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Changelog (3.3+dfsg1-2)

2019 (3.3+dfsg1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * debian/control (Breaks, Replaces): Fix package name; thanks Andreas
     Beckmann (Closes: #946239).
   * debian/ Add .desktop file.
   * debian/install: Delete; now redundant.
   * debian/rules (override_dh_link-indep): Delete stamp.make to make
     dh_missing happy. (3.3+dfsg1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release.
   * debian/patches/fix-spelling-error.patch: Remove hunk moved to
     gnustep-port.path; refresh.
   * debian/patches/gnustep-port.patch: Update and refresh.
   * debian/patches/gcc-warnings.patch: Fix few more warnings; update for
     the new release and refresh.
   * debian/patches/glibc-2.27.patch: Refresh.
   * debian/rules: Extract current version from Xcode's project file and
     define it with DEB_CPPFLAGS_MAINT_APPEND.
     (DEB_LDFLAGS_MAINT_APPEND): Remove; unnecessary with GCC 9.
   * debian/compat: Set to 12.
   * debian/control (Build-Depends): Bump debhelper requirement.  Drop
     gnustep-make; required version is present in stable.  Remove version
     requirement for libgnustep-gui-dev, also present in stable.
     ( Declare Breaks+Replaces because of the icon move.
     ( Remove Replaces; update Breaks version.
     (Rules-Requires-Root): Set to no.
     (Standards-Version): Bump to 4.4.1; no changes needed.
   * debian/ Move icon to; AppStream
     requires the icon to be in the same package as the .desktop file.
   * debian/ New file.
   * debian/copyright: Exclude "help" as the licensing terms are unclear
     and it's only used to build Apple help files after retrieving online
     wiki content.  We can't use it anyway and network operations during
     build are no-op.  Update copyright years. (3.1+dfsg1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * debian/patches/ftbfs-ppc64el.patch: Update redefined types which were
     apparently missed by upstream for the __ALTIVEC__ branch.  Fixes yet
     another FTBFS on ppc64el.
   * debian/patches/gnustep-port.patch: Fix an honest typo which caused
     FTBFS on powerpc, powerpcspe and ppc64. (3.1+dfsg1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release.
   * Remove patches that are applied/fixed upstream:
     - libav-10.patch;
     - ffmpeg_2.9.patch;
     - ffmpeg-4.0.patch.
   * debian/patches/fix-spelling-error.patch: Fix another error; refresh.
   * debian/patches/gnustep-port.patch: Adapt for the current code:
     + Fix assertion failure with gnustep-base/1.26 (Closes: #920609).
     + Provide alternative for the Clang-specific __builtin_shufflevector.
     + Replace CoreFoundation functions with GNUstep Base equivalents.
     + Don't override NSCell methods; remove all SMDoubleSlider changes.
     + Build with dcraw/FITS/SER support; ignore the metadata as the
       implementation relies on CoreServices which has no free replacement.
     + Revert all XIBs to an old version as XIB files created by XCode 5
       are not supported by GNUstep yet.
   * debian/patches/gcc-warnings.patch: Remove hunks applied upstream; fix
     a few more warnings.  Check the return value of fread/fgets.
   * debian/patches/manpage-fix.patch: Refresh.
   * debian/patches/glibc-2.27.patch: Likewise.
   * debian/patches/series: Update.
   * debian/gbp.conf: New file.
   * debian/control (Build-Depends): Bump libgnustep-gui-dev to >= 0.27 for
     the new NSSliderCell implementation.  Drop libgnustep-base-dev;
     implied by -base.  Add libcfitsio-dev for the FITS reader/writer.
     Add liblapacke-dev for the new image alignment implementation.  Bump
     gnustep-make to >= 2.7.0-4 for "terse" support in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
     (Depends): Add dcraw, required for reading the various RAW formats.
     (Standards-Version): Claim compliance with 4.3.0; no changes needed.
   * debian/rules (override_dh_auto_build): Support "terse".
     (override_dh_fixperms-indep): Amend Italian translations directory.
   * debian/copyright (Files-Excluded): Add SDK; just causes lintian
     warning P: source-contains-empty-directory.
     Remove copyright holders for patches that are removed.  Correct
     location of translations; update copyright years.

2018 (2.10+dfsg1-3) unstable; urgency=medium

   * debian/patches/ftbfs-ppc64el.patch: New, fix AltiVec-related FTBFS on
     ppc64el (Closes: #893442).  Many thanks to Frédéric Bonnard.
   * debian/patches/series: Update.
   * debian/copyright: Add Frédéric. (2.10+dfsg1-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/patches/gnustep-port.patch: Fix FTBFS on most architectures
     (undeclared PAGE_SIZE) (Closes: #893097).  Avoid locking the low knob
     of the double slider when it is set to the minimal value.
   * debian/control ( Mark as M-A: foreign. (2.10+dfsg1-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * New upstream release (Closes: #483430).
   * Set urgency to "low" for a longer testing period.
   * debian/patches/gnustep-port.patch: New; port to GNUstep.
   * debian/patches/ffmpeg-4.0.patch: New; fix FTBFS with ffmpeg/4.0
     (Closes: #888339).  Thanks James Cowgill for the report.  While here,
     move away from the legacy decode API; the new API works better with
     some codecs and hopefully the switch would lead to smoother ffmpeg
     transitions in the future.
   * debian/patches/glibc-2.27.patch: New; fix FTBFS with glibc/2.27
     (Closes: #891336).  Thanks Aurelien Jarno for the report.
   * debian/patches/libav-10.patch: Remove hunks applied upstream, update
     for the current code.
   * debian/patches/ffmpeg_2.9.patch: Adapt for current code.
   * debian/patches/gcc-warnings.patch: Remove all hunks as they were
     either fixed upstream or no longer apply to current code; fix some new
   * debian/patches/manpage-fix.patch: Write a new manpage and get it
     installed by the upstream build system.
   * debian/patches/fix-spelling-error.patch: Remove irrelevant hunk, fix
     one new spelling error.
   * debian/patches/hurd-ftbfs-fix.patch:
   * debian/patches/libav-build-fix.patch:
   * debian/patches/libav-0.7.patch:
   * debian/patches/libav-9.patch: Remove; fixed upstream.
   * debian/patches/compilation-errors.patch:
   * debian/patches/format-security.patch:
   * debian/patches/plist-icon.patch: Remove; no longer applicable.
   * debian/patches/series: Update.
   * debian/compat: Bump to 11.
   * debian/menu: Delete.
   * debian/install: Don't install the .xpm icon.  Install arch-dep files.
   * debian/ New file.
   * debian/control (Build-Depends): Remove imagemagick.  Bump gnustep-make
     dependency to >= 2.7.0-3 for the optim definition.  Add icnsutils.
     Bump debhelper to >= 11.  Remove ancient version requirements for
     ffmpeg libraries.  Require latest GNUstep libraries which contain
     fixes related to this release.
     ( New package, split arch-indep files.
     (Depends): Remove ${gnustep:Depends}; obsolete.  Depend on -common.
     (Vcs-Git, Vcs-Browser): Update following the migration to Salsa.
     (Standards-Version): Claim compliance with 4.1.3 as of this release.
   * debian/rules: Pass --sourcedirectory=GNUstep to dh.  Don't define
     optim.  Enable all hardening.
     (d_com): New helper variable.  Redefine d_app accordingly.
     (override_dh_auto_build): Don't create the .xpm icon.  Don't create
     symlink for the manpage.  Extract a .png icon from upstream .icns.
     Replace $(MAKE) with dh_auto_build.
     (override_dh_auto_install, override_dh_clean)
     (override_dh_installchangelogs): Remove.
     (override_dh_link): Rename as -indep and adjust recipe for the
     arch:all package.  Don't invoke gsdh_gnustep; obsolete.
     (override_dh_fixperms): Rename as -indep; fix permissions for Italian
     translation files.
   * debian/Lynkeos.png:
   * debian/manpages: Delete, no longer necessary.
   * debian/Lynkeos.desktop: Adjust Icon field.
   * debian/clean: New file; clean the .png icon.
   * debian/changelog: Remove trailing whitespace.
   * debian/watch: Uncomment, add repacking options.
   * debian/copyright: Use Files-Excluded to repackage the upstream tarball
     due to a non-free image.  Update copyright years, add copyright
     holders for translations.  Add copyright/license for SMDoubleSlider.
     Use HTTPS for the Format URL.
   * debian/ New file, override
     extra-license-file as these are loaded in the About dialog.

2016 (1.2-7.1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Non-maintainer upload.
   [ Andreas Cadhalpun ]
   * Fix build with ffmpeg 3.0. (Closes: #803840)

2014 (1.2-7) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Ack NMUs, thanks Sebastian Ramacher and Moritz Muehlenhoff.
   * debian/source/format: Switch to 3.0 (quilt).
   * debian/compat: Set to 9.
   * debian/control (Build-Depends): Remove dpatch and openssl.  Bump
     debhelper and libav version requirement.  Add gnustep-make (>=
     (Description): Improve.
     (Vcs-Git, Vcs-Browser): Use the canonical URIs.
     (Homepage): Switch to as the page of the GS port gives 404.
     (Standards-Version): Compliant with 3.9.6 as of this release.
   * debian/rules: Rewrite for modern dh.
   * debian/patches/00list:
   * debian/patches/05_ffmpeg_build_fix.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/10_plist_icon.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/15_manpage.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/compilation-errors.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/libav_0.7.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/libav_9.dpatch:
   * debian/patches/libav_10.dpatch: Rename/quiltify as...
   * debian/patches/series:
   * debian/patches/libav-build-fix.patch:
   * debian/patches/plist-icon.patch:
   * debian/patches/manpage-fix.patch:
   * debian/patches/compilation-errors.patch:
   * debian/patches/libav-0.7.patch:
   * debian/patches/libav-9.patch:
   * debian/patches/libav-10.patch: ...and make them DEP-3 compliant.
   * debian/patches/format-security.patch: New, fixes FTBFS with the
     default buildflags.  Thanks Colin Watson (Closes: #645993).
   * debian/patches/hurd-ftbfs-fix.patch: New, fixes FTBFS on GNU/Hurd.
     Thanks Pino Toscano (Closes: #670050).
   * debian/patches/gcc-warnings.patch: New; fixes implicit function
     declarations and few other issues (Closes: #749760).
   * debian/patches/libav-10.patch: Replace the deprecated function
     avcodec_alloc_frame with av_frame_alloc.
   * debian/patches/fix-spelling-error.patch: New, thanks Paul Gevers.
   * debian/patches/manpage-fix.patch: Typo fix.  Install into a valid
     section, thanks Paul Gevers.
   * debian/source/include-binaries:
   * debian/install:
   * debian/manpages: New files.
   * debian/Lynkeos.png: New file; moved/generated from plist-icon.patch.
   * debian/README.source:
   * debian/preinst: Delete.
   * debian/Lynkeos.desktop: Add Keywords field.
   * debian/copyright: Switch to format 1.0. (1.2-6.2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Non-maintainer upload.
   * debian/patches/libav_10.dpatch: Port to libav 10 API. Thanks to Anton
     Khirnov for the patch (Closes: #739316)
   * Build-depend on libtiff-dev (Closes: #722968)

2013 (1.2-6.1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Non-maintainer upload.
   * debian/patches/libav_9.dpatch: Port to libav 9 API. Thanks to Moritz
     Muehlenhoff for the patch (Closes: #720820)

2011 (1.2-6) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/patches/compilation-errors.dpatch: New (Closes: #629206).
   * debian/patches/libav_0.7.dpatch: New; port to libav/0.7, thanks Colin
     Watson (Closes: #638535).
   * debian/patches/00list: Update.
   * debian/control (Build-Depends): Add libtiff4-dev.  Require
     libavcodec-dev/libavformat-dev/libswscale-dev >= 4:0.7.1.
     (Vcs-Arch): Replace with...
     (Vcs-Git, Vcs-Browser): the package is now maintained in Git.
     (Standards-Version): Bump to 3.9.2; no changes required.

2010 (1.2-5) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/compat: Set to 7.
   * debian/control (Section): Change to `gnustep'.
     (Build-Depends): Require debhelper >= 7, remove version constraint for
     libgnustep-gui-dev.  Drop libdts-dev.
     (Depends): Add ${gnustep:Depends}.
     (Standards-Version): Compliant with 3.8.4 as of this release.
   * debian/rules: Include /usr/share/GNUstep/debian/, export
     GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES and avoid gs_make.
     (d_app): New variable.
     (OPTFLAG, ADDITIONAL_CFLAGS): No longer define; rework noopt handling
     to be compatible with gnustep-make/2.4.x (Closes: #581957).
     (install): Replace dh_clean -k with dh_prep.
     (binary-arch): Don't install the lintian override.  Conditionally move
     Resources to /usr/share.
   * debian/preinst:
   * debian/source/format:
   * debian/README.source: New file.
   * debian/lintian-override: Delete.
   * debian/Lynkeos.desktop: Make it valid.
   * debian/patches/05_ffmpeg_build_fix.dpatch: Add -ltiff to
     ADDITIONAL_OBJC_LIBS; fixes FTBFS with GNU gold (Closes: #555578).
     Remove -ldts; not needed.

2009 (1.2-4) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/compat: Set to 6.
   * debian/control (Build-Depends): Bump debhelper to >= 6.  Version the
     dependency on libavcodec-dev to ensure that the package gets built
     against libavcodec52 on all architectures.  Add libswscale-dev.
     (Vcs-Arch): New field.
   * debian/patches/05_ffmpeg_build_fix.dpatch: Update for the current
     + Add -lswscale to ADDITIONAL_OBJC_LIBS.
     + Include the correct headers (Closes: #518233).
     + Replace the deprecated `img_convert' function with `sws_scale'
     (Closes: #487641).
   * debian/watch: New file, currently with commented pattern (Addresses:

2008 (1.2-3) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/patches/05_ffmpeg_build_fix.dpatch: Remove lots of useless
     libraries from ADDITIONAL_OBJC_LIBS.  This fixes FTBFS (Closes:
     #489845) and maybe will make the Ubuntu maintainer's life easier
     (Closes: #455771).
   * debian/control (Build-Depends): Wrap them and bump libgnustep-gui-dev
     to >= 0.14.
     (Standards-Version): Set to 3.8.0; no changes required.
   * debian/rules: Use default and automatic variables where possible.
     (ADDITIONAL_OBJCFLAGS): Rename as...
     (OPTFLAG): it is used only for the optimization flag.

2007 (1.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

   * debian/control (Maintainer): Adopting package, set the GNUstep team as
     maintainer (Closes: #448739).
     (Uploaders): Add myself.
     (Section): Changed to `science'.
     (Build-Depends): Bump debhelper to (>= 5), libgnustep-gui-dev to (>=
     0.12).  Replace fftw3-dev with libfftw3-dev.  Add dpatch and
     imagemagick.  Drop gnustep-make.
     (Standards-Version): Bump to 3.7.2 (no changes).
     (Homepage): Moved to its own field.
   * Acknowledge NMUs, many thanks to Julien Danjou and Hubert Chan
     (Closes: #370268, #391260).
   * debian/compat: Bump level to 5.
   * debian/dirs: Deleted.
   * debian/manpages: Likewise.
   * debian/menu (section): Changed to `Applications/Science/Astronomy'.
     (longtitle, icon): Added.
   * debian/rules: Include include /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make.
     (CFLAGS): Do not define.
     (ADDITIONAL_OBJCFLAGS, ADDITIONAL_CFLAGS): New conditionally defined
     (configure, configure-stamp): Delete these targets.
     (build): Depend on the `patch' target.
     (build-stamp): Remove `configure-stamp' from prerequisites.  Use
     gs_make and do not source (Closes: #451445).  Honor
     DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.  Generate the PNG icon and convert it to XPM.
     (clean): Renamed to `clean-patched'; depend on it and `unpatch'.
     (clean-patched): Do not delete `configure-stamp' as it is not
     created.  Do not ignore errors.  Delete the XPM icon and the manpage
     symlink as well.
     (install): Use gs_make, the standard DESTDIR variable and
     GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DOMAIN.  Remove the invalid .desktop file and
     install ours.  Do not invoke dh_installdirs.  Remove the executable
     bits of ImageListWindow.gorm.
     (binary-arch): Do not create the app wrapper.  Remove needless
     dh_installexamples invocation.  Use gsdh_gnustep.  Create a symlink
     for the manpage (fixes lintian warning).
     (.PHONY): Drop configure.
   * debian/Lynkeos.desktop: Added.
   * Split the patches from diff.gz in debian/patches and maintain them
     with dpatch:
     + 05_ffmpeg_build.dpatch.
     + 10_plist_icon.dpatch.
     + 15_manpage.dpatch: New.
   * debian/patched/00list: Create.

2006 (1.2-1.2) unstable; urgency=low

   * Non-maintainer upload
   * Rebuild against new GNUstep libraries.
     - Update Build-dep to libgnustep-gui-dev.
     - Fix problem with NSMovie aliasing.
   * Add license header to debian/copyright file. (1.2-1.1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Non-maintainer upload.
   * Fix FTBFS
     - Build-dep on libgnustep-gui0.10-dev instead of libgnustep-gui0.9-dev
       (Closes: #350429)
     - Fix problem with libavcodec-dev (Closes: #327429)
     - Add an include path to Sources/GNUmakefile

2005 (1.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Initial Release. (closes: #300000)