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Changelog labplot (2.4.0-1ubuntu4)


labplot (2.4.0-1ubuntu4) bionic; urgency=medium

   * Rebuild against new libnetcdf13.

labplot (2.4.0-1ubuntu3) artful; urgency=medium

   * No-change rebuild for libgsl soname change.

labplot (2.4.0-1ubuntu2) artful; urgency=medium

   * Add breaks/replaces on data package for moved file.

labplot (2.4.0-1ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium

   * Merge from debian; remaining changes
     - Prune superfluous build depends
     - Keep Kubuntu Vcs fields
     - wrap-and-sort

labplot (2.4.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release.
   * Update the build dependencies:
     - bump cmake to 3.2.0
     - explicitly add more frameworks packages: libkf5completion-dev,
       libkf5config-dev, libkf5configwidgets-dev, libkf5coreaddons-dev,
       libkf5doctools-dev, libkf5iconthemes-dev, libkf5newstuff-dev,
       and libkf5textwidgets-dev
     - add libcfitsio-dev, for new features
     - explicitly add gettext, and pkg-config
   * Update the patches:
     - upstream_cmake-do-not-hardcode-libdir-for-hdf5.patch: drop, fixed
   * Update install files.

labplot (2.4.0-0ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release (2.4.0)
   * debian/patches: drop upstream patch now in new release 2.4.0;
   * Update install files; new appstream data and desktop file
     names/locations, and KNewStuff rc file for themes
   * Add pkg-config to build-depends

labplot (2.3.0-2ubuntu2) zesty; urgency=medium

   * debian/patches: Add upstream patch to fix application launch from
     the desktop file/menus; The KF5 port uses QCommandLineParser which
     doesn't know the '-caption' parameter. The desktop file needs to use
     '-qwindowtitle' instead. (LP: #1681426)


labplot (2.3.0-2ubuntu1) zesty; urgency=medium

   * Go back to kio-dev; that's what we have on Ubuntu.

labplot (2.3.0-2build1) zesty; urgency=medium

   * Rebuild against new hdf5

labplot (2.3.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Backport upstream commit 3b69133fcf5a62f46d33a1e3adc8e44c854517d7 to fix
     the HDF5 detection on architecture different than amd64; patch
   * Add the libhdf5-dev build dependency, explicit and which should now work
     fine on any architecture.
   * Replace the deprecated kio-dev build dependency with libkf5kio-dev.

labplot (2.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * New upstream release:
     - fix build with newer libstdc++ (Closes: #830454)
   * Update Vcs-* fields.
   * Update the patches:
     - upstream_Include-cmath-for-std-isfinite.patch: drop, backported from
   * Add the libfftw3-dev build dependency, used by the new version.
   * Update copyright.

labplot (2.2.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Re-add back to Debian.
   * Backport upstream commit e3b55c7f8ff492e2db27794af53a8ad36fcc3c79 to fix
     build; patch upstream_Include-cmath-for-std-isfinite.patch.