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Changelog dh-python (5.20220403)


dh-python (5.20220403) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Refresh pydist.
   * Replace which with command -v in autoscripts, thanks Diederik de Haas.
   * Add support for --test-custom/PYBUILD_TEST_CUSTOM. Thanks, Antonio
   * Correctly handle --interpreter python3.10 (2-digit minor version).
     (closes: 1008745)

dh-python (5.20220215) unstable; urgency=medium

   * pybuild plugin: Explicitly unpack wheels using the "deb_system" sysconfig
     scheme, allowing python3.10 to change the default sysconfig scheme to
     "posix_local". (LP: #1960608)

dh-python (5.20220213) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Stefano Rivera ]
   * Update pydist fallback database.
   * dh_python3: Don't emit any warnings about unknown packages for modules
     that we won't depend on. (closes: 1004378)
   * Drop Provides for dh-python-pep517, replaced by pybuild-plugin-pyproject.
   * Simplify generated dependencies for "; python_version > '3'" style
   * pyproject plugin: Export FLIT_NO_NETWORK=1 when building, to disable any
     attempts by flit to download build-dependencies.
   * pyproject plugin: Remove license_files from dist-info, as generated by
     hatchling. We carry the contents in debian/copyright, no need to duplicate
   * Consider DH_OPTIONS as prepended to command line options, not appended.
     (closes: 949285)
   * Support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=terse, thanks Matthijs Kooijman.
     (closes: 945945)
   [ Scott Kitterman ]
   * Update source lintian overrides
   [ Debian Janitor ]
   * Add missing ${misc:Depends} to Depends for pybuild-plugin-pyproject.
   * Fix day-of-week for changelog entry 1.20130807-1.

dh-python (5.20220119) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Allow passing arguments to tox tests.
   * cmake plugin: Don't quote arguments that will be substituted (and quoted)
     by shell_command. (closes: 1003962)

dh-python (5.20220101) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Handle complex environment markers with both quote types.


dh-python (5.20211231) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Handle parenthetical environment markers.

dh-python (5.20211230) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Source-only upload.

dh-python (5.20211229) unstable; urgency=medium

   * debian/rules: respect DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck, thanks Antonio Terceiro.
   * dh_python2(1) and dh_python3(1): Correct the field order for pyinstall
   * Rename pep517 plugin to pyproject, we expect this to be amended by future
   * Allow explicitly selecting a pybuild plugin with a Build-Depends on
     pybuild-plugin-NAME, when such a binary package exists.

dh-python (5.20211225) unstable; urgency=medium

   * pybuild: fix rst2man error, thanks Louis-Philippe Véronneau.
   * pybuild: Use the pytest runner for one of the pep517 test suites.
   * dh_python*: Fix a crash when attempting to apply an environment markers to
     an unknown module. (closes: 1002182)

dh-python (5.20211217) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Ignore environment markers for Python 2.7, our logic is specific to 3.x.
   * Ignore requires.txt sections with un-parseable section headers.
     (closes: 1001838)
   * Handle extraneous parentheses in requires.txt section headers.
   * pep517 plugin: Throw an error if an UNKNOWN-*.whl is built.
   * pep517 plugin: Gracefully skip wheel unpack if it appears to have already
     been unpacked by a package calling build twice.
   * dh_python*: Don't delete empty directories in private dirs. (closes: 908999)
   * pybuild: Sort plugin list for consistent selection, instead of relying on
     file-system semantics. (closes: 978949)
   * Correctly parse "== 1.*" style version constraints. (closes: 981752)
   * Bump Standards-Version to 4.6.0, no changes needed.
   * Declare Rules-Requires-Root: no.
   * Strip changelog trailing whitespace.

dh-python (5.20211216) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Use a consistent distribution name regexp to handle dashed names
     correctly, thanks Nicolas Dandrimont.
   * Un-constrain python_version constraints where the minimum version is < 3.
   * Ignore python_version constraints where the maximum version is < 3.
     (closes: 1001799)

dh-python (5.20211214) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Fix a bug in dist-info extra section parsing, thanks Stuart Prescott.
   * Remove from dist-info, as well as LICENSE.

dh-python (5.20211213) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Stefano Rivera ]
   * Document that pybuild --name overrides --dest-dir.
   * Use Python 3 examples in the manpage, thanks Louis-Philippe Véronneau.
   * Handle dist-info extra sections the same way we do for requirements.txt.
     (closes: 998374)
   * Add support for environment markers.
     (closes: 815654, 834133, 922468, 978686)
   * Expand on --depends-section=SECTION and similar in dh_python3(1), and
     mention multiple use.
   * Port to python3-tomli (following the PyPA projects).
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * dh_python3: Remove duplicate public extension even if it differs
     from the one generated by previous interpreter
   [ Stefano Rivera ]
   * Add new pep517 plugin that uses python3-build + python3-installer to build
     Python modules as wheels and then unpack the wheel. This is the new
     interface used by modern Python packaging tools. (Closes: #984824)
     - The plugin is still in beta, so other plugins will be used in preference
       to it, unless explicitly specified.
     - Adds a new binary package dh-python-pep517, for convenience in selecting
       the plugin.

dh-python (5.20211114) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Avoid the dependency on python-ply for testpb03, this was removed in
     Ubuntu, already.

dh-python (5.20211105) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Add tpb03 - a test covering pybuild building Python 2 and 3 packages.
   * Document pybuild environment variables in pybuild(1) (closes: #997469)
   * pybuild: Only generate --test-* dependencies in the test target.
   * pybuild: Fix tox autodetection, broken since it was renamed from
   * pybuild tox plugin: Delete pydistutils.cfg before calling tox, to avoid
     breaking it. Switching keys to underscores in 5.20211022 brought them to
     pip's attention, and it tried to install to /usr. (closes: 997485, 998581)
   * pybuild tox plugin: Use tox --sitepackages to use Debian packages to
     resolve test dependencies (closes: 960048)

dh-python (5.20211022.1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * dhpython/ Ignore trailing newlines in debian/control
     (closes: 996995)
   * Add test cases for broken failed debian/control parsing.

dh-python (5.20211022) unstable; urgency=medium

   * pybuild distutils plugin: Use underscore separated keys in
     pydistutils.cfg, following setuptools 54.1's deprecation of
   * dhpython/ Don't consider two blank lines to be an empty
     paragraph. (closes: 996995)

dh-python (5.20211021) unstable; urgency=medium

   * dh_python3(1): Clarify where the dependencies come from. (closes: 930950)
   * Rewrite dhpython/'s debian/control parsing to do 2 passes and
     avoid relying on conventional field order. (closes: 996949)
   * Parse Build-Depends-Arch too, when making assumptions based on

dh-python (5.20211016.1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Unset DH_INTERNAL_OPTIONS= in the package-building test suites, to fix
     FTBFS on the arch:all buildd.

dh-python (5.20211016) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * DEB_BUILD_PROFILES=nocheck will skip test step in pybuild
     (just like DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck already does)
   [ Stefano Rivera ]
   * Add support for 2-digit python minor versions (3.10). Parse sonames and
     generate dependencies, correctly. Thanks Graham Inggs.
   * Version Breaks: python to allow dh-python to be co-installed with
     python-is-python2, thanks Stephen Kitt. (closes: 991009)
   * Remove build path from RECORD files, thanks Philip Rinn (closes: 969352)
   * Add integration test coverage for pybuild and flit.
   * flit: Remove direct_url.json from .dist-info, not reproducible and
     doesn't contain any useful information.
   * Re-enable package build-time test suite.
   * Run the python2.7 dh_python2 tests in an autopkgtest.
   * Replaced references to python with python2.7 in the test suite
     (closes: 956191)
   * Update pydist fallback database.
   * Recognise Debian-packaged python modules from .dist-info directories as
     well as .egg-info.
   * Generate python3:Depends from Requires-Dist entries in .dist-info (e.g.
     flit packages). (closes: 987296)
   * Suggest: flit, python3-toml. (closes: 987236)
   * Architecture-qualify py*compile and py*clean calls in maintainer scripts,
     for architecture-specific Python packages. This allows co-installation
     (and even concurrent unpacking) of different architectures of a package.
     (closes: 991146, 770265, 812228)
   * Update _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME export for cross-builds, thanks Helmut
     Grohne. (closes: 968213)
   * Parse Build-Depends with a :any suffix correctly, thanks Maximilian
     Engelhardt. (closes: 980303)
   * Generate a dependency on python3 in dh_python3 when there's a script
     installed with a python3 shebang, thanks Maximilian Engelhardt.
     (closes: 980310)
   * flit: Run test suites. (closes: 994281)

dh-python (4.20201102+nmu1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Non-maintainer upload
   * Don't fail tests just because the default python gets hardcoded
     (Closes: #975536)


dh-python (4.20201102) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Antonio Terceiro ]
   * pybuild's Flit plugin: don't crash on ill-formed pyproject.toml
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * Remove now deprecated allow_hosts=None from autogenerated .pydistutils.cfg
     file (closes: 970524)
   * Try to build/test other interpreters/versions even if one of them fails to
     make build logs a bit more verbose (closes: 943334)
   * Remove .pytest_cache and .coverage in pybuild's clean step (closes: 967898)
     Custom plugins now invoke Base.clean() as well (i.e. PyTest files,
     build dir and all .pyc files are removed like in other plugins)

dh-python (4.20200925) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Add Breaks/Replaces python2 to ease upgrades with python2 (closes: 968046)
   * Disable Python 2.X tests by default (closes: 968193)

dh-python (4.20200804) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Scott Kitterman ]
   * Add new pybuild plugin to enable flit built packages to build using
     pyproject.toml instead of distutils/setuptools
   * Update dh-python for removal of python3.7 from supported python3 versions
     (closes: #956190)
     - Drop python3.7 from dhpython/ supported versions
     - Disable obsolete doctest in dhpython/
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * add support for python2.7 and python2.7-dbg in Build-Depends
     (closes: 949372), note that python2 and python2-dbg are not supported
   * ship Python 2's debhelper files (postinst-pycompile, prerm-pyclean and now that python package is no longer available (closes: 966832)
   * Standards-Version is 4.5.0 now (no changes needed)

dh-python (4.20200315) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * Adjust for Python 3.8
     - fix setting _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME (closes: 948320)
     - update tests (closes: 952122)
   * Add dh-python to Depends in autopkgtest (closes: 947789)
   * pybuild: add support for nose2. Enable by adding python3-nose2 to
     Build-Depends or --test-nose2 option or PYBUILD_TEST_NOSE2=1 env. var.
     (closes: 950912)
   [ Simon Ruggier ]
   * Fix a problem in handling ranges with no minimum
   [ Matthias Klose ]
   * Fix setting _PYTHON_HOST_PLATFORM (closes: 948319)


dh-python (4.20191017) unstable; urgency=medium

   * dh_python2: generate python2 dependencies instead of python ones
     (to make "python" package removal a bit easier)
   * generate pylint dependencies instead of pylint3 (Python 3.X files moved to
     new binary package)

dh-python (4.20190722) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Build-depend on python3-docutils to build manpages
     (reintroduces circular dependencies problem, but makes Python 2.X removal
     a bit easier)
   * Use debhelper compat level 12
   * Standards-Version is 4.4.0 now (no changes needed)

dh-python (3.20190308) unstable; urgency=medium

   * so2pyver: add a fallback to UTF-8 if locale.getdefaultlocale() returns None
     closes: 923990

dh-python (3.20190307) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Antoine Beaupré ]
   * Ignore tilde version numbers which crash setuptools-scm (closes: 915408)
   [ Agustin Henze ]
   * Use current locale for encoding the output process while checking
     libpython's version extension file is linked to (closes: 901000, 912909)
     Thanks also to Zack Weinberg for different patch solving this issue
     in 912909!
   [ Helmut Grohne ]
   * pybuild:
     - make it easier to cross-build Python 2 extensions (closes: 901759)
     - use DEB_HOST_ARCH{,_OS} instead of DEB_TARGET_ARCH{,_OS} (closes: 912892)
     Thanks also to Dima Kogan for patches, including the one adding more
     debug info.
   [ Samuel Thibault ]
   * Fix handling broken symlinks while renaming extension files
     (closes: 903698).
   [ Nicolas Dandrimont ]
   * Support "Compatible release" version specifiers ("~=") in the requires
     parser (closes: 913338).
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * follow python3-tox → tox (unfortunate) rename
   * dh-python now provides dh-sequence-python3, dh-sequence-python2
     and dh-sequence-pypy packages (to be used in debhelper >= 12)
   * Update tests to use 3.7 as default/supported Python 3.X (closes: 914998)
   * dh_pypy: add namespace support: new options: --namespace, --ignore-namespace
     and parsing namespace_packages.txt by default (closes: 920899)
   * dh_python3: move files from /usr/include/python3.X/ to
     /usr/include/python3.Xm/ for Python 3.X >= 3.3 (closes: 923048)
   * Standards-Version is 4.3.0 now (no changes needed)


dh-python (3.20180927) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Ondřej Nový ]
   * Enable verbose mode for nose to comply with Debian Policy 4.2.0
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * dh_python*:
     - remove .../dist-packages/.foo directories (.cache, .pytest_cache, etc.)
     - install debian/python{,3}-foo.bcep files into /usr/share/python{,3}/bcep/
   * dh_python3: generated postinst files will bytecompile for pypy3 if
     /usr/bin/pypy3compile is available (py3clean will remove pypy3 generated
     .pyc files so prerm doesn't require any changes).
     PyPy3 support is still a WIP so pypy3compile errors are ignored for now.

dh-python (3.20180723) unstable; urgency=medium

   * dh-python depends on python3-distutils (as most package that use dh-python
     would have to depend on it anyway, closes: 894203)
   * dh_python{2,3}:
     - fix \.so.* symlink renaming for non-default Python versions
       (closes: 739500, 903698)
     - when files cannot be shared between Python versions because of
       differences, print (in --verbose mode) a unified diff for diagnostic
       purposes (closes: 801710, thanks to Barry Warsaw for the original patch)

dh-python (3.20180607) experimental; urgency=medium

   [ Scott Kitterman ]
   * Stop setting minimum python and python3 versions since the minimum version
     is in all supported releases
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * pybuild: set DEB_PYTHON_INSTALL_LAYOUT to "deb" if it's not set already

dh-python (3.20180326) unstable; urgency=medium

   * pybuild: fix cross compiling stuff to use dpkg-architecture if available
     (and move dpkg-dev to Suggests)
   * Add python3-distutils to Recommends to make the transition easier

dh-python (3.20180318) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Ondřej Nový ]
   * d/copyright: Use https protocol in Format field
   * d/changelog: Remove trailing whitespaces
   [ Ben Finney ]
   * Ignore leading and trailing whitespace from ‘pydist’ lines when parsing
     (closes: 860139)
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * add support for DEBPYTHON{3,}_{DEFAULT,SUPPORTED} env. vars
     (closes: 861132)
   * pybuild:
     - support cross compiling Python 3.X extensions (i.e. set
       _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAME env. and add dpkg-dev to Depends
       closes: 892931)
   * Standards-Version is 4.1.3 now (no changes needed)

dh-python (3.20180313) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Ondřej Nový ]
   * When depends on python{3,}-pbr, set PBR_VERSION to upstream version
   [ Dirk Thomas ]
   * Use relative install-scripts path in pybuild's distutils build system
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * dh_python2: rewrite /usr/bin/python shebangs to /usr/bin/python2
   * pybuild:
     * copy files listed in debian/pybuild.testfiles to build directory before
       test step and remove them before install step
     * improve support for building multiple (Python) distributions at once
       (PYBUILD_NAME=foo dh $@ -Spybuild --sourcedirectory=dir1;
        PYBUILD_NAME=bar dh $@ -Spybuild --sourcedirectory=dir2)
     * add --print option to print pybuild's internal parameters
       (example: `pybuild --print build_dir --interpreter python3`)
     * add --ext-sub-pattern and --ext-sub-repl options (can be used f.e. to
       move some files from dist-packages to private directory)
     * if --name contains underscore, replace it with dash in suggested package
     * try a bit harder to guess (if not explicitly requested) interpreter
       versions to build for, especially if versioned interpreter was requested
     WARNING: pybuild's internal dir names were changed, use --print if you
     really have to use these paths in debian/rules


dh-python (2.20170125) unstable; urgency=medium

     - enable --test-{nose,pytest,tox} if appropriate pypy-* build
       dependency is set
   * pybuild: set _PYTHON_HOST_PLATFORM in the environment to ensure debugging
     symbols (reproducible builds effort). Thanks to Chris Lamb for the patch
     (closes: 835805)
   * dh_python{2,3} manpage: remove "s" suffix from *-section options
     to match the actual option name and --help output (closes: 847304)
   * dh_python{2,3}:
     - do not drop "module" from extension name if the name is "module",
       i.e. without prefix (closes: 841148)
     - add --accept-upstream-versions option. Thanks to Malte Forkel for the
       patch (also closes: 847387 as it now parses minimum/maximum version)


dh-python (2.20160818) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Chris Lamb ]
   * dh_py*: do not copy build profiles into substvars (closes: 834238)
   * pybuild: log "before" and "after" commands by default (closes: 834506)
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * dh_py*: add --{depends,recommends,suggests}-section options
     Use these options if you want to translate section(s) of requires.txt
     file into Depends/Recommends/Suggests
   * Mention pydist override file names and their priority in README.PyDist

dh-python (2.20160721) unstable; urgency=medium

   * recognize ":any" build dependencies (closes: 828883)
   * Save helper's name in autogenerated maintainer scripts (closes: 827774)

dh-python (2.20160609) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * pybuild's distutils build plugin: use force option at install stage to
     avoid non-deterministic shebangs (closes: 804339)
     - fail with a message about missing interpreter package in
       Build-Depends if there's none (closes: 819353)
     - do not pass --dir to pybuild if it's equal to current directory
       (to make PYBUILD_DIR override possible)
   * dh_pypy: fix dpkg search template to find more pypy egg-info packages
   * dh_py*:
     - add interpreter to Depends if .so file is detected in private dir
       only if python{,3,all,3-all}-dev is in Build-Depends (closes: 811083)
     - use Build-Depends' minimum version for required libraries if other
       methods to detect it failed (closes: 791433)
     - --requires now tries to find given file in debian/pkg-name/ dir
       (`--requires foo/bar.txt` will try debian/python3-spam/foo/bar.txt and
       fall back to ./foo/bar.txt)
     - print an error if there's no package to act on
     - fix handling symlinks while moving files to common directory
       (closes: 801719)
   [ Ondřej Nový ]
   * When depends on python{3,}-setuptools-scm, set
     SETUPTOOLS_SCM_PRETEND_VERSION to upstream version
   * Standards-Version is 3.9.8 now (no changes needed)
   * Changed Vcs-* URLs to https protocol
   [ James Page ]
   * dhpython/ Ensure that != dependency versions are ignored
     (LP: #1581065).


dh-python (2.20151103) unstable; urgency=medium

   * dh_py*:
     - remove lines from requires.txt already translated into Debian
     - remove SOURCES.txt from egg-info directories (closes: 802882)
   * dh_pypy: generate pypy-abi-foo dependencies for PyPy extensions
     (closes: 803689)
   * pybuild:
     - build default interpreter version last (in case previous build
       results are overwritten, like in distutils build system)
     - remove (just before install stage) egg-info dirs generated in build_dir
       during test stage (closes: 803242)
   * Move libdpkg-perl from Depends to Suggests. python3 still depends on
     dh-python and we don't want to pull Perl when python3 is intalled
     (libdpkg-perl is pulled in by debhelper anyway)
   * Add README.rst file

dh-python (2.20150826) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Remove '--with-doctest' from nose call, closes: 749506
     to re-enable it: export PYBUILD_TEST_ARGS=--with-doctest
   * Build-Depends based test suite detection is used only if PYBUILD_TEST_FOO
     is not set to 1
   * dh_python2: do not try to move files to pyshared if package doesn't
     provide public modules (f.e. due to interpreter version no longer
     supported or installed), closes: 793148

dh-python (2.20150728) unstable; urgency=medium

   * dh_python3: fix module renaming in Python >= 3.5 (SOABI now includes
     MULTIARCH triplet)
     - fix parsing Build-Depends with comments (closes: 793609, thanks to James
       McCoy for the patch) - new build/runtime dependency: libdpkg-perl
     - enable --test-{nose,pytest,tox} if appropriate build dependency is set
   * pybuild:
     - allow localhost connections (via no_proxy=localhost, thanks to
       Dimitri John Ledkov)
     - do not forward empty http{,s}_proxy env. vars - some tools do not like it
   * dh_python{2,3} and dh_pypy: skip packages with private modules that
     do not have appropriate ${*:Depends} substvar in Depends
     (-p/-N in debian/rules to select the right package is no longer needed,
     now you can select the right tool by adding substvar)
   * add support for --ubuntu (requires
     python3-distro-info package, thanks to James Page for original patch,
     closes LP: #1422433)

dh-python (2.20150719) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Update dist_fallback files
   * Converted to native package and bumped version number to 2.*
   * dh_python{2,3}:
     - remove empty directories (closes: 761028)
     - remove "test" and "tests" directories from dist-packages/
       (packages should ship tests in /usr/share/ or under their own namespace)
   * Make private dir autoscript snippets output in a determinstic order
     (closes: 792436, thanks to Chris Lamb for the patch)
   * Clarify purpose of .pydist files (closes: 778633, thanks to Nikolaus Rath
     for the patch)
   * Remove "module" from extension file names also in Python 2.7

dh-python (1.20150705-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Support requires.txt in PyPy packages.
   * Add unit tests for bugs fixed in this and the previous upload.

dh-python (1.20150628-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Fix path handling when --ext-dest-dir is used. Some characters were being
     stripped from the beginning of the path.
   * Re-apply Multi-Arch change.
   * Remove XS-Testsuite control field, no longer necessary.
   * Sort namespace files, for reproducibility. Thanks to Chris Lamb for the
     patch. (closes: 777134)


dh-python (1.20141111-2) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Remove Multi-Arch change from previous upload (not accepted for Jessie by
     release managers)

dh-python (1.20141111-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   * Set dh-python's Multi-Arch to "foreign" (closes: 767339)
   * dist_fallback files now contain list of all packages that provide Egg
     metadata (i.e. not just packages that don't have sensible name)
   * dh_python* no longer guesses dependency from requires.txt files nor Requires
     fields. Dependencies are generated only if given requirement is available
     in dist_fallback file (generated at dh-python's build time) or if it's
     available at build time (hint: Build-Depends)

dh-python (1.20141026-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Stefano Rivera ]
   * Update supported (and default) PyPy version to 2.4.
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * Remove "-p " from autoscripts if --compile-all option is set
   * Add support for guessing dependencies from egg-info files (closes: 756378)
   * Parse "!=" relationship in egg dependencies (closes: 754058, thanks to
     Rafael Laboissiere for the patch)
   * Improve handling pyinstall/pyremove files (leading slash no longer needed
     for deprecated directories, manpages improved a bit) - closes: 741381
   * Suggest the right file name for dependency overrides (closes: 748296)
   * Add argparse to Python 3.X's dist fallback (closes: 763200)
   * Ensure that Depends and the likes are written in a stable
     order (closes: 759231, thanks to Jérémy Bobbio for the patch)
   * Remove dh_python2 diversions while upgrading from bpo package
   * Standards-Version bumped to 3.9.6 (no changes needed)

dh-python (1.20140511-1) unstable; urgency=medium

   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * pybuild: do not invoke clean commands for missing interpreters
     (and thus do not require all interpreter versions to be installed while
     building source package outside build environment, closes: 737091)
   * dh_python2: no longer moves files to /usr/share/pyshared if there's only
     one supported Python 2.X version and doesn't create /usr/lib/pyshared
     symlinks for extensions (as other helper tools are now deprecated)
   * Show fix_shebang's error messages only in debug mode, closes: 745581
   [ Matthias Klose ]
   * Remove empty directories when moving files.

dh-python (1.20140128-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * dh_python3, dh_pypy: add support for debian/package.pyremove files
     (closes: 730777)
   * dh_python3: add multiarch tuples to all already tagged extensions
     when more than one Python 3 version is supported (closes: 733128)
   * Make sure only first line is taken into account while checking shebangs
     (closes: 732308)
   * Assume UTF-8 encoding also in non UTF-8 environments while opening text
     files (closes: 735370)
   * Mention in pybuild's manpage that disabling anything for python3 doesn't
     disable python3-dbg as well (closes: 735899)
   * pybuild's distutils build plugin: set install-scripts to /usr/bin by default
   * Test Python 2.7 only in test203 if /usr/bin/python2.6 is missing
     (closes: 727674)
   * Generate dependencies for minimum required interpreter version that are
     satisfied by alpha/beta/rc releases (i.e. generate ">= X.Y~")
   * pybuild build plugins: show executed command (not only in --verbose),
     closes: 733755
   * Standards-Version bumped to 3.9.5 (no changes needed)


dh-python (1.20131021-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * dh_python2: fix renaming debug extensions with multiarch tuples

dh-python (1.20131017-1) unstable; urgency=low

   [ Stefano Rivera ]
   * distutils build plugin: use default interpreter symlink in build step as
     well as the install step (if interpreter version matches the default one).
     So that shebangs in setuptools scripts.
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * dh_python2: searching for packages with egg-info fixed
   * dh_python2: fix public module version detection (regression)
   * dh_py*: "so" files no longer detected as extensions (closes: 726616)
   * pybuild: set PYTHON_LIBRARY and PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR in cmake build
     plugin's configure step
   [ B. Clausius ]
   * pybuild: no longer fails if source directory path contains braces
     (closes: 726458)

dh-python (1.20131003-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Revert python-docutils build dependency change (to avoid circular
   * Install PyDist fallback files

dh-python (1.20130917-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * dh_python{2,3}:
     - bump minimum required python{,3}:any version to workaround #723586
     - generate :any dependencies to specify range of supported Python versions
       (doesn't include extensions case), closes: 723070

dh-python (1.20130913-1) unstable; urgency=low

   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * dh_py*:
     - add --requires option
     - do not generate "python2" dependency while guessing private
       extension's version using shebangs in other files (closes: #722307)
   [ Steve Langasek ]
   * Adjust dh_python to be multiarch-friendly (closes: 722045)
   [ B. Clausius ]
   * pybuild: fix --test when LC_ALL=C and contains non-ascii
     characters (closes: 722214)

dh-python (1.20130903-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * dh_python2, dh_python3, dh_pypy:
     - do not rename extensions in directories that include architecture triplet
       as part of the path (closes: 721696)
     - add --no-ext-rename option

dh-python (1.20130902-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Fix DESTDIR guessing (from --name) for non-default interpreter versions
   * Add {package} to supported variables in command templates

dh-python (1.20130901-1) unstable; urgency=low

   [ Dmitrijs Ledkovs ]
   * Fix when PYBUILD_INTERPRETERS is set
     (broken in previous upload, closes: #720744)
   * Bump doctests s/3.2/3.3/
   [ Piotr Ożarowski ]
   * Add Barry Warsaw to co-maintainers
   * pybuild:
     - mention {version.major} and {version.minor} in pybuild's manpage
       (closes: 721068)
     - add --test-tox option (PYBUILD_TEST_TOX=1 works too, like with
       other pybuild options), closes: 721067
     - set https_proxy to if it's not set (similar to http_proxy)
     - distutils build plugin: use default interpreter symlink in install step
       (if interpreter version matches the default one) - this will force
       distutils to not hardcode interpreter version in shebangs
     - fix problem with relative paths when dh's --sourcedirectory is used
     - add --name (PYBUILD_NAME) option
   * dh_python{2,3} and dh_pypy: generate "interpreter (>= X.Y),
     interpreter (<< X.Z)" dependency if private directory contains extensions
     even if there are no .py files inside (closes: 720258)
   * Disable two tests in test201 dir if /usr/bin/python2.6 is not available
   * Replace python-docutils build dependency with python3-docutils (both
     provide rst2man)
   [ Dmitry Shachnev ]
   * Make sure tests do not require python-support.
   * Add "dh-python" and "nosetests" autopkgtests.

dh-python (1.20130819-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Do not translate X-Python{,3}-Version into Depends if there are no Python
     files in the package
   * pybuild's distutils build plugin: set --root only in install step.
     dh doesn't pass DESTDIR in other steps and hence files for single binary
     packages ended in debian/tmp by default (closes: 719434)
   * Fix typo in (thanks to D. Barbier, closes: #719528)
   * pybuild: --test-nose/--test-pytest have higher priority than's
     test_suite now
   * remove .pyc files in clean target
   * pybuild: directory paths escaping fixed
   * install README.PyDist file in dh-python package (closes: #698144)
   * Replace "libpython3.3-stdlib, python3.2" build depentency with
     libpython3-stdlib (which is already in unstable)

dh-python (1.20130807-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * dh_python3: do not add multiarch triplets in python3.2's extensions -
     multiarch support was disabled in this interpreter
   * dh_pypy: fix prerm script to remove .pyc files (thanks to Jakub Wilk)
   * pybuild:
     - rename PYBUILD_DEBUG env. var. to PYBUILD_VERBOSE
     - run `pypy -m unittest discover -v` in test target for pypy interpreter
     - add --test-nose and --test-pytest options (can be enabled also via

dh-python (1.20130728-1) unstable; urgency=low

   * Upload to unstable, breaks/replaces python3 << 3.3.2-4~
   * Ignore missing or broken /usr/share/python{,3}/debian_defaults config
     files while checking for default/supported Python {2,3} versions
   * dh_python3: fix renaming (tagging) non-default public extensions that were
     not installed directly in dist-packages/ (../dist-packages/foo/, etc.)

dh-python (1.0~b1-1) experimental; urgency=low

   * Initial release.