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Software Packages in "aramo", Subsection debian-installer

brltty-udeb (6.5-4~bpo11+1+11.0trisquel0)
Access software for a blind person using a braille display
ca-certificates-udeb (20211016+11.0trisquel2)
Common CA certificates - udeb
cdebconf-gtk-udeb (0.261ubuntu1+11.0trisquel2)
Gtk+ frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebconf-newt-udeb (0.261ubuntu1+11.0trisquel2)
Newt frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebconf-priority (0.261ubuntu1+11.0trisquel2)
Change debconf priority
cdebconf-text-udeb (0.261ubuntu1+11.0trisquel2)
Plain text frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
cdebconf-udeb (0.261ubuntu1+11.0trisquel2)
Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
cdrom-detect (1.98+11.0trisquel0)
Detect CDROM devices and mount the CD
virtual package provided by iso-scan
cdrom-retriever (1.58+11.0trisquel0)
Fetch modules from a CDROM
choose-mirror (2.111+11.0trisquel4)
Choose mirror to install from (menu item)
choose-mirror-bin (2.111+11.0trisquel4)
Choose mirror to install from (program)
clock-setup (0.155+11.0trisquel0)
set up clock
debootstrap-udeb (1.0.126+nmu1ubuntu0.1+11.0trisquel6)
Bootstrap the Debian system
di-utils (1.140+11.0trisquel0)
Miscellaneous utilities for the debian installer
di-utils-exit-installer (1.140+11.0trisquel0)
Exit installer
di-utils-mapdevfs (1.140+11.0trisquel0)
mapdevfs utility for the debian installer
di-utils-reboot (1.140+11.0trisquel0)
di-utils-shell (1.140+11.0trisquel0)
Execute a shell
di-utils-terminfo (1.140+11.0trisquel0)
Terminfo entries needed by newt/slang in debian installer
efi-reader (0.16+11.0trisquel0)
Select default values from EFI configuration.
env-preseed (1.109+11.0trisquel0)
debconf preseeding via environment variables
file-preseed (1.109+11.0trisquel0)
load debconf preseed file
finish-install (2.104+11.0trisquel0)
Finish the installation and reboot
initrd-preseed (1.109+11.0trisquel0)
load debconf preseed file from /preseed.cfg on the initrd
installation-locale (1.9+11.0trisquel0)
UTF-8 C locale
isc-dhcp-client-udeb (4.4.1-2.3ubuntu2.2+11.0trisquel2)
ISC DHCP Client for debian-installer
iso-scan (1.85+11.0trisquel0)
Scan hard drives for an installer ISO image
libc6-udeb (2.35-0ubuntu3.1+11.0trisquel1)
GNU C Library: Shared libraries - udeb
libdebconfclient0-udeb (0.261ubuntu1+11.0trisquel2)
Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
libnewt0.52-udeb (0.52.21-5ubuntu2+11.0trisquel3)
Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit for Debian Installer
load-cdrom (1.58+11.0trisquel0)
Load installer components from CD
load-iso (1.85+11.0trisquel0)
Load installer components from an installer ISO
load-media (1.55+11.0trisquel0)
Load installer components from removable media
localechooser (2.89ubuntu3+11.0trisquel1)
choose language/country/locale
lowmem (1.50+11.0trisquel0)
free memory for lowmem install
lowmemcheck (1.50+11.0trisquel0)
detect low-memory systems and enter lowmem mode
media-retriever (1.55+11.0trisquel0)
Fetches modules from removable media
netcfg (1.176+11.0trisquel1)
Configure the network
netcfg-static (1.176+11.0trisquel1)
Configure a static network
network-console (1.88+11.0trisquel0)
Continue installation remotely using SSH
network-preseed (1.109+11.0trisquel0)
download debconf preseed file
nobootloader (1.63+11.0trisquel0)
Don't install any bootloader
oldsys-preseed (3.22+11.0trisquel0)
Preseed debian-installer from an existing device
openfwwf-udeb (5.2-0trisquel4)
Open firmware for Broadcom BCM43xx (b43) wlan devices
openssh-client-udeb (1:8.9p1-3+11.0trisquel2)
secure shell client for the Debian installer
openssh-server-udeb (1:8.9p1-3+11.0trisquel2)
secure shell server for the Debian installer
partman-auto (157+11.0trisquel0)
Automatically partition storage devices (partman)
partman-auto-crypto (33+11.0trisquel0)
Automatically partition storage devices using crypto and LVM
partman-auto-lvm (85+11.0trisquel0)
Automatically partition storage devices using LVM
partman-auto-raid (47+11.0trisquel0)
Allow preseeded RAID installs
partman-base (217+11.0trisquel0)
Partition the storage devices (partman)
partman-basicfilesystems (156+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for ext2, linux-swap, fat16, fat32 and ntfs
partman-basicmethods (72+11.0trisquel0)
Basic partition usage methods for partman
partman-btrfs (54+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for btrfs
partman-crypto (114+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for block device encryption
partman-crypto-dm (114+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for dm-crypt encryption
partman-efi (94+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for EFI System Partitions
partman-ext3 (107+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for ext3 and ext4
partman-iscsi (70+11.0trisquel0)
Adds support for iSCSI to partman
partman-jfs (61+11.0trisquel0)
Add support for jfs to partman
partman-lvm (140+11.0trisquel0)
Adds support for LVM to partman
partman-md (100+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for MD
partman-partitioning (140+11.0trisquel0)
Partitioning operations for partman
partman-target (122+11.0trisquel0)
Provides partman with ability to prepare /target
partman-utils (217+11.0trisquel0)
Utilities related to partitioning
partman-xfs (68+11.0trisquel0)
Add to partman support for xfs
pkgsel (0.73+11.0trisquel1)
Select and install packages
preseed-common (1.109+11.0trisquel0)
common files for preseeding
rescue-check (1.85+11.0trisquel0)
enter d-i rescue mode if requested
rescue-mode (1.85+11.0trisquel0)
mount requested partition and start a rescue shell
rootskel (1.133+11.0trisquel0)
Skeleton root filesystem used by debian-installer
rootskel-gtk (11.0.1+11.0trisquel0)
graphics for use in debian-installer (gtk user interface)
save-logs (2.78+11.0trisquel0)
save logs and configuration for debug purposes
trisquel-keyring-udeb (2018.02.19)
GnuPG keys of the Trisquel archive
tzsetup-udeb (1:0.115+11.0trisquel0)
choose time zone
udpkg (1.20+11.0trisquel0)
tiny dpkg clone