inspector/Uninstall: Uninstall file needed in extension
     - debian/inspector/install.rdf: install.rdf taken from older versions,
       and adapted to newer versions, adding registered chrome.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.dirs: Removed. Everything will
       be created by dh_install.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.install: install
       debian/inspector.rdf and most inspector files in the right place in
       and /var/lib/mozilla-firefox
   * Make the classic theme a real extension, even though it's still in
     the main package:
     - debian/theme/00classic: File for
     - debian/theme/Uninstall: Uninstall file needed in extension
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Install all files in the right
       place in
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs: Removed creation of
       it will be done by dh_install.
     - browser/app/profile/extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/
       Added chrome to be registered.
   * Removed support for /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome.d:
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs: Removed creation of the directory.
     - debian/rules: Removed creation of files there, and put the
       installed-chrome.txt, excluding inspector and classic theme stuff,
       directly in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome.
     - debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Removed all
       /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome.d related stuff.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Removed installed-chrome.txt link.
     - toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ disable
       extensions that fail to install chrome.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Remove user profile compreg.dat at
     launch time.
   * Moved some files in /var/lib/mozilla-firefox:
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Add a symlink for Extensions.rdf
       and components.ini, from /usr to /var.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: Don't remove files we don't
       provide and remove files at their new locations.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Remove
     - debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Create links for
       Extensions.rdf and components.ini after register call, and remove
       components.ini before.
   * Clean-up in files generated by update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Put all the links generated by
       update-mozilla-firefox-chrome into the package.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: Remove all /var files generated
       in the remove target, and changed the way we clean-up
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Removed chromelist.txt.
   * Add support for extensions preferences:
     - debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Handle
       /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults.ini file.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Add a symlink to /var for
     - toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ Added
       defaults registration in -register command.
     - mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.install: Move inspector.js into
       the appropriate extension specific directory.
   * Move preferences back into /usr:
     - debian/rules: Don't move the prefs into
       /etc/mozilla-firefox/pref, and put the vendor thing into /usr
       as well, and remove firefox-l10.js file.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: remove old prefs in /etc and
       old symlink /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults/pref.
     - debian/firefox.js: new Debian default preferences file.
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.install: install firefox.js in
     - debian/mozilla-firefox.links: rename
       /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults/pref symlink to
     - toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ Added
       a hook so that defaults/syspref gets registered in defaults.ini
       after all other extensions preferences.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: only clean-up stuff if we are
     upgrading from a version known to still have the files. Added some
     more clean-up.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Removed useless init.d.
   * modules/libpref/src/init/all.js: Fixed all chrome URLs which refered to
     mozilla stuff.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Remove some more files before running
     firefox-bin -register.
   * Changes by Eric Dorland:
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.NEWS: Add warning about broken extension and
     locale packages with this release.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Comment out warning about xprint,
     xprint isn't necessarily needed for printing since postscript was
     reenabled. (Closes: #279858)

mozilla-firefox (0.99+1.0RC1-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Fixed to run properly with dash. (Closes: #279549).
     - Fixed indentation.
     - Added a basic debugger support.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.1: Added information about debugger options.
   * debian/rules: Added a debug option to DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. If you want to
     build a fully gdb'able package, use DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="noopt nostrip
   * netwerk/protocol/ftp/src/nsFtpConnectionThread.cpp: Apply new patch from
     - Further change this patch to use Append rather than AppendLiteral,
       which doesn't seem to exist. (ED)

mozilla-firefox (0.99+1.0RC1-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * netwerk/protocol/ftp/src/nsFtpConnectionThread.cpp: Apply patch from
     bz#266835 to fix anonymous user password issue. (Closes: #226784)
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ (MH)
     - Fully apply previous patches, which for some reason left a spurious code
       line which made the extensions manager not like expired extensions
       anymore. (Closes: #279140)
     - Enhanced extensions manager so that the behaviour described in actually
       works. Extensions packagers are invited to move their chrome files
       accordingly, and remove /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/chrome.d files so that
       extensions chrome don't get registered when they are forced-disable due
       to version mismatch or some other reason.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Fix some thinkos. (MH)
     - Fix for loading files from the command line. (Closes: #279018) (MH)
     - Removed setting --display from $DISPLAY, let it get it from the
       environment, but pass --display if it is set. (Mike,
       I'm worried this will screw up some session
       managers, let me know what you think, we can revert it)
     - Removed FIREFOX_OPEN_IN stuff, so that firefox now obeys to "open
       links from other applications in" setting. (Closes: #279073) (MH)
     - Enhanced command line parsing, and drop empty arguments.
       (Closes: #279138) (MH)
     - No need for a find to look for XUL.mfasl, we already have its
       location from the path list taken from profiles.ini. (MH)
     - Better detection of dsp wrapper, when FIREFOX_DSP=auto.
       (Closes: #254611) (MH)
     - Correctly open local files even when firefox was not previously
       running. (Closes: #279018) (MH)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.1: (MH)
     - Removed references to FIREFOX_OPEN_IN.
     - Added the -safe-mode option.
   * debian/mozilla-firefoxrc: Removed FIREFOX_OPEN_IN. (MH)

mozilla-firefox (0.99+1.0RC1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Disable browser update checking by
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Apply patch from Aurelien Jarno to fix
     variable name typo. (Closes: #278844)

mozilla-firefox (0.99+1.0RC1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release.
   * layout/xul/base/src/nsImageBoxFrame.{cpp,h}: Remove some conflicts
     from a previous patch.

mozilla-firefox (0.10.1+1.0PR-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/rules: (MH)
     - Use upstream extensions set. This will eventually get a
       correct help menu and fix some yet undiscovered UI issues.
       (Closes: #257946)
     - Added support for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt.
     - Changed OPTFLAGS assignment.
     - Remove whitespace characters in version number for UserAgent
     - Install mozilla-firefox-runner into /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/firefox
       (Closes: #278477)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.links: (MH)
     - Link /usr/bin/firefox and /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox to
     - Removed obsolete profile/US links.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs: Create /etc/mozilla/profile instead of
     /etc/mozilla/profile/US. (MH)
   * toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp: Fix crash in nsCmdLineService::Initialize
     when argc is changed by gtk (when treating gtk specific arguments)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner (Changes by MH):
     - Removed workaround for bug #122990. First, xmlterm is not an activated
       extension, and secondly, if it still requires the TERM environment
       variable, it is the user's duty to set it to whatever he wants, not
       firefox's start script's.
     - Removed the ulimit -c setting. First, it is set by default to 0 on a
       newly installed debian, and secondly, it is user's choice to set it or
       not if he needs to get core files.
     - Removed unused shell variables.
     - Removed unsetting AUDIODEV variable. If it still crashes, it does belong
       to some other code than firefox. The AUDIODEV environment variable is
       used nowhere in firefox code:
       Note that there is a "A crash which occurred when AUDIODEV doesn't
       contain "/" was fixed." log message in esound version 0.2.33 changes and
       that the bug may have belonged there.
     - Replaced ${HOME}/.mozilla-firefoxrc file by a ${HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/rc
       file. The former is still supported, though, but will bring a warning
       message. If both are present, only the latter is taken into account.
     - Changed the way system and user FIREFOX_DSP and FIREFOX_OPEN_IN
       variables are handled. First, use system values defined in
       /etc/mozilla-firefox/mozilla-firefoxrc, then override with
       ${HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/rc and then with runtime environment variables.
     - Don't die when DISPLAY is not set. Display can be passed by --display
       option, and if not set and needed (some options don't require it),
       firefox will complain.
     - Some shell code simplifications by using some coreutils.
     - Added better command line parsing.
     - Added verbosity mode.
     - Removed setting of FONTCONFIG_PATH, /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/res/Xft
       doesn't exist
     - Factorized localization detection.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.1 (MH):
     - Made some clean-up between dashes and hyphens.
     - Removed obsolete options and added new ones.
     - Added informations about some debian specific stuff.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Changed the way we move files to
     /var/lib/mozilla-firefox. It will avoid creating files with a * in their
     name whenever registration failed. (MH)
   * debian/README.Debian: Update java instructions, tell them to just use

mozilla-firefox (0.10.1+1.0PR-4) unstable; urgency=medium

   * This release mostly courtesy Mike Hommey.
   * layout/src/xul/base/src/nsImageBoxFrame.*: Backported patch from
     bz#255372. (Closes: #278046)
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ Force locking
     globally installed extensions, that will prevent extensions packages
     files to be unexpectedly removed by firefox.
   * debian/control: Add Mike Hommey as an Uploader.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Removed content-packs.jar which is
     mozilla-browser specific.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs:
     - Remove leading /'s.
     - Create
     /chrome directory so that preview is shown in the Themes Manager. Yes,
     this is stupid, but it is the way firefox wants it (and it's not even
     created by make install, nor in the official binary tarball. It is
     only created at run time, but you know what ? under *nix, a normal
     user can't create that directory) (Closes: #276404)
   * debian/rules: Add a /etc/mozilla-firefox/pref/vendor.js file adding
     the debian package version to the UserAgent. (Closes: #268654)
   * debian/README.Debian: Update java instructions. I'd love some more
     definitive pointers. (Closes: #277983)

mozilla-firefox (0.10.1+1.0PR-3) experimental; urgency=low

   * debian/control:
     - Rename the mozilla-firefox-gnome-vfs package
       mozilla-firefox-gnome-support since it does more than vfs. No
       need for Replaces or anything, since it never actually made it to
       the archive.
     - Remove strict build dependencies on g++ and binutils, since the
       fixed versions have hit sarge.
     - Remove hppa build depends, since gcc has also been fixed there.
     - Build-depend on libgnome2-dev and libgconf2-dev to build in more
       gnome support.
     - Have mozilla-firefox recommend it's gnome support.
   * debian/rules:
     - Remove hppa CC redefinitions.
     - Exclude gnome not just gnomevfs.
     - dh_install for gnome-support.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-gnome-vfs.*: Rename to
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-gnome-support.install: Grab gnome, not just

mozilla-firefox (0.10.1+1.0PR-2) experimental; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Patch from Sam Morris to handle cleanup of directories with
       unusual names.
     - Fix return value check, patch from rgselk. (Closes: #269690)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.1: List full path to firefox-bin. (Closes:
   * debian/rules:
     - --with-gssapi=/usr, enable Negotiate extension. (Closes:
     - Enable gnomevfs support,
   * debian/control:
     - Build-depend on libkrb5-dev.
     - Build-depend on libgnomevfs2-dev.
     - New gnomevfs package, based on work by Mike Hommey. (Closes:
   * debian/{inst,rm}: Added, same as
     corresponding files from mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-gnome-vfs.install: Install gnomevfs components.
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Set
     network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris to https:// to enable the
     negotiate extension over secure links.
   * config/ Tweak patch from Thiemo Seufer to include svg_doc in
     non-optimization. (Closes: #273353)

mozilla-firefox (0.10.1+1.0PR-1) experimental; urgency=critical

   * New upstream release, fixes security issue bz#259708. (Closes:

mozilla-firefox (0.10+1.0PR-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. (Closes: #273700, #267003)
   * toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/,
     gfx/src/windows/nsImageWin.cpp, gfx/src/shared/gfxImageFrame.cpp,
     browser/app/profile/firefox.js: Resolve conflicts between my tree and
   * browser/app/ Fix $(DESTDIR) variable.
   * accessible/src/atk/nsAccessibleWrap.cpp,
     accessible/src/atk/nsAccessibleWrap.h: Apply patch from bugzilla for
     alpha fix that's more likely to make it into CVS.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Patch from Mike Hommey to make
     update-mozilla-firefox-chrome more verbose on -v.
   * debian/rules:
     - Remove typeaheadfind for new find toolbar to work. (Mike Hommey)
       (Closes: #267170)
     - Changes to reflect new upstream files.
   * debian/control:
     - Remove build-depend on libcairo-dev.
     - Build depend on libxt-dev, seems to be necessary now. (Closes:
   * debian/docs: Removed, as browser/README.html disappeared. (Mike Hommey)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs:
     - Changes to reflect new upstream files.
     - Removed obsolete
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install:
      - Remove .jar's that aren't there anymore.
      - Removed obsolete
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.dirs,
     debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.install, debian/rules: Upstream
     doesn't consider DOM Inspector as a real extension, and do not provide
     the appropriate files to make it appear in the extensions
     manager. Removed all the extension related stuff in the package. (Mike
   * other-licenses/libart_lgpl: Removed, was for SVG, no longer needed.
   * modules/plugin/samples/default/unix/*: Reverted debian specific
     changes, we don't want them in the diff since libnullplugin won't get

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-6) unstable; urgency=high

   * gfx/src/gtk/ Uncomment symbol fonts. (Closes:
   * debian/control: Build-depend on binutils (>= 2.15-4) but only on mips
     and mipsel. (Closes: #273353)
   *, configure, Patch from Thiemo Seufer to
     increase stability and performance on mips. (Closes: #272159)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Detect failure of ping()
     better. (Closes: #267393)
   * layout/html/document/src/html.css: Testing fix for xprint problems.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-5) unstable; urgency=high

   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Apply another patch form Mike
     Hommey to fix a few more issues in the script. (Closes: #271480)
   * Fixes to Secunia security bugs, ported from bugzilla:
     (Closes: #271888)
     - browser/base/content/browser.js,
       xpfe/communicator/resources/content/contentAreaDD.js: Fix for
       drag and drop exploit, bz#250862.
     - caps/include/nsScriptSecurityManager.h, caps/src/,
       caps/src/nsScriptSecurityManager.cpp: Fix for enablePrivilege
       exploit, bz#253942.
     - gfx/src/shared/gfxImageFrame.cpp, gfx/src/windows/nsImageWin.cpp,
       modules/libpr0n/decoders/bmp/nsBMPDecoder.cpp: Fix for various
       overflows in the BMP code, bz#255067.
     - netwerk/dns/src/nsIDNService.cpp: Fix for bug in non-ASCII
       characters in domain names, bz#256316
     - content/xbl/src/nsXBLPrototypeHandler.cpp: Clipboard injection
       fix, bz#257523.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-4) unstable; urgency=high

   * Urgency high, go into testing dammit!
   * Apply patch from Mike Hommey as -3.1, which wasn't actually
     released. See below. (Closes: #271480)
   * debian/rules: Patch from Matthew Mueller to fix underquoted
     argument. (Closes: #271432)
   * debian/control: Build depend on binutils (>= 2.15-3) with fixed mips
     support. We still need a fixed gcc.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-3.1) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/rules: removed
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     + Added a "verbose" mode.
     + Added warning messages (only shown in verbose mode) about some
       extensions specific issues. This is intended to be useful for extensions
     + Check if the installed-extensions.txt file disappears, which tells if the
       mozilla-firefox -register went ok.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.8:
     + Fixed typos.
     + Added reference to the -v option for the verbose mode.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: enhanced the profile directory check. It
     didn't work if the path indicated in the profiles.ini was not absolute.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-3) unstable; urgency=high

   * Acknowlege NMU from Mike Hommey. He did a fantastic job in porting a
     large amount of fixes from upstream CVS. I owe him several large
     beverages of his choice. (Closes: #259046, #259836)
   * Port all of Mike's changes to my local CVS.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Pass command-line arguments to get_locale so they can actually
       be used. (Closes: #240058)
     - Apply patch from Mike Hommey to use the profiles.ini to find the
       path to the profile to clean XUL.mfasl. (Closes: #267326)
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Patch from Mike Hommey to fix
     some bashisms introduced by his NMU.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/,
     xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_asm_mips.s: Patch from
     Thiemo Seufer to fix mips. This requires patches to gcc and binutils
     to work and fully close #270621.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-2.2) unstable; urgency=high

   * The "never edit the diff file unless you're sure nothing will be
     missing" release.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: restore the uncut version.
   * debian/control, debian/rules: Use gcc-3.2 to build on hppa, because of
     toolchain bug #254549.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-2.1) unstable; urgency=high

   * Non Maintainer Upload for RC Fixes.
   * Applied changes to toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/
     and toolkit/mozapps/extensions/locale/ to solve some
     issues with extensions management. (taken from CVS)
   * Applied other changes to
     toolkit/mozapps/extensions/public/nsIExtensionManager.idl and
     mozilla/toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp to be able to use -register
     instead of -list-global-items for extensions/components/chrome
     registration through update-mozilla-firefox-chrome, thus not needing
     Xvfb anymore (-register option doesn't require a X server).
     (taken from CVS)
   * Applied some more changes to
     toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/ in order to
     avoir overlayinfo deletion during extensions registration process.
     (taken from CVS)
   * Final changes to toolkit/mozapps/extensions/src/
     to avoid registering out of date extensions so that firefox doesn't enter
     a loop at startup when no profile was found, and to only write in the
     installed-extensions-processed.txt file the list of actually installed
     extensions. Note that for packaged extensions installing their files
     directly into the chrome or components directories, that only means they
     won't appear in the Extensions Manager. They will still be available in
     the GUI.
   * All these fixes improve the Extensions Manager. Closes: #259046.
   * accessible/src/atk/nsAccessibleWrap.cpp,
     accessible/src/atk/nsAccessibleWrap.h: fixed 32-bit abuse of gobject
     (Steve Langasek). Closes: #259836.
   * debian/control: Removed dependency upon xvfb.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     + Removed use of Xvfb.
     + Removed creation of a root default profile, but kept the fake home
       hack to avoid creation of a .mozilla directory in root's home.
     + Changed extensions handling so that the overall process is cleaner.
       Extensions packages will have to move extensions {uid} directories
       to /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/, while the current location
       is still supported for compatibility purpose (but is strongly not
     + Removed use of regxpcom and regchrome, since what they both do is
       done by firefox-bin -register.
   * debian/rules: force GnomeVFS support to be disabled. (Josselin Mouette)
   * debian/README.Debian:
     + Added a note about potential problems with packaged "old" extensions.
     + Added a note about how to manually disable packaged extensions in user
     + Removed some old notes that don't apply anymore.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.install, debian/rules: Move
     extensions files to /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions/ instead of
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Move installed-extensions.txt symlink
     from /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/defaults/profile/extensions/ to
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm: More cleanup on removal of package.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_asm_mips.s.m4: Comment out
     NARGSAVE, like I did in 0.9.1-7, should fully fix #262571.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Remove brace expansion
     bashism. (Closes: #264200)
   * debian/control: Depend on debianutils (>= 1.16) since we use mktemp
     -d. (Closes: #263958)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Make -contentLocale COUNTRY, not
     lang-COUNTRY. (Closes: #263940)

mozilla-firefox (0.9.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. (Closes: #263193)
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.8: Add manpage from Mark Suter
     for update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.8. (Closes: #263149)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.manpages: Add update-mozilla-firefox-chrome.8.
   * debian/control: Add build-deps on gcc-3.4 for amd64. (Closes: #262679)

mozilla-firefox (0.9.1-7) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Reintroduce check for command-line arguments (I broke this last
       release). (Closes: #262692, #262462, #262537, #262588, #262727)
     - Allow overriding of -contentLocale and -UILocale. (Closes:
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcinvoke_asm_mips.s: Comment out
     NARGSAVE reassignment, it is defined elsewhere. (Closes: #262571)
   * debian/rules: Force amd64 to build with gcc 3.4. (Closes: #262679)

mozilla-firefox (0.9.1-6) unstable; urgency=low

   * widget/src/gtk2/keysym2ucs.c: Patch from Eugeniy Meshcheryakov to
     allow mozilla firefox to enter a ghe with upturn. (Closes: #261543)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Remove some mail and composer cruft.
     - Add warning if DISPLAY is not set. (Closes: #261465)

mozilla-firefox (0.9.1-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control: Goodbye mozilla-firebird transition package.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Add -a firefox flag when running
     firefox-bin. (Closes: #259237)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Add GenericName field.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Fix quoting problem with
     {*}. (Closes: #257243)
   * debian/rules:
     - Re-enable postscript printing support, since the security
       issues turned out to be bogus. (Closes: #257628)
     - Disable SVG support, it's still too broken to be usable.
       (Closes: #259544)

mozilla-firefox (0.9.1-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "Let's try unstable" release. There are still issues, but there
     are issues with 0.8 as well, so no more point in waiting.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     - Copy over empty Extensions.rdf file on update. (Closes: #257243)
     - Increase sleep to 15 seconds, hopefully this will work on most
       people's machines.
   * My apologies to Mike Hommey for mispelling his name in last release.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.1-3) experimental; urgency=low

   * Ok, I was wrong, we're still in experimental. I think we need to fix a
     few more issues before getting this in unstable, like #257258, and
     make sure the hacky extensions mechanism is more bullet-proof.
   * debian/rules: --disable-installer, since we don't use it.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     - Wait 8 seconds instead of 5 for the hack, might help some
       people reporting problems.
     - Remove ${LIBDIR}/extensions/{*}. I may move that to
       /var/lib/mozilla-firefox eventually, but let's leave it for now.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.png.uu: Make a nicer png icon, based on the
     about box graphic.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Remove old config files in
     /etc/mozilla-firefox/pref. (Closes: #257711, 257557)
   * browser/app/profile: firefox.js: Revert change to app.version,
     apparently it breaks extensions. (Closes: #257941)

mozilla-firefox (0.9.1-2) experimental; urgency=low

   * The "Mike Homey, lord of the bugs" release. Thanks to Mike for being a
     huge help with bug triage. That's right, help with bugs and your name
     could have a prestigious place in the changelog.
   * I'd like my next release to be to unstable, so let me know about
     profile transition bugs, etc.
   * debian/control: Build-depend on libcairo1-dev.
   * debian/rules: Enable svg support using cairo renderer. (Closes:
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-xremote-client: Add -a firefox switch to make
     the remote client find firefox only. Thanks Jonathan Black. (Closes:
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop: Make comment Gnome HIG
     compliant. (Closes: #257592)
   * browser/app/profile/firefox.js:
     - app.version = 0.9.1.
     - Disable app updates by default. We're debian, we handle updates.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     - Remove installed-extensions-processed.txt before regenerating.
       (Closes: #257243)
     - Take some, but not all advice from Alexandru Fomin. Improve Xvfb
       and extension registration hacks.

mozilla-firefox (0.9.1-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream release.
   * config/ Alright, /usr/lib/firefox-0.9 was a bad idea,
     use /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox. Change all the instances
     /usr/lib/firefox-0.9 back to /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox. I feel
     silly. (Closes: #256991)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Actually check for the existence of the
     .mozilla/firefox directory before trying to clean it.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Call firefox-bin, not firefox you silly goose.
     - Use mozilla-firefox tempfile, not mozilla-browser.
     - The horrible hackiness continues: For my previous hack to work,
       I need to preseed a profile directory in the home directory I
       create. Now things should work. (Closes: #256812)

mozilla-firefox (0.9-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. There may be regressions from 0.8. (Closes:
   * widget/src/gtk/nsGtkMozRemoteHelper.cpp,
     widget/src/xremoteclient/XRemoteClient.cpp: Fix previously applied to
     fix -remote behaviour undone. Mozilla now includes the program name in
     the properties to distinguish between various Mozilla apps.
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/ remove extra endif.
   * dom/public/idl/core/nsIDOMNSDocument.idl: Reintroduce referrer
     attribute that got lost somehow.
   * content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.cpp: Fix a strange broken
     function call to GetContainer.
   * debian/rules:
     - Follow upstream and --enable-single-profile and
     - Replace /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox with /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
     - --user-app-dir=.mozilla to jive with new location.
     - Remove dom-inspector extension dir from the regular package.
   * debian/control: Depend on xvfb for insane hack below.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install:
     - Replace /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox with /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
     - Remove ipc dir, mozipcd.
     - Add init.d, greprefs dirs.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs:
     - Add /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions{,.d}
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.dirs: Add
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.install:
     - Replace /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox with /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
     - Install dom-inspector extension dir.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.links:
     - Replace /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox with /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
     - Link /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox to /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
     - Link installed-extensions.txt to our place in
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Replace /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox with /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
     - Fix xprintorg typo. (Closes: #255706)
     - Search .mozilla/firefox for XUL.mfasl files.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-xremote-client: Replace
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox with /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome:
     - Replace /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox with /usr/lib/firefox-0.9.
     - Capture return values from reg* commands on error, stolen
       from mozilla source.
     - Remove returns from check_running.
     - Pull in snippets from /var/lib/mozilla-firefox/extensions.d
       to generate installed-extensions.txt for new extensions mechanism.
     - An insane hack, but necessary because of upstream: Launch a Xvfb
       to run firefox to generate the necessary extension metadata. I've
       been told this will not be necessary in the next version.

mozilla-firefox (0.8-12) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "Last Chance Before 0.9" release.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Fix unescaped \n, thanks Olly
     Betts. (Closes: #252436)
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Watch out for empty
     LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Thanks George Cristian Birzan. (Closes: #254142)
   * debian/README.Debian: Restructure and update a bit.
   * debian/presubj: Add bug information from README.Debian for reportbug.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Install the presubj.

mozilla-firefox (0.8-11) unstable; urgency=low

   * Apply amd64 fix from #249211.
   * debian/README.Debian: Shamelessly stole the java plugin installation
     instructions from the mozilla package. (Closes: #243513)
   * nsCommonWidget.cpp, nsCommonWidget.h, nsWindow.cpp: Apply patch (with
     some hand massaging) from upstream bugzilla bug #209342 to fix initial
     window placement. (Closes: #235209, 241519)
   * nsprpub/pr/src/misc/prnetdb.c: Apply patch from Miquel van Smoorenburg
     to prevent unless reverse DNS lookups. (Closes: #251978)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: Apply patch from Jasper Spaans to fix
     remote xprint printing. (Closes: #252072)

mozilla-firefox (0.8-10) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install: Don't install uuencoded file. (Closes:
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner: unset AUDIODEV which can cause
     crashes. Thanks Christopher Armstrong. (Closes: #236231)
   * update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Port security fix from #249613 to
     handle insecure tempfile creation.
   * debian/rules: Following the advice of #247585 I'm disabling postscript
     printing. Perhaps this will alleviate some of the other printing

mozilla-firefox (0.8-9) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control:
     - Suggest latex-xft-fonts for MathML fonts. Thanks Michael
       JasonSmith. (Closes: #216925)
     - Build depend on libx11-dev & libxp-dev instead of xlibs-dev to
       reflect new X packages.
   * widget/src/gtk2/nsWindow.cpp: Apply patch from Peter Colberg to ignore
     unused mouse buttons. (Closes: #244305)
   * debian/README.Debian: Document the fact that the loopback interface
     has to be up and unfiltered for things to work right.

mozilla-firefox (0.8-8) unstable; urgency=low

   * security/nss/lib/freebl/unix_rand.c: Remove code that called netstat
     to gain so entropy. It's pretty useless on a Linux system. Thanks
     Wichert. (Closes: #241200)
   * debian/README.Debian: Add note about changing the button order in the
     dialog boxes. (Closes: #240261)
   * debian/control: Add dummy package for mozilla-firebird to smooth
     upgrades. (Closes: #235577)

mozilla-firefox (0.8-7) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Cleanup XUL.mfasl whenever firefox is run with no
       command-line. (Closes: #238717)
     - Add patch from Laurent Buffler to add config to allow
       new tabs to be opened instead of new windows. (Closes: #239323)
   * debian/mozilla-firefoxrc: Put the new FIREFOX_OPEN_IN variable in
     there and document it's use.

mozilla-firefox (0.8-6) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control: Build-depend on g++-3.3 (>= 3.3.3-4) to work around
     broken 3.3.3-3 release. (Closes: #238318, #238241, #238441, #238523,
   * debian/rules: Install new small-firefox icon.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox{.png, .xpm, -small.xpm}: Use the new DFSG-free
     icons, the old pretty ones are trademarked and not DSFG-free. I know,
     it's stupid. Complain to the Mozilla Foundation, not me. (Closes:

mozilla-firefox (0.8-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * Rebuild with g++-3.3 3.3.3-2 to work around broken g++. (Closes:

mozilla-firefox (0.8-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/README.Debian:
     - Tell people not to remove their ~/.firefox directory. Just move it
       out of the way. (Closes: #235594)
     - Add notes about the sound dsp. (Closes: #236678)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - Don't redirect stderr. (Closes: #236160)
     - Add get_locale code from Aurelien Jarno (Closes: #235521)
     - Fix dsp auto-detection code. (Closes: #236678)
   * debian/rules: Add default locale file.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs: Add locales dir.
   * browser/app/profile/all.js,
     modules/libpref/src/init/all.js, widget/public/nsGUIEvent.h,
     widget/src/gtk/nsWidget.cpp: Reapply extended mouse events patch from
     Derek Upham. (Closes: #235385, #230876)
   * browser/base/content/ Make ESC stop animations
     again. (Closes: #235474)

mozilla-firefox (0.8-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/ Change the case of
     mozilla-Firefox. (Closes: #234982, #234755)
   * debian/NEWS.Debian: Move to debian/mozilla-firefox.NEWS so that it
     actually gets installed. (Closes: #234700)
   * debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome: Setup dummy home directory to
     capture silly .firefox directory. (Closes: #234855)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.png.uu, debian/mozilla-firefox.xpm: Use the
     new, pretty mozilla-firefox icons. (Closes: #234869)
   * debian/rules: Install the pretty icon in the right places.

mozilla-firefox (0.8-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "what he taketh, he giveth back" release.
   * debian/rules:
     - Disable the wallet extension, this really closes #222447.
     - Remove some more cruft left over from the patch system.
     - Reinstall the dom-inspector.
   * debian/control: Add the dom-inspector back, now that it is supported
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector.{install,dirs,postinst,postrm}:
     Bring these files back.
   * docshell/base/nsWebShell.cpp: Only do keyword lookup on when DNS
     entries don't exist. (Closes: #233916, #218033, #211524)

mozilla-firefox (0.8-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "Let's Change Our Name Every Other Day" release.
   * New upstream release, mozilla-firebird has been renamed to
     mozilla-firefox. Let's hope it lasts. (Closes: #231903, #222447)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.*: Renamed to debian/mozilla-firefox.*.
   * debian/README.Debian: Update for firefox, remove blurb about the
   * debian/NEWS.Debian: Explain how to move your configs over. I may make
     this automatic if enough people complain, but I'm loathe to muck
     around in pople's home directories.
   * debian/control:
     - Rename the package.
     - Tweak description to list Firefox's previous aliases.
     - Remove conflicts on mozilla-firebird-dom-inspector.
   * debian/rules:
     - s/firebird/firefox/g, s/MozillaFirebird/firebird/g.
     - Comment out some old inspector code.
     - Remove unused patch subsystem.
     - Disable gtktest. We don't need no stinking tests.
     - Remove disable plaintext editor line, not sure why it's there.
     - Disable LDAP support. We don't use it.
     - Remove executable bit on *.so files.
     - Remove useless preference files.
     - Exclude the inspector files.
     - Don't remove installed-chrome, we don't install it anymore.
     - user-app-dir = .firefox. (Closes: #212301)
     - export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL for the build ID. (Closes: #231133)
   * debian/mozilla-firefox-runner:
     - s/firebird/firefox/g.
     - Remove composer and editor functions.
     - Use .firefox directory.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.install:
     - s/firebird/firefox/g, s/MozillaFirebird/firefox/g.
     - Don't install timebombgen.
     - Install icons directory.
     - Don't install installed-chrome.txt, we just remove it anyway.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.desktop, debian/mozilla-firefox.dirs,
     debian/mozilla-firefox.manpages, debian/mozilla-firefox.links,
     debian/, debian/mozilla-firefox.mime,
     debian/mozilla-firefoxrc, debian/mozilla-firefox.postinst,
     debian/mozilla-firefox.prerm, debian/update-mozilla-firefox-chrome,
     debian/mozilla-firefox.1, debian/mozilla-firefox-xremote-client:
     s/firebird/firefox/g, s/MozillaFirebird/firefox/g.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.links: Link mozilla-firefox.1 to firefox.1.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.preinst: Remove, at least with the rename I can
     erase some of my previous blunders.
   * debian/mozilla-firefox.{png.uu,xpm}: Use the package icon.
   * browser/app/nsBrowserApp.cpp: Change package name to Firefox, so now
     the ~/.firefox is used. (Closes: #196550)
   * browser/app/profile/all.js: Merge in autoscroll fixes.
   * browser/base/content/ Merge in upstream stop button
   * modules/plugin/samples/default/unix/nullplugin.c: Merge in removal of
     commented code.
   * nsprpub/pr/include/md/_linux.cfg, nsprpub/pr/include/md/_linux.h,
     security/coreconf/ Merge in hppa build fixes from upstream.
   * config/ Install into /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox now.
   * content/base/src/nsDocumentViewer.cpp: Remove redundant stop patch
     since it has been merged upstream.
   * content/events/src/nsEventStateManager.cpp,
     modules/libpref/src/init/all.js, widget/src/gtk/nsWidget.cpp: Revert
     back to upstream version. There was a patch here to add support for
     extended mouse buttons, but I'm removing it since I don't trust that
     it works in the new version correctly. Send me another patch if you
     want this functionality back.
   * toolkit/components/passwordmgr/base/nsPasswordManager.cpp: Revert this
     back to upstream, I'm not sure which patches I applied to this file,
     likely something to try and fix the double password prompt.
   * widget/src/xremoteclient/XRemoteClient.cpp,
     widget/src/xremoteclient/XRemoteClient.h: Revert to upstream version,
     I believe it does the right thing now, but the patch I used does not
     apppear to have been used. Restore the properties to _FIREFOX_*
   * widget/src/gtk/nsGtkMozRemoteHelper.cpp,
     widget/src/gtk2/nsGtkMozRemoteHelper.cpp: Change the _FIREBIRD_* to
     _FIREFOX_* here as well.
   * content/base/src/nsDocument.cpp: Comment out nsDocument::GetDomConfig,
     needed to get things to compile.

mozilla-firebird (0.7-7) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firebird-runner: Open a new window when loading a
     regular file. (Closes: #228853)


mozilla-firebird (0.7-6) unstable; urgency=medium

   * The "Indian-giver-christmas" release.
   * Urgency medium since we're closing some critical bugs that need to get
     in before a freeze.
   * Completely remove mozilla-firebird-dom-browser. No one stepped up to
     help fix it's brokeness in 0.7 and I don't use it or particularly care
     about it. So it is no more. If someone steps up to take responsibility
     I might put it back, but otherwise it may RIP. (Closes: #222085)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird-runner: Remove XUL.mfasl uncoditionally
     now. There is a corner case where this file is corrupted on upgrade
     when firebird was running. This is a total hack, and not an elegant
     solution, but at least it fixes the problem. (Closes: #224779,
   * debian/control: Conflict against old mozilla-firebird-dom-inspector
     since it doesn't work anymore.

mozilla-firebird (0.7-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * browser/base/content/ Patch to make ESC stop actually
     work. (Closes: #223382)
   * debian/rules: Turn down optimizations on sparc. (Closes: #223760)

mozilla-firebird (0.7-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "All of Takuo's hard work really pays off" release.
   * toolkit/components/passwordmgr/base/nsPasswordManager.cpp: Patch from
     upstream bugzilla (#220214) to fix double password prompt
     problem. (Closes: #222696)
   * xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix/xptcstubs_asm_mips.s.m4: Stolen
     patch from mozilla package to make mozilla-firebird build on
     mips. (Closes: #222743)
   * content/base/src/nsDocumentViewer.cpp: Port yet another patch to allow
     the ESC key to stop animated gifs. (Closes: #223382)

mozilla-firebird (0.7-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control: Add dependency on psmisc since we use fuser. Thanks
     Daniel Schröter.
   * widget/src/xremoteclient/XRemoteClient.{cpp,h}: Apply patch from
     bugzilla to fix -remote behaviour on modern WMs. Thanks Nikolai
     Prokoschenko. (Closes: #197632)
   * nsprpub/pr/src/misc/prdtoa.c: Apply fix from mozilla package (#215067)
     to fix building on arm. This is a partial fix to #222743.
   * debian/patches: Remove these. Put everything in CVS.

mozilla-firebird (0.7-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * Apply excellent patch from Alexander Sack <> to fix the
     issues with mozilla running and firebird not starting. (Closes:
   * browser/app/profile/all.js: Set the default of "general.autoScroll" to
     false because it annoyes me. (Closes: #221661)

mozilla-firebird (0.7-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. (Closes: #216019)
   * debian/patches/dom-inspector.diff: Remove, and apply directly into my
   * debian/patches/pref.diff: Removed, doesn't seem applicable anymore.
   * debian/rules: export MOZ_FIREBIRD=1.
   * debian/control:
     - Change Chimera to Camino. (Closes: #220821)
     - Fix typos in descriptions. (Closes: #218202)
     - Add build-deps on m4. (Closes: #219681)

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-8) unstable; urgency=low

   * Apply patch to make forward and back buttons work on mice. (Closes:
   * debian/rules: Use -O optimization on alpha, so it will build
     again. (Closes: #213603)

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-7) unstable; urgency=low

   * Rebuild with the latest and greatest from unstable. This seems to fix
     the problems with bookmarks people were having, at least for me. No
     idea why. Please reopen if this doesn't fix it for you. (Closes:
     #209339, #211706, #211286, #211146, #212011)

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-6) unstable; urgency=low

   * Patch from Eric Wong <> to make plugin requests
     less annoying. (Closes: #196609)
   * debian/rules: Stop building libart.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.links: Fix path to bookmarks file. (Partial
     fix to #211286)

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "sorry Chris Gray" release.
   * debian/rules: disable SVG. This was causing drag and drop to lock up
     X and possibly fixes #208630. (Closes: #209371)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird-runner: Remove XUL.mfasl if we have upgraded,
     since it can cause problems. (Closes: #200073, #202130, #207351)

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "pleasing Chris Gray" release.
   * other-licenses/libart_gpl: Add this library for svg.
   * debian/rules:
     - Enable svg.
     - Move bookmarks.html file into /etc. (Closes: #207398)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.links: Add links back to files moved to /etc.
   * security/coreconf/ Add this as a copy of to
     get mozilla-firebird to build on 2.6. (Closes: #207821)

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firebird.prerm: Remove mozilla alternative on
     remove. (Closes: #205310)
   * debian/debsearch.{gif.uu,src}: Debian search plugin graciously
     contributed by Fergus McKenzie-Kay <>.
   * debian/rules:
     - uudecode and clean up debsearch.gif.uu.
     - Steal platform specific optimization code from mozilla
       package. Thanks Brian Nelson. (Closes: #206309)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.install: Install the above files.
   * debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.6.1.

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "Stop Pestering Me Already!" release.
   * debian/control: Only recommend xprt-xprintorg, don't require
     it. (Closes: #204176)

mozilla-firebird (0.6.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release. (Closes: #203518, #201203)
   * debian/control:
     - Standards-Version to 3.6.0.
     - Don't provide www-browser anymore. (Closes: #201035)
     - Depend on xprt-xprintorg so printing will work. (Closes: #202418)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.preinst: Remove www-browser alternative.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.postinst: Don't install www-browser alternative.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.prerm: Don't remove www-browser alternative
   * debian/README.Debian: Added note about configuration breaking on
     upgrade. (Closes: #202130)
   * debian/patches/classic.diff: Removed. Not sure what it's point was.
   * debian/rules: Add --disable-pedantic to the configure options.

mozilla-firebird (0.6-8) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/patches/alpha-build-fix.diff: Steal patch from mozilla to allow
     building on alpha. (Closes: #198638)
   * debian/patches/hppa-build-fix.diff: Steal patch from mozilla to allow
     building on hppa, clean it up so it applies cleanly. (Closes: #199068)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.png.uu: Added uuencoded nice png icon.
   * debian/rules: Add code to decode and clean up the new icon file.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.install: Install new icon.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.desktop: Use the new icon.

mozilla-firebird (0.6-7) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firebird.1: Stole the mozilla manpage for my own
     nefarious purposes. (Closes: #196638)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.postrm: Add slave links to the
     mozilla-firebird manpage. (Closes: #197145)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird-xremote-client: Set up the environment
     properly so it returns correct information. (Closes: #197632)
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.xpm: Added icon from to have
     a nice menu icon. (Closes: #197565)
   * Updated the README.Debian with some helpful bug reporting tips.
   * debian/rules: Replaced dh_installmanpages with dh_installman.

mozilla-firebird (0.6-6) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/mozilla-firebird.postinst: Add priority 0 alternative on
     mozilla. (Closes: #196444)
   * debian/control: Add build-depends on libxrender-dev, libmng-dev,
     libpng12-dev, libjpeg62-dev.
   * debian/rules:
     - Build with system jpeg, mng and png libs.
     - Exclude inspector files from mozilla-firebird.
       (Closes: #196432, #196509)

mozilla-firebird (0.6-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * The "Mike Hommey is my homey" release.
   * Thanks to Mike Hommey <> for his excellent work on this
     version (it's 99% his), which I've shamelessly stolen.
   * Added a README.Debian file.
   * Added a separate mozilla-firebird-dom-inspector package.
   * debian/patches/dom-inspector.diff:
     - add DOM Inspector to Tools menu. (note: DOM Inspector is still
       not very well integrated with Firebird)
     - remove modern skin references.
   * debian/patches/xpinstall.diff: remove unneeded chrome registrations
     from xpinstall/packager/unix/browser.jst.
   * debian/patches/classic.diff: remove
     themes/classic/global/win/preview.gif from jar file and modify
     preview image reference in rdf file to Preview.png.
   * debian/patches/pref.diff: remove preview image constraints in
     browser/components/prefwindow/skin/pref.css file to avoid deformation
     of preview image in classic theme.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.preinst: added #DEBHELPER#.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.install:
     - Don't install the modern.jar and embed-sample.jar files.
     - Remove files related to dom-inspector.
   * debian/rules:
     - enabling xinerama support.
     - disabling build of chatzilla and venkman.
     - moved /var/lib/mozilla-firebird/chrome.d/99default to
     - remove references to embed-sample.jar in
     - Add some comments.
     - Change == to =, for more strict /bin/sh's.
   * debian/control: Build-Depend on libidl-dev (>= 0.8.0) because the
     configure script requires at least this version.
   * debian/copyright: Make this a real debian copyright file.

mozilla-firebird (0.6-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/rules: Change -O2 to -O for building on powerpc.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.preinst: Delete
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firebird/defaults/pref on upgrade to facilitate
     transition to prefs in /etc. Thanks to all who reported this.

mozilla-firebird (0.6-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * First attempt at a debian upload. (Closes: #163270)
   * debian/rules:
     + Small fix to Mike Hommey's chrome patch.
     + Suggestion from Bernhard R. Link to install
       /usr/lib/mozilla-firebird/defaults/pref to
     + Add dh_installmime call.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.mime: Install mime type handlers for firebird.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.links: Link
     /usr/lib/mozilla-firebird/defaults/pref to /etc/mozilla-firebird/pref
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.install: Don't install the inspector.jar.

mozilla-firebird (0.6-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/rules:
     + Add --with-user-appdir=.mozilla-firebird, since it still
       defaults to .phoenix.
     + Don't use the ${prefix} variable, use /usr, since ${prefix}
       doesn't seem to work.
     + Use --without-system-nspr.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.install:
     + Be picky about what chrome files we install, since there's
       quite a few we don't need, and a bunch of empty dirs.
   * Excellent patch from Mike Hommey <> to add a
     update-mozilla-firebird-chrome script.

mozilla-firebird (0.6-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release.
   * Renamed to mozilla-firebird.
   * Changed phoenix to mozilla-firebird where appropriate.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.links: Add link mozilla-firebird to
   * debian/control:
     + Standars-Version to
     + Build-depend on gtk2 libs now.
     + Build-depend on libidl-dev.
     + Add Provides x-www-browser.
   * debian/rules:
     + Enable building with the gtk2 libs.
     + Make mozilla-firebird-xremote-client executable in install target.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.desktop: Added gnome menu entry.
   * debian/mozilla-firebird.{prerm,postinst}: Add alternatives to
     www-browser and x-www-browser.

phoenix (0.5-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control: Depend on fontconfig.
   * debian/rules: Add source-tarball-from-cvs to build a orig tarball from
     a checked out cvs tree. Now I can provide source package. And there
     was much rejoicing.


phoenix (0.5-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/phoenix-xremote-client: Added to send remote commands to
     phoenix. Just a wrapper that calls phoenix-bin -remote.
   * debian/phoenix-runner:
     + Use phoenix-xremote-client.
     + Replace MOZILLA_DSP with PHOENIX_DSP.
   * debian/phoenixrc: phoenix-runner uses this file to determine what dsp
     to start.
   * debian/phoenix.install:
     + Install phoenix-xremote-client, and don't install
     + Install phoenixrc.

phoenix (0.5-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control:
     + Add Provides: www-browser.
     + Build-depend on libxft2-dev, libnspr-dev.
   * debian/rules:
     + Use xft and the system nspr.
     + Install phoenix-runner.
   * debian/phoenix-runner: Stolen from the mozilla package to run phoenix.

phoenix (0.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release.
   * debian/phoenix.install: Fix paths to phoenix libs.
   * debian/control:
     + Standards-Version to 3.5.8
     + Improve build-deps.
   * debian/rules:
     + Have configure options here, no more .mozconfig.
     + Steal some patch code from Colin.
   * debian/patches/mozappdir.diff: Change the mozappdir.

phoenix (0.4-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/ Add menu entry.
   * Rebuild to fix libstdc++ dependency.
   * .mozonfig: Disable more tests.

phoenix (0.4-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control:
     + Add build-depends.
     + Fix section and description.
   * .mozconfig:
     + Use system zlib.

phoenix (0.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Initial release.